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Sunday, July 31, 2022

Infinite Gacha: Ch 2 - Ep45 Leaf VII's Memory




"I am speaking to the fools who have attacked my Giant Tower. Get the person in charge right now. Or I will burn this city to ashes!"


Not only in the castle, everyone in the capital can hear that girl's voice.


"To prove that I can burn a city to ashes, I will show a demonstration with my lovely dragons."


She's not shouting very loudly - even if she did, the voice of a slim young girl like her shouldn't reach all the people in the Elf Queen Nation's capital, which is quite far from the sky.

Leaf VII and the others who are having a meeting inside the palace can hear Elly's voice because she is using magic.


Elly gives a signal, then more than a hundred dragons attack the fortress outside the Elf Queen's capital. They spit out their fire breaths in unison towards an area without human presence.


After the smoke, screams, and roars calm down, Elly speaks again.


"I'm going to land in the palace garden now, so the person with the highest authority should show up right away. That's right... If you don't show up in three minutes, burn down the city like my demonstration."


Elly signals the Red Dragon; it flaps its wings and descends into the palace garden.

Meanwhile, the confused voices of the elves can be heard from inside the palace and throughout the city.


"What the hell is that dragon army?"


"What are the Knights doing?"


"Your Majesty! Please evacuate now!"


"Wait! You can't evacuate the Queen! The capital will be burned to ashes if the person with the highest authority doesn't show up within 3 minutes!"


"You bastard! Are you going to sacrifice the Queen?"


(It's so chaotic. Anyway, their magic defense is so sloppy that I can easily hear and sense what's happening inside. Isn't their anti-magic awareness too low?)



For Elly the Forbidden Witch, the anti-magic defense inside the Elf Queen's palace is too low.

But for this country, the Elf Queen Nation's pride uses the best magic and magic items they can get.

Elly's magic skill is simply too high and make them look weak.


The Red Dragon that's carrying her landed in the garden.

More than 200 soldiers guarding the palace have gathered. They are pointing spears and swords at them.

Elly doesn't care; she gets off the dragon's back and waits for the person in charge - Queen Leaf VII to arrive.


While she's waiting.... there is a dispute about who should go to meet Elly.


"Her Majesty is the person in charge. I think she should be the one to go."


"Are you planning to use Her Majesty as a meat shield? In times like these, the Prime Minister should be the one to go!"


"What are the soldiers in the palace doing? Why don't they just kill that dragon in the garden!"


"Just killing the one in the garden won't do any good! Perhaps we should send the knight captain as the one in charge of security here?"


(Troublesome, so troublesome...... This is beyond my expectation.)


Since the time is only 3 minutes, the Elf Queen Nation finally decides to go with all the high-ranking officials.

While moving, they continue to push the responsibility to each other, which is unbearable for Elly to spy on and listen to.


(These people…… really can't be saved.)


Since most of their faces are covered by hooded cloaks, they don't have to worry about their expressions being read.

So, they put on shocked expressions without hesitation.

Before the 3 minutes passed, a group of people came out into the garden.

Among them, a woman with a fan is breaking cold sweat, but she still looks firm.


"I am Queen Leaf VII of the Elf Queen Nation! Why are you so rude as to visit us with a dragon army! That's very rude! Send those dragons away now!"


"...... You're saying silly things. You're the first one who barged into my Giant Tower without any invitation and pointed swords at me. It's ridiculous that you think this is rude."


"!? Oh, Lord! Are you the Giant Tower's owner?!"


Elly's statement surprises everyone, and there's buzzing all around.

She admits it without hesitation.


"That Giant Tower is my property. Nevertheless, a few days ago, a group of low-class men and women barged in without permission and rampaged. I heard that they were members of this country's Knights Order and that they were ordered to rob my place."


"Oh, my Lord! Who are you? Hardy! Tell me what you've done with the Knights!"


"I'm... that's right... you can call me the Witch of the Giant Tower. And do I need to tell you about those Knights?"


"You, you...!"


The answer could be either already dead or still alive. After extracting as much information as she could, she had executed them on charges of genocide and other crimes.

This response makes Queen Leaf VII furious, as she does not know if her beloved son is alive or dead.

Elly... The Witch of the Giant Tower doesn't care at all and asks the other party.


"Rather, why did you send those low-class robbers to my Giant Tower?"


"They're not robbers! We got a report that a Red Dragon has resided in the Giant Tower, so we sent personnel to subjugate it. Since the dragon is living near the capital, it's only natural that we should do something about it!"


"...... Is that really the only reason? Isn't this just a cover-up to snatch my treasure, my research results? I'll need to verify a few things."


This is just a false accusation.

First of all, Elly and the others lured the White Knights to come to the Giant Tower.

They are well aware of their purpose.


(Our main goal is to check the Elf Queen's memory and get information about the Master and other useful information. But I don't need to tell you what we're up to.)


Elly had planned to pick a fight and read her memory from the beginning.


"Oh, my Lord, what are you talking about?...... Stay away from me!"


"Your Majesty!"


"Don't let the intruder approach our Queen! Kill her!"


They would have hesitated if they were ordered to face the Red Dragon.

But their opponent is a slim girl with nice looks and style.

The elf soldiers are charging forward with all their might to protect their Queen. Unfortunately, the Witch of the Giant Tower, who has the Red Dragon at her side, cannot be weak.


"Wa, wait!"


The Prime Minister has a strong sense of danger like a wild animal. He panicked and raised his hand to stop them, but it was too late.

Elly cast an offensive magic spell on those who pointed their swords and spears at her without any hesitation.


"Sacrifice Trees."


Sharp trees grew from underneath soldiers' feet. They instantly pierced the soldiers and the top-rank leaders, including the Prime Minister.

The trees are sharp like spears, and while piercing through the soldiers and the Prime Minister, they grow rapidly with their blood and flesh as nourishment.

Furthermore, the trees can't move from the spot, but they become Monsters with human faces.

Elly's magic was strategic-class offensive magic that creates trees to attack and hold the enemy.


"Hii, iih, hiii...!"


Leaf VII is the only one allowed to survive. She screams and falls down on the spot.

Elly walks over to Leaf VII without caring about the instant death of the elves' top-rank officials.

She speaks to Leaf VII with a gentle voice.


"...... Now, allow me to take a peek into your memory."


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