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Thursday, August 11, 2022

DeokuTeima ~ C39


Chapter 39: The Incubator!



I logged in.


After finishing my daily activities of working on the farm, alchemy, and trading medicines, I am ready to go. By the way, I planted all the green peaches I harvested today on my farm. Because I must mass-produce them for Orto's sake.


In the meantime, I made honey carrot juice and honey pumpkin juice for Orto. The quality of the juice is lower than the street vendor's juice and Orto seems to prefer the peach juice, but until the next green peach ripens, he has to put up with this.


"Medicine okay. Food okay. My equipment's durability is also still fine.


I really want mana potions, but they don't sell them in the town of the beginning. I can't even get the ingredients to make it myself.


"Magic power grass. I've never even seen a place that sells it."


Maybe they can only be obtained from the 3rd area onwards. And even if the player gets them, they won't be sent to the town of the beginning. They will be consumed there.


Well, there is nothing we can do about it. Let's try to conserve our MP.


"I'm going to tame a wild dog today!"


Yesterday's fight with the four wild dogs made me realize that we need a vanguard. The enemies are getting stronger and their number is increasing, so we need a vanguard.


I want to tame and train them as soon as possible. I'll definitely tame a Wild Dog by the end of the day.


I am going to concentrate on taming and not take any quests today. But something is bothering me and I need to visit the farming guild.


I heard that someone had bought a new farm right next to mine.


I don't know what kind of person he is, but he has about three farms full of medicinal herbs and other plants that I've never seen before. I felt a bit anxious when I saw that.


Currently, that farm is about 10 plots of land away from mine. But what happens if someone else buys the area next to my farm?


If I think about it, I can't expand my farm any further, right? If I am going to buy a new farm, I must buy it away from my old one. I don't like that idea. It seems too inconvenient.


It's still a beginning town, and I don't intend to buy dozens of lands. But I do plan to buy more.


And I'm going to use the town of the beginning as my base for a while. So I was wondering if I could reserve some plot of land or something.




"Hello. I'd like to ask you some questions about the farm."


After asking the farming guild's old man many questions, he told me that I cannot reserve a farm or purchase it in installments. What should I do?


Currently, I have 28,000 G. I can buy 4 sides for 6,000 G...


At the moment, I'm earning about 7,000 to 9,000 G a day by selling potions and various medicines for abnormal conditions. My income is not as much as the top players on the front lines hunting monsters and selling materials. Still, it is more than enough to make ends meet in the town at the beginning.


As my farm expands, my income will increase even more, and I'm sure I can recover it soon. This is also thanks to Orto's ability to harvest high-quality crops.


Still, 24,000 G is not enough...


I decided to buy four 2000 G fields. I can upgrade them later and use them for weeds. I'll just secure them for now.


I dropped by Raiba-san's stall on the way home and delivered some blue sage and red sage. Thanks to Orto, I can deliver them in one day. Though I can harvest the weeds in two days even if I leave them alone.


"You saved me! This should be enough for a while! Here's your reward."


I got my reward, but... The chain quest did not happen. Too bad. Maybe it was just a tutorial quest for players who have acquired plant knowledge skill.


I managed to buy seeds of oregano, wormwood, cosmos, and hydrangea. So I am quite satisfied.


Now we're ready to go.


"Okay, let's go!"


I thought so, but--.




"What's wrong Orto?"




We are about to leave, but Orto stops me. He holds my right leg tightly, so I can't move.


He keeps pointing at the barn.


"What's wrong with the barn?"




"All right, all right. Don't pull me."




He's really impatient or in a hurry. This is unusual.


I rushed to the barn with Orto. Because there's only one thing I can think of that's important in the barn.


"Could it be, could it be?"


Then, with high hopes in my heart I open the barn door.


"---I knew it!"




What jumped out at me was an egg with a crack in it. It is the yellow egg that was placed in the incubator. It is beginning to crack. The crack had already circled halfway around the egg. It looks like it's about to hatch.


There were no cracks this morning. So, in the last 4 hours, while I was harvesting, mixing, and purchasing the farm, it's progressed this far.


"This means that it's already hatching, right?"




"―――― ♪."




Before I knew it, Sakura and Rick also came. My monsters are staring at the eggs with sparkling eyes.


I change my plan and stay here for a while to watch over the egg. I feel sorry for it if its master is not around when it is born.


"By the way, there is a phenomenon called "imprinting" in bird species. But how about in monsters?"




"Is there?"






You kids don't know, do you? It's okay. Maybe we don't need to tame Wild Dog anymore. I'll just sit here and wait.


I sit down in my chair and pull out the herbal tea I've been working on since yesterday. I got an idea to mix some tea leaves together, just like in real life.


What I have now is chamomile, red mint, blue mint, and basil. Then there's wild strawberry. The red sage and blue sage have been delivered, so I only have some leftovers.


I dried them and mixed them up in many different ways.


Since I am in the game, my stomach doesn't feel too full, and I can try various combinations. There was a VR diet that allowed you to eat to your heart's content in real life. Well, maybe that diet is really effective.


After trying various combinations, a blend of chamomile, red mint, and wild strawberry is my favorite.


Name: Herbal Tea Blend

Rarity: 1 Quality: ★5

Effect: None. Edible.


It's a simple name. I made a few of this tea. Now I can enjoy herbal tea whenever I want.


"Yes. It's nice. I'm glad I bought the teacup."


The teacup is a cheap cup from a general store, but it feels different when I drink herbal tea with it.


"What kind of monster will be born? I am really excited."


While watching the cracks in the egg gradually widen, I wonder how the new monster will look.


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