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Sunday, July 31, 2022

Infinite Gacha: Ch 2 - Ep47 New information and--



Elly, who had brought down the Elf Queen Nation's core, returned to the basement of the Abyss.

She summarized the whole incident in a report and brought it to me.

When I finish checking the report in my office, I praise Elly.


"As expected of Elly. Not only successfully bringing the Elf Queen Nation down to its knees, but also extracting information from the Queen about the truth."


"Umm...... No, it's all thanks to God Raito's cooperation."


Elly looks so happy to be praised by me that she shakes her body with a bright red face while bowing humbly.

Many parts of the information she brought back are the same as Hardy's memory.

Since Queen Leaf VII is Hardy's mother, there must have been a lot of similar information.


However, there is one very interesting piece of information that we found in her memory.


"At the conference held every four years in the Principality of Six, the leaders of all nations secretly exchanged information regarding the Master. It is attended by representatives of the five races, excluding the human race."


The content of the meeting was mostly information about each country and the current situation, but nothing serious.

However, this is where the important information comes in.


"...... After the secret meeting, Leaf VII overheard a conversation behind her saying, 'We can't ignore the possibility of something other than Master."


"Yes. But it was something that was slightly stuck in the depths of the Queen's memory, so her memory has already deteriorated, and the details are unknown. The possibility of something other than Master.

Is that referring to Sub-Master or a suspect less than the Master? Or--."


"Is it possible that there is another existence totally different from the Master?"


"Yes, I think so."


Elly agreed with my opinion.


We can't rule out the possibility that it's something other than the Master. Anything 'other than the Master' should be killed. If they're talking about the Sub-master or Master Suspect, then it doesn't add up.


Sub-masters are of the Master bloodline, so there is no reason to kill them.

The Master should be killed but, there is no reason to say, 'We can't ignore the possibility that it is something other than the Master'.


That leaves us with the third possibility that there is an existence that is more dangerous than the Master.


"...... Elly, you don't know which race mentioned that?"


"I'm sorry. Leaf VII just happened to overhear it. Since many people were there, including the guards, it is difficult to guess it. But the Queen herself doesn't understand the meaning of the words she hears. The Beastmen probably only have low-level information. I'm sure it's one of the three races: dwarves, demons, or dragonmen."


Leaf VII herself listened without interest.

It just happened to be stuck in her memory, and Elly found out about it.


"Then does Leaf VII know anything about an existence that is more dangerous than the Master?"


"No, not at all. The elf race is often loved by humans, and they've had a lot of trouble when they use their women to inherit his blood. In the past, the chosen women usually came from the upper ranks of the Elf Queen Nation officials or their relatives to prevent information leaks. Therefore, it seems that the higher the noble rank, the more grudge against the human race."


Moreover, Elly continued...


"The elf species have high pride, and they hate the fact that the Sub-masters have human blood. A small part of the upper ranks, the Queen and White Knights Commander, keep that fact as top secret... They came to hate the Master and its race even more for these reasons. It seems that those who have directly met the Master of the human race and the Royal Family of the past have a sense of inferiority because they are no match for the Master. Even if they happen to inherit the blood of the Master, they seem to be unconsciously avoiding information about the Master. So they don't know anything in detail."


Is it because the older generation became racist that racism spread to the younger generation?

Putting those thoughts aside for the moment... I leaned back against my chair in my office.


"An existence that is more dangerous than the Master..."


Could it be that I was almost killed not because I was the Master suspect, but because I could be an existence that is more dangerous than the Master?

--To be honest, there is too little information to make a conclusion.


Even if I try to think of all these things, if I don't have enough information, it will only be a kind of delusion, so I switch my focus.

I read the report submitted by Elly.


"After we brought down the Elf Queen State, I considered whether or not to colonize it, but...... it doesn't feel like a good idea... What should we do now?"


"It's easy for us to colonize the Elf Queen Nation, as God Raito said.

But there's not much benefit in colonizing them."


If we hold the Elf Queen Nation as a colony, it will lose its supremacy.

The Elf Queen Nation is a country with a certain status. A colony would be an economic benefit, but...... we do not need money, and there are not many reasons to pursue economic benefit.


