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Thursday, August 11, 2022

DeokuTeima ~ C38


Chapter 38: Bulletin board 6



[Farming] Farming thread by farmers and for farmers [Banzai]


This is an information exchange thread for farmers in LJO.

: Any questions, from large-scale farming to home gardening, are welcome!

: Please state any uncertain information clearly.

: Real-life farming information is appreciated, but we don't know how well it will work in the game.




98: Charm

So we still don't know what kind of modifications will be made to selective breeding.


99: Tsugarun

But the reason is to solve the farming unpopularity, so it won't be worse than now.

In fact, there are only 30 full-time farmers now.

And the number of people with farming skills is less than 100.

There are too many empty farms in every town.


100: Thomas

The selective breeding system is actually hard to use. I hope they fix it soon.


101: Tagosack

I've seen the rumored orchard in the town of beginnings.

I saw green peaches in that orchard. There were also walnuts, green acorns, and a mysterious tree.


102: Charm

What did you think? That's a player's farm, right? I wonder about how to grow them?

I'd like to grow some fruit, too.

I also want to know what that mysterious tree is.


103: Tsugarun

With Plant Growing skill, you can grow a tree from a sapling.

But Plant Growing is a high-level derivative farming skill, and you need to raise your level to 40.

I will be able to get it when my farming goes up another 13 levels.


104: Terrill.

I've seen it too, but there was no player insight. But a small boy was working on that farm.

Who is that boy? NPC?


105: Tsugarun

If that's true, it will expand farming to a whole new level. If you hire an NPC with plant growing or hydroponic skills that you don't have, you can do farming. I'm pretty sure the old man who keeps the farm in the 2nd town has ex skills. I can feel it.

If I can just get some apple seedlings, can I make an apple farm right now?


106: Tagosack

I think he's not an NPC. It has a blue marker. I searched it. Maybe it's a tamed monster. I think it's a monster called gnome.

When I check the tamer bulletin board, it seems that the initial monster of that Silver White is a gnome.


107: Thomas

Gnomes! I remember during the beta, one of my friends was making a farm with a gnome. But I thought gnomes didn't have the plant growing as their initial skill?


108: Charm

Maybe he grew them until he learned it?


109: Thomas

I think that's impossible! My friend's gnome has reached level 20, but he didn't learn plant growing skill.

No matter how fast you level-up, I don't think a monster that works in farming for half a day can reach that level in this official version.


110: Tsugarun

Any additional skills from the official service?


111: Terrill

That's possible.


112: Tagosack

But there is also a possibility that is not the case, right?

There's a small chance I just didn't find it and that NPC has plant growing skill.


113: Thomas

Also, why are there so many weeds planted on Shirogane-san's farm?

What is it?


114: Tsugarun

Maybe he's leveling up his farming skills? Maybe he doesn't have enough medicinal herbs or something, so he has no choice but to plant weeds?

Weeds are really annoying, aren't they? If you leave them alone, they'll grow out of control in 2-3 days.


115: Tagosack

It's certainly possible that it's for leveling up, but....... Shirogane-san maintains such a large farm. Would he do such a useless thing?

I feel like there's a reason behind it, although I don't know what that reason is.

Is it possible to ask Shirogane-san directly?


116: Charm

By the way, who is Shirogane-san?


117: Terrill

Oh, come on. Don't you know?

One of the three players with unique titles. A player who suddenly broke the record of three deaths on the first day WWW.

The silver-haired tamer, it is already widely known that Gnome is his initial monster.


118: Charm

Personal information leaked WWW.

But isn't the management here very strict about such things?


119: Tsugarun

It isn't information learned through investigation. It's information that leaks from various places, little by little, through rumors. There's no way to stop it.

If Shirogane-san doesn't request the management to take action, they won't make a move. Am I right?

Well, since the player who made fun of Shirogane-san was banned, it seems that there are no players who dare to make fun of him directly.

Besides, most of the comments are positive these days.


120: Tagosack

Nevertheless, you have to be careful about contacting Shirogane-san. Depending on the case, he might call the GM.


121: Charm

But I want the information. I'll do my best!


122: Tsugarun

Do your best!


123: Terrill.

Only, as long as you don't make him call the GM.


124: Thomas

Make sure you get the info!


125: Tagosack

I'll think of something to help you. Just a little help would be nice...


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