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Sunday, July 31, 2022

Infinite Gacha: Ch 2 - Ep49 Bath and secret


Side Story 2

Infinite Gacha:  Ch 2 - Ep49 Bath and secret



"Haaa, it feels good..."


"It feels good, but my glasses are fogging up."


"Ah, I feel like I'm melting."


"The, the, the, the bath after a long day's work is the best."


The usual fairy maids finish their work shift and the night duty maids take over.

After finishing their dinners, they all go to the Big Women's Bath in Naraku and relax in the hot water pool.


As the name implies, the bathhouse is big and only open for women.

It has many different types of facilities.

In addition to the regular hot water pool, there is also a sauna, milky water, fruit water, showers, and a flower-filled water pool.


There are many people who can use the Infinite Gacha card and water magic, so they can produce a lot of hot water every night.

Raito opened it as part of the welfare program because many women in Naraku.


The Men's bath is also available, but it is not as spacious as the women's.


However, not everyone enjoys taking a bath.

Some of them did not like to take a bath.

Mera, for example, is someone who hates baths. But that doesn't mean that she is dirty.

There are various ways to clean off dirt, and if she wants to, she can use the Infinite Gacha card - R, Wash to clean off dirt.


Still, the bath is basically supported by everyone.


"Oh, Elly-sama and Nazuna-sama came to take a bath too."


" ...... My glasses are fogged up. I can't see."


In the largest bathroom, one of the fairy maids sees that Elly & Nazuna are coming into the bathroom and points at them.

The glasses maid sitting next to her squints her eyes, but her glasses are fogged up, and she can't see.


Nazuna holds a towel in her hand and walks in without covering her body.


"Yay, I love hot water pools! It's big and it feels good!"


"I understand how you feel, but wait, Nazuna-san! You have to wash your body properly first to remove the dirt."


"Oh, you're right. I forgot that! Thank you, Elly."


"Gosh, you're such a handful, Nazuna..."


Elly, who only covers her front with a towel, sighs and pulls Nazuna's hand to the washing place.

Maybe she'll wash Nazuna's head and back.


"Elly-sama and Nazuna-sama are good friends, aren't they?"


"The, the, the, the two of them are too good-looking. E, eee Elly-sama's breasts are large and well-balanced. Na, na,na, Nazuna-sama's breasts are so large for her short body."


"I get it. Even from our viewpoint as the same gender, both of them have such great bodies that could make anyone fall in love with them!"


The nerdy maid agrees with the gal maid's words.


"Nya ~"


As Elly and Nazuna begin to wash their bodies, Aoyuki shows up in the large bathroom.

Nazuna notices her and wants to approach her, but Elly stops her because she is full of bubbles.

It seems that Aoyuki purposely enters at this timing to avoid Nazuna.


"It's dangerous if you don't rinse the soap off properly, you may fall. Besides, you haven't even cleaned the backs of your ears yet. You need to clean them properly."


"I know, I know. Elly is too naggy."


While Elly restrains Nazuna, Aoyuki smiles victoriously and walks smoothly to the shower room.


"...... On the contrary, Aoyuki-sama avoids Nazuna-sama all the time, doesn't she? Does she hate Nazuna-sama?"


"If anything, I think that Nazuna-sama is pestering Aoyuki-sama too much. It's just like when you love a cat too much, it ends up hating you."


The fairy maid, who looks very beautiful but seems to have a weak personality, commented. The glasses maid gave them a nice explanation.

The gal maid agreed with her.


"Oh, I feel that too. I know Nazuna-sama doesn't mean to hurt her, but it seems like she loves Aoyuki-sama too much."


"But, but, but I understand why Nazuna-sama loves her so much. Aoyuki is cute. Her, her, her body is slim and beautiful too."


The other fairy maids repeatedly nod at the nerdy maid's words.


Their eyes focus on the shower room where Aoyuki has entered.

When she entered the shower room, Suzu came out from the other shower room next to her.

Her short black hair is wet. Her long eyelashes framing her violet eyes are dripping.


Suzu is also famous as one of the bath lovers.

And another favorite conversation topic is 'what's with her lower body?'

"UR - Hermaphrodite Gunner Suzu Level 7777".


What is hermaphrodite?

No one knows, including Raito.