It is not a good idea to subjugate the Elf Queen just to take advantage of her current status.


Another aspect is that the Elf Queen Nation is in the east when viewed from the Giant Tower.

In the north is a mountainous area, in the south is the sea, and in the west is virgin forest. If the Alliance of Nations wants to attack the Giant Tower, the only way to move a large army is from the east.

In that case, we can use the Elf Queen Nation as a shield as we please.


Thanks to the fact that I confirmed Queen Leaf's memories, I already know the strength of the Elf Queen Nation.

I can destroy it whenever I want.

I can use it as much as I want, and if it causes problems, I can leave it alone or discard it.


"If we keep them as a colony, we will have to share God Raito's blessings that come down from heaven with the elves. They don't need that luxury."


Elly puffs out her cheeks adorably in resentment.

She has a negative impression of the elf race.

That's how disgusted she is with the elf race's racism.


Speaking of racism...


"From what I've read in this report, it seems that the liberation of the enslaved human race in the Elf Queen Nation is going well."


"Yes, that's right. Currently, about 5,000 people have been freed, and we are providing them with protection and support so that they can live on their own in the area around the Giant Tower."


This was also Elly's idea.

She deliberately declared a radical statement called 'Human Race Absolute Independence'.

After that, she forced the Elf Queen to recognize it and declare it as official law.

To protect the human slaves, she sent a group of level 500 fairy maids with Snake Hellhounds & Dragon army to intimidate the elves and free the human slaves.

They actually freed the racial slaves one by one, without asking any questions.


The racial slaves who had accidentally helped me get in touch with Sasha before were also successfully freed from slavery.

Also, the girl slaves that Mohicans had rescued and bought by the merchants were now freed without worry.


We also help the former slaves that we freed so that they can support themselves around the Giant Tower.


In this way, the world's attention is drawn to the Giant Tower.


Each nation may deploy its military forces to crush the "Giant Tower" for its Absolute Human Race Independence.

The reason why the human race is currently being oppressed is because they are related to the Master. If the Master is only born from the human race and human race are gathered in one place...... I don't think the other nations are going to ignore that.

As Elly explained to me before, 'How will the other nations deal with it? If the other five countries attacked, how much force would they bring to bear? Do they have any secret moves or trump cards that we don't know about?' 

I think it would be a merit if we could use this situation as a touchstone.


In the worst case, even if the Giant Tower is destroyed, it will not affect Naraku.


Of course, I won't lose in vain. As I explained earlier, the Elf Queen Nation is a pawn that still has its use.

I'm not going to lose easily.


After all the questions are answered, I praise Elly again.


"I was able to take revenge on Sasha perfectly, got the information I needed to get closer to the truth I was looking for, and I got more pawns to use. I've achieved what I wanted.

This is exactly what people called, 'Use it to the fullest for maximum benefit'.

Thank you very much, Elly."


"No, no, I was only helping God Raito a little bit."


She must have been really happy to be praised so openly by me. She shakes her body in joy more than before.

She bows deeply, making an effort not to show it as much as possible.

Elly did a fist pump pose and inwardly shouted, 'now I am God Raito's number one, I am his right hand!' I could see Elly's behavior from behind her.

I smile and let it slide because she has accomplished so much.


(But actually, I feel like we've taken a step or two forward thanks to Elly...)


While I am deeply moved, I receive a call from Mei using 'SR, Telepathy'.

I tilted my head.

I have entrusted Mei to handle Naraku's internal affairs.

So we are in the same place, in other words, in Naraku. If she wants to report anything, she can directly meet me...


"Elly, sorry. I got telepathy from Mei."


"From Mei-san?"


She tilts her head and asks...


"Why doesn't she meet you directly?"


I tilt my head and then turn my attention to Mei.


"Mei, what's wrong? You use telepathy. Is there something you can't talk about face to face?"


"No, I used telepathy because I got information that I needed to inform Raito-sama as soon as possible. Actually... my Lord's sister has been found..."


"Bufuhh?! Yu, Yume has been found!?"


I am so surprised by Mei's report.

The happiness, surprise, and confusion of the unexpected report had blown away all the new questions and information about revenge against Sasha and how to handle the Elf Queen Nation.



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