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Sunday, July 31, 2022

Infinite Gacha: Ch 2 - Ep48 Chunky paste or Fine paste (Sweet Red Bean Paste)



Side Story 2

Infinite Gacha:  Ch 2 - Ep48 Chunky paste or Fine paste (Sweet Red Bean Paste)



--Previously, back before Raito and the others went to the surface world.


"Sweet red bean paste means chunky paste!"


"That's impossible. I only accept fine paste."


In the fairy maid's room in Naraku basement, four fairy maids are gathering.

Basically, one room is for four people, and each room has its own work rotation.

Today is their day off.


They really want to work hard for Raito's sake, the Infinite Gacha cards summoner.

However, regular off days are a must, and disobeying the Lord's order goes against their life purpose.


Although they want to work for Raito for as long as possible, Raito has ordered them to take a break.

To spend their day off, the four of them buy sweets at the store and chat while eating them. But this time, the sweets they bought caused a quarrel.


"Chunky paste has bad texture because the skin remains! That's why fine paste is the best!"


The fairy maid, who looks very beautiful but seems to have a weak personality, said her argument.

The serious-looking fairy maid with glasses pushes up her frame and counters that argument.


"No, in fact, the chunky paste is good because it still has its skin. Isn't that the best texture? Also, it has more nutrition than fine paste because it still has the skin."


"I think I'm a fine paste person because the skin remains stuck inside my mouth."


"I, iii, I'm a chunky paste person. I like chunky paste because it's chewy."


The Gal fairy maid and the nerdy fairy maid each said their arguments.

They are nicely divided into the chunky paste group and the fine paste group.


"Mmmm...... If it comes to this, let's ask other people which is better, chunky paste or fine paste!"


"Right. Let's ask other people which is more delicious, chunky paste or fine paste."


The glasses fairy maid suggests a solution.


In this way, an unimportant conflict broke out in Naraku.


The fairy maids immediately run out of the room to take a survey to find out which is more delicious: chunky paste or fine paste.

The first one they ask is...... Aoyuki.

She is walking down the corridor, so they call out to her.


"Aoyuki-sama, which is more delicious, chunky paste or fine paste?"


"Of, ofofof, of course, it's chunky paste, right?"




The fairy maids are basically taller than her.

Despite this, Aoyuki didn't seem particularly intimidated by the fairy maids when they came at her.

The level of the fairy maids is 500.

Aoyuki is level 9999.

There is no reason to be frightened because their levels are literally different.

And her answer is...


"Nya ~."


"... Aoyuki-sama ~"


"We, we, we're talking about which is more delicious, chunky paste or chunky paste?..."




"Ah, OK."


She only made a cat's meow, and the fairy maids gave up on trying to ask her.

As if her business was finished, Aoyuki walks off hurriedly, leaving the fairy maids behind.

The girls could only watch Aoyuki's back in silence.


"... Maybe we asked the wrong person?"


"That's right because Aoyuki is a unique person."


The ordinary maid and the glasses maid muttered.

The girls don't lose heart and go to ask the next person.



They moved to a different location and arrived at the training grounds.

They saw Elly, who was probably just conducting a magic experiment. They immediately ask her which is more delicious, chunky paste or fine paste...


"Which is more delicious, chunky paste or fine paste? I don't like both kinds of sweet red bean paste... I can't stand sweet red beans anyway."


"No, no, no, I can't believe this!"


"I can't believe there are people who don't like sweet red bean paste."


"Of course, there are such people, but it's all a matter of personal preference! I love cakes, cookies, pies, and other sweets."


Elly blushes in embarrassment at the fairy maid's surprised responses.

She behaves like a grown woman who just revealed her food dislikes.


If she can't stand it, it can't be helped, and then the fairy maids leave that place.

The next stop is the cafeteria, where the other fairy maids take a break. They think it will be easier to take the survey in this place.


But perhaps the timing isn't right because the other fairy maids are nowhere to be seen. Nazuna is the only one who is sitting there, silently eating dorayaki.