The fairy maids' eyes focused on Suzu's lower body.


Suzu's body is wrapped tightly with a long towel covering her front and back.

Therefore, her breasts and her lower body are also covered by the towel.


"... Suzu-sama is very slender, isn't she? Her breasts are quite big too."


"It is too bad my glasses are fogged up, and I can't see her."


"Her skin is so white and smooth. I really envy her."


"Su, su, Suzu-sama's slightly red skin from her shower is really cute and erotic."


All the fairy maids fix their eyes on Suzu's lower body and let out their impressions.

Suzu doesn't notice them and sinks into the milky white pool as usual.

Of course, she doesn't put her towel in the water. She sinks her body into the water so that no one around her can see her lower body.


"...... I wonder what Suzu-sama's lower half is like?"


The nerdy maid mutters, representing everyone.


"...... Now that she's in the bathroom, she doesn't carry her usual long weapons, right?"


"......If we all gather around her, chat lively and wait for her to get up, we might get a chance to see it?"


"... A mystery for years. It's not a vulgar interest to confirm Suzu-sama's mystery, but an intellectual curiosity~."


The other maids all join in the plan.

They look at each other, silently stand up, and move from the large hot water pool to the milky white water pool.

If everyone surrounds Suzu until she gets overwhelmed, there will be a slight time gap before she covers her lower body with a towel when she gets out of the pool.

The 4 of them will check Suzu's lower body with their eyes.


Perfect! It sounds like a perfect plan, but...


"What kind of foolishness are you trying to do?"


"Kyaa? Head Maid! Ice Heat-sama!"


When they look back at the voice that called out to them, they see Ice Heat and Mei.


Both of them are good-looking. They cover their breasts with towels.


"He, Head Maid, how long have you been there...?"


"Did, did you happen to hear what we were talking about?"


"Just as we were leaving the sauna. This bathhouse is a place for everyone to relax, so don't do anything rude.


"We, we, we, we were just trying to make friends with su, su, Suzu-sama. Pe, pe, please don't make any weird accusations."


The nerdy maid panic and make an excuse.

Ice Heat holds and presses her temples as if she's in pain.


"Why are our fairy maids freewheeling or too honest with their desires ...? Even when they're on my Lord side, they don't stop chatting. Should I suggest to my Lord to be stricter with them? "


"I'm against violence!"


"Ice Heat-sama, I think immediately using your fists is not good.

What if my glasses break?"


"Oh, I agree with everyone!"


"We, we, we the lower level fairy maids are fragile, so please handle us with care. I don't think we'll survive the punishment!"


"You girls……"


Ice Heat clenches her fists, blue veins appearing on her face.

Mei raises her hand lightly to stop her.


"...... If you refuse to reflect on your actions and cause a problem in this bathhouse, you will be punished."


"Pu-pu-pu punished?"


The fairy maids quickly glance at each other.


(What is the punishment? Like forced to work without a break?) [Ordinary Maid]


(That is more like a reward, to be able to work for Raito-sama with all my might.) [Glasses Maid]


(I can know Suzu-sama's secret and work for Raito-sama. Isn't that two birds with one stone~?) [Gal maid]


(Un, unexpectedly, it seems like I'll get to enjoy a nice memory! Lu, lu, lu, lucky!) [Nerdy maid]


Mei sighs lightly and says the punishment to the fairy maids who show no remorse.


"If you girls continue to show no remorse and cause problems in the bathhouse, you will be permanently removed from Raito-sama's care shift. Are you OK with that?"


"We're very sorry!" [All Maids]


The four fairy maids dogeza (bow down on their knees) on their spot.


That was a stunning display of dogeza.


Ice Heat looks at Mei with respect, as she has reformed the fairy maids with a single word.


"As expected of Mei-sama. That's a wonderful leadership skill that fits the Head Maid!"


Mei gets a headache watching the fairy maids with their stunning change of attitude, while Ice Heat looks at her in respect.


"...... Have I failed to educate these maids correctly? Is my maid way wrong?"


As the fairy maids bow down on their knees on their knees in front of her, Mei can't help but think that her maid ways might be wrong.

Meanwhile, the target (Suzu) enjoyed her bath tonight and safely left the bathroom without being seen by anyone.



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