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Thursday, August 11, 2022

KoushaRyouri ~C28


Chapter 28: The Duchess



I heard a noise and turned around.


I look at the back door and hear the sound of footsteps.


Miss Lilith comes out of that door.




I reflexively freeze like a stone.




"That, that outfit!!"


Richil-san reflexively covers my eyes.


But it was too late. It was engraved firmly behind my eyelids.


Miss Lilith's nightgown...


Still, Miss Lilith didn't care about her appearance and let out a shout that sounded like a broken bell.


"Mother is....!"


Hearing her voice, Richil-san took his hand away from my eyes.


When my sight finally returns, I see it.


I see Miss Lilith's tears.


Mildy-san and Richil-san hold up their skirts and start to run.


The maids who had been drinking coffee and furrowed their brows just a moment ago had left.


The young lady wipes away her tears and chases after the two. I quickly follow her.


We arrived at the front of a room.


"Excuse me, My Lady."


Richil-san called out, but no answer was given.


The word 'my lady' rang a bell in my mind.


Since I came to this mansion, I have greeted several people, but I haven't met Clavis-san's wife. I haven't met the Duchess yet.


Without waiting for a reply from inside, Richil-san burst into the room.


It is a dark room with the curtains closed, and a woman's moaning in pain echoes through the room.


Richil-san opened the curtains. Faint light shines through.


It reveals the figure of a skinny woman lying on the bed.


"My lady!"




They called out to the Duchess, but she couldn't even reply. She is just in pain.


Seeing her mother's condition, Miss Lilith's face is pale, and she is almost crying again.


'Mildy, prepare the medicine."




The two quickly move.


Mildy-san takes out medicine from the cupboard.


Meanwhile, Richil-san tries to use recovery magic to ease their lady's pains.




The beast-like Sophinie's voice echoed through the room.


"Mildy, where's the medicine?"


"Don't rush me. I'm still preparing it."


Mildy-san carefully takes a pill out of the bottle.


She pours some water into a glass from a pitcher beside her and offers it to Sophinie-san.


"Drink this, my lady!"


She offers it to her.


Sophinie-san responds and reaches out her hand.


But the intense pain seems to have returned again.


She began to scream again and finally dropped the pill and glass Mildy-san gave her.


The glass cup fell to the floor and shattered; water pooled, and broken glass scattered on the floor.


"Mildy, get some help! Hold her down."


"Uh, okay..."




"Ye, yes!"


"Please take the young lady out of this room..."


Richil-san instructs me.


I know what she means. We can't let the young lady see Sophinie-san suffering.


But I couldn't just stand by and watch her suffer, either.


Then, I felt a hand holding my arm tightly.


When I turn around, I see Miss Lilith looking at me with a worried expression.


No, she is not worried. Nor is she afraid to see her mother in pain.


It looks as if she is asking for my help.


"It's okay, miss."




I hear her voice, which sounds like a bell.


"Can you just help me out a little bit?"




After being startled for a moment, Miss Lilith nodded her head.





A few moments later, some people came in.


Men in black butler's uniforms hold that lady's hands and feet under Richil's instruction.


But the lady's power is stronger than they had imagined.


Even with four men working together, they are almost thrown away.


Richil-san first tries to calm her down with recovery magic, but she immediately shakes her head.


"Not working..... My recovery magic doesn't work."


"What are you whining about, Richil? Get medicine for our lady ----."


But once again, the lady breaks free of the four men's restraints and starts to rampage.


It is no longer possible to approach her.


"Move aside."


I was the one who shouted.




I raise my hand.


At the same time, Karim-san and Clavis-san arrived.


A Light shines from my hand. The area around Sophinie-san turns white.


"This... Is this the [Great Recovery] magic?"


Clavis-san's mouth fell open while Karim beside him unconsciously rubbed his eyelids.


Gradually, Sophinie-san's rampant movements on her bed calmed down.


"Now, Miss."






Buzzings surrounds us.


Everyone's eyes focused on the little girl.


With her cheeks puffed out a little, Miss Lilith approaches the lady.


She shook off the surrounding people's restraints, and then she moved to the lady's bed and----.


She kissed her.


Not a goodnight kiss, but lip to lip.


Their mouths kiss each other.


For a while, the adults gathered in this room could only watch as mother and daughter kissed each other.


Eventually, that lady's throat moved.


Miss Lilith licks her lips with her tongue and looks at that lady worriedly.


I stop my [Angel's Prayer].


Sophinie-san's movements stopped completely.


On the contrary, she regained consciousness and opened her eyes.


Her beautiful blue eyes look at Miss Lilith, who is by her side.


"Li... lith...?"


"Yes. Mother!"


Miss Lilith hugs Sophinie-san tightly.


Tears flowed out of her eyes, and she began to cry.


Sophinie-san slowly strokes her beautiful blonde hair.


Seeing the two of them, the people around them raise their fists and cheer.





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  1. A yuri between mother and daughter? What the heck did u read!?


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