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Sunday, July 31, 2022

Infinite Gacha: Ch 2 - Ep44 Prolonged Meeting





The conference room of the Elf Queen's Palace is shrouded in silent frustration and anxiety.


Queen Leaf VII sits on her throne, holding a fan in her hand and gazing upwards. Her eyebrows are furrowed, clearly indicating that she is in a bad mood.

The Prime Minister sits on her left, wiping the sweat from his face with a handkerchief. He moves the position of his monocle and shakes his head restlessly.


The White Knights' Commander, who usually sits on the Queen Leaf VII's right side, is nowhere to be seen.


The Knights' Commander, who is in charge of guarding the road that connects the southern port city with the capital, continues to report with an uncomfortable look.


"It is safe to conclude that the human adventurers who lured the monsters away from the Mysterious Giant Tower a few days ago have done their job perfectly."


On the operation day, the Black Clown leads the adventurers and acts as a diversion.

They successfully lured in the giant four-legged monsters with a snake tail.

After luring the monsters, they kept them busy to prevent them from returning to the Giant Tower.


In particular, The Black Clown party played a very active role.

The clown-masked human boy used many battle-class offensive magic without chanting. He saved his friends and adventurers who participated in the diversion operation from danger many times.


He wasn't the only one.

A beautiful brown girl called the "Fairy Princess" helped spot the enemy, and the "Golden Knight" protected the adventurers with his shield.


There were many adventurers injured in the diversion operation, but no one died. All thanks to the Mohicans, who have an unusual hairstyle and give excellent support. If I have to give a score to the diversion operation, I will give it a perfect score."


The diversion was so perfect that even the elves, who usually looked down on humans, praised it openly.

The elf soldiers who were at the scene reported how the situation was just like in fairy tales.


--Of course. The Snake Hellhounds (the giant four-legged monsters with a snake tail) were moving under Aoyuki instruction.


Since it would be suspicious if only the Snake Hellhounds were lured out, some of the monsters from the forest were also directed into the field. Not too many and not too few.


Raito (fake), Nemumu, and Gold's actions were also staged.

The Mohicans' success was also a service from Aoyuki in return for their hard work.


The reputation of the Raito (fake) and the Mohicans has been raised thanks to the match-fixing.... no, all thanks to our wonderful performance.

While other adventurers are jealous of them, the human adventurers respect them.


The report on the diversion operation is over.

Next, the main part of the 'Mysterious Giant Tower Raid Operation'. When he starts to talk about the White Knights, his mouth instantly becomes heavy.


He wipes his sweat with a handkerchief and continues to speak.


"The condition of the White Knights, who headed for the Mysterious Giant Tower is still unknown. Based on past experience, most likely that they were already wiped out…."




Leaf VII widens her eyes, grits her teeth, and looks angry when she hears the word 'wiped out'.

If her beloved and proud son was reported dead, she would certainly feel angry.


The Prime Minister sweats even more and asks.


"Aa, are you sure your guess is correct? The White Knights, who headed for the Mysterious Giant Tower are the strongest knights of the Elf Queen Nation, you know? How can they be so easily wiped out?"


"The possibility is very high..."


To begin with, it should be a short battle that would take a day or less.

That's why they went in with only their equipment and minimum food and water.

Suppose the White Knights, who are the strongest of the Elf Queen Nation are deployed and judged that they cannot complete their mission within a short period. In that case, Hardy and his team will retreat.

If that doesn't happen after a few days... it's natural to think they had been wiped out.


In other words, there is an existence near the Elf Queen Nation capital that the White Knights couldn't beat.

In addition— The Prime Minister and the Count's family had lent two fantasy-class weapons, which were their family heirlooms.

Thanks to that, the White Knights should have become stronger than usual.

Fantasy-class weapons are national treasures and pretty rare.


Those with two fantasy-class weapons were wiped out.

The White Knights, who were capable of destroying the Elf Queen Nation had been wiped out.


This is no longer the time to think about how to destroy the matriarchy system and change the social system to favor men.

This is a crisis that threatens the existence of their nation.

The Prime Minister couldn't help to put on a pale face and broke out in cold sweat.


Everyone in the conference room understands that the nation is in a critical situation, even if they don't know about the 2 fantasy-class weapons.

They are discussing how to deal with this situation.


"Should we ask for help from another country, the Dragon Empire or the Demon Kingdom?"


"You fool! Do you seriously want to tell other countries about our drastic military power decline?"


"That's right. And most importantly, that's not good for our reputation."


"Isn't it possible that the White Knights are still alive? Maybe they've been transferred from inside the Giant Tower to another location?"


"The possibility is not zero, but..."


"There should be some White Knights' reserve members! Let's gather the remaining forces together and attack. No matter how strong the Red Dragon is, we can defeat it!"


"Are you serious!? Even White Knights couldn't defeat it! ?? Moreover, if we move through the forest with a large army, we will be immediately noticed. We will only provoke other monsters and shed blood in useless battles. It's not realistic!"


"What if we offer the Adventurer's Guild lots of money and recruit skilled adventurers?"


"I don't think there is any adventurer who is stronger than Commander Hardy!?"






The meeting is going round and round.


The discussion gets heated, but it is impossible to find the solution easily.

The discussion starts to feel suffocating, and there is even an air of impending doom. Suddenly, someone comes in from outside and interrupts the meeting.


A guard rushed into the conference room.

Without even knocking, he rushed into the room with a pale face.

Everyone in the room looks at the guard uncomfortably. Someone opens his mouth to reprimand him.

But before he speaks, the guard shouts out a report.


"Dra, dragons! A large army of dragons is flying not only over this castle, but over the entire capital. The, their, their numbers are more than 100!"







A dragon army.

Among them, an unknown girl is seen riding a giant red dragon with red scales. The girl is wearing a hat and a witch-style outfit. She speaks towards the castle below her.


"I am speaking to the fools who have attacked my Giant Tower. Get the person in charge right now. Or I will burn this city to ashes!"


Not only the castle, that girl's voice mysteriously spread across the capital.



  1. Just burn and send them to hell!!
    Thanks for the treat.

  2. Please note link to chapter 43 not working.

    1. thank you for notifying me. Check chapter list.


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