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Sunday, July 31, 2022

Infinite Gacha: Ch 2 - Ep46 The Declaration of Human Race Absolute Independence




"Hii! No, no, don't come here!


"Ara ara ara, I can't read your memory if you run away, you know? You're such a bad girl. Bind of Thorns."


The steel-colored thorns that Elly had created with her magic immediately entangled Leaf VII's body.

The Queen tries to break free from the thorns, but it is impossible to tear off the strategic-class 'Bind of Thorns'.

It is a binding spell that can even temporarily restrain people with level 9999.

The White Knights Vice Commander was also tied by this magic and tried to break free but failed.


Elly holds Leaf VII's head and reads her memory.


"No, stop! What are you doing to me?---- Ugyaaaaaa!"


"Jeez, I'm just forcibly reading her memory. Why are elves so impatient?...... Silent."   




Elly raises her eyebrows in annoyance when she hears Leaf VII's scream and cast Silent magic.

After she fell silent, Elly quickly resumed reading her memories.

Last time, she purposely made Michael suffer excruciating pain when she read his memories because he mocked Raito so much.

Because of that, Michael was almost paralyzed after she finished reading his memories.


This time, Leaf VII still has a role to play, so Elly won't do anything that will cripple her.

Still, Elly doesn't hesitate to go through her memory.

The remaining elf soldiers notice the commotion in the garden and gather. They are stopped by their former comrades who have been turned into man-tree monsters by the strategic-class offensive magic 'Sacrifice Trees'. They can't even get any closer.


"Shoot arrows! Magicians, shoot with offensive magic! Do everything you can to save the Queen!"


"No, no use! They're all been blocked!"


In seconds, more than 200 elves were defeated by magic, including the top rank leaders, and the same number of man tree monsters appeared.

They're so many and resistant to physical attacks such as swords, spears, and arrows. They are also resistant to magic attacks such as fire.

What's more...




The tree branches are extended at high speed like spears, with resentful screams echoing from the depths of hell.


"Ugyaaaa!? Eh, branch on my leg!? Gyaaa! It's sucking my blood---."


It can suck the blood from soldiers who failed to escape and got impaled.

After absorbing a certain amount of blood, the branch breaks itself off and creates a new Human Tree with the bodies behind it.

The elf soldiers see the scene, scream, and rush to getaway.


The tree has an excellent defense against physical and magical attacks, and it automatically multiplies. It's not just strategic-class offensive magic that can hold the enemy, but these Human Trees are not invincible either.


They only live for 24 hours, and they cannot move from their spot, so they are useless if the enemy detours them.

If they are attacked beyond their durability, they will break. They can't multiply if branch attacks do not pierce through the enemy.


But even if they could wipe out the Human Trees, the Red Dragon is still behind Elly. A single swing of his tail or a single fire breath would be enough to wipe out the elf soldiers.

The dragon doesn't attack them because the Human Trees are already holding them back.


Elly irritatedly turns her eyes to the elf soldiers making a commotion in the distance.


"So noisy... Even if I shut her mouth, it won't do any good if everyone around her is making noise. For the time being, I will cast 'silent' on the surrounding area."


After making this decision, she immediately cast 'Silent' to shut off the sounds around them.

Finally, everything gets quiet. Elly concentrates on her memory examination again.



She gets all the information she needs in about an hour.


"---- I see. It seems that you have misunderstood about the dragon living in my Giant Tower and have ordered those savages against me. It seems that there is no contradiction between the Queen's words and her memory."


The real purpose is to gather information about the Master, but there is no need to honestly reveal their purpose.

After being freed from the memory examination and the bind of thorns, Leaf VII collapsed on the spot.

Elly makes cold water with her magic and splashes the water on Leaf VII.


The intense pain of the memory examination made her vomit out all of her bodily fluids, including tears, snot, and saliva. She can't pass out because of Elly's magic effect. She didn't even have the energy to scream in surprise when she's splashed with cold water.

With frightened eyes, Leaf VII looks up at Elly..... The Witch of the Giant Tower is looking down at her.


She looks up from the ground at the Witch of the Giant Tower, but she can't see her face.

Of course.

The hooded cloak that Elly is wearing is the SSR, Recognition Blocking Hooded Cloak from Infinite Gacha.

As long as she wears that hood, no one can recognize her face even if they look into her eyes.


The Witch of the Giant Tower speaks to Leaf VII, remaining soldiers, and all of the Elves in the capital.


"I am of a human that has been studying magic in the underground. From what I've read in Leaf VII's memory, it seems that this world is very harsh on the human race. As a member of the same race, I am very uncomfortable with this fact. Therefore, I have decided to declare Human Race Absolute Independence."


She pauses for a moment, glance at Leaf VII and the soldiers surrounding them in the garden, and then continue to speak.


"There will be no more human slaves in this country. I will take over the ownership of any human slaves currently living in this country. Suppose any elves oppose or interfere with the liberation of the races. In that case, I will kill them and feed them to the dragons regardless of age or gender. I will send my subordinates to take care of them, so please be ready to hand them over right away."


Elly can't be seen by anyone because of the power of her 'SSR, Recognition Blocking Hooded Cloak'

. She declares with a smile that would make any man on earth fall in love with her at first sight.


In this way, the one-sided declaration spread throughout the capital.


No one can oppose the declaration of the Witch of the Giant Tower.

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