They quickly go to ask her.


"Nazuna-sama, Nazuna-sama! Which do you like more, chunky paste or fine paste? "


"Of course, it's fine paste, right?"


The ordinary fairy maid calls out Nazuna's name, while the glasses maid pushes up her glasses frame and asks questions.

Nazuna enjoys her snack, but she answers their question without being particularly bothered.


"? Chunky paste,  fine paste, what's that?"


"Nazuna-sama, that's the sweets you're eating right now ~."


"Of, ofofof, of course, it's fine paste, right?"




Nazuna tilts her head as she chews dorayaki in her mouth.

She finally understood what the fairy maids were asking.

After swallowing down the dorayaki, she answers energetically.


"Oh! I see. So that's what that means!"


"Yes, that's right!"


"Nazuna-sama, of course, you like fine paste, right?"


"Ah, no, not fine paste."


"If it's Nazuna-sama, then she should be able to tell the difference. You like chunky paste, right?"


"That's not true. This is not chunky paste either."


Nazuna wash down the sweetness of the dorayaki she just ate with milk and then replies with a big smile.


"I was eating a sweet called Dorayaki. What, you've never eaten them before? Dorayaki is very delicious, you know!"


The fairy maids fell silent because she told them with such a big smile on her face.


"If you ever get the chance, I seriously recommend this dorayaki!"


Nazuna leaves the cafeteria.

The maids see her off without stopping her.


"Na, nanana, Nazuna-sama is, in a sense, she's amazing, bibibi big person..."


The other three nod at the nerdy fairy maid's words.


In the end, they couldn't take the survey properly from anybody.

The four of them, disheartened by Nazuna's response to their question. They head back to their rooms.

On their way, as they make a turn in the corridor, they bump into Raito and Ice Heat.


The four fairy maids immediately move to near the wall.

Their eyes are sparkling at the fateful encounter with their beloved Lord.

Raito stops and calls out to the fairy maids.


"Are, I thought you girls are having a day off today?"


"Do you remember us?!"


The ordinary fairy maid screams in surprise.

There are many fairy maids.

A high-rank maid like Mei (the head maid) often sees Raito. But Raito only sees these girls when we pass each other in the corridor or when they help him change his clothes or take care of him on a rotating basis. It takes a long time for them to come around in rotation because there are so many of them. They seem to think that it's impossible for Raito to remember their faces, let alone know their schedules.


But Raito remembers everyone's faces, and he doesn't want to disrespect any of them as they're important friends.

Raito smiles and expresses his appreciation to them, which he usually doesn't do.


"Thank you for always cleaning, washing, and doing chores. I'm sorry I couldn't thank you because I was too busy. Next time, let's talk slowly together when we have time."


"Ye, yeyeyeyes! We'll look forward to it!"


"In, in that case, we will bet our lives to prepare delicious sweets!"


"We, we will do our best to serve you ~."


"Ra, rara, Raito-sama, Please don't work too hard and take care of yourself!"


"OK, I still have work, so see you later. Let's go, Ice Heat."




Ice Heat in her maid outfit with her hair tied into twin tails. She follows behind Raito as his escort.

The four fairy maids see them off with fascinated expressions until their backs are no longer visible.


"Fuwaaa~, not only did we meet our Lord, we were even able to talk to him..."


"We've absolutely used up all of our lifetime's luck today."


"Not just a lifetime's luck, but the luck of our next life and the life after that."


"Ba, baba, by the way, why are we here on our day off?"


"? What was it? Our Lord is so precious that I've forgotten."


"I understand. Master is so precious and precious, isn't he?"


"I get it, I get it. Raito-sama is really precious."


"Since it's our day off, why don't we go back to our room and talk about our Lord Master's preciousness?"




The quarrel over which is more delicious, the chunky paste or the fine paste, disappeared entirely from their minds.

As suggested by the nerdy fairy maid, the girls go back to their room and spend the whole night talking about Raito's preciousness.



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