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Sunday, July 31, 2022

Infinite Gacha: Ch 2 - Ep43 New Information and the fall of a Country


"Aoyuki. Please take care the rest."


"Leave it to me. I'll put my life on the line to take care of the Giant Tower and other miscellaneous tasks."


She replied to my words seriously, instead of her usual 'meow' cat language.

I wonder if she's still worried about her attempt to attack Sasha without my permission.


The revenge against Sasha was successfully completed. The White Knights members, who are likely to be a valuable information source about the 'Master', were all captured safely.

We decided to return to Naraku to read their memories.


Aoyuki is currently in charge of managing the monsters related to the Giant Tower.

At this moment, Gold, Nemumu, and my body double are still creating a commotion to attract the monsters' attention to support the White Knights who have raided the Giant Tower.

Now that the battle was over, the Red Dragon must return to the 1st floor. The adventurers' battle must be ended appropriately.

That's why I entrusted Aoyuki with the responsibility of managing the Giant Tower.


"Okay, everyone ready?"


I reseal my God's Arm Gungnir and return it to its usual plain staff.

The burnt curse on my right palm is cleansed with Infinite Gacha card, 'SSR - High Level Spell Exorcism'.

I was so enraged by Sasha and Michael's comments that I unlocked Gungnir's first seal. Actually, it wouldn't be difficult to defeat them without doing that.

Although I managed to test Gungnir on a real battle, it was probably overkilled.


While I am pondering this in my mind, everyone replies.


"No problem, God Raito."


"I'm ready, too!"


"Ice Heat, no problem."


"Kekekekeke! I've taken in the Vice Commander. We can go anytime."




"My partner is okay."


After hearing the answers of Elly, Nazuna, Ice Heat, Mera, and Suzu, I use the Infinite Gacha card, 'SSR - Transfer'.


The transfer obstruction on the Giant Tower had already been lifted, so the transfer would not fail like in Michael's case.

We successfully completed our plan and returned to Naraku.




--A few days after taking revenge on Sasha and capturing the White Knights.


Sasha is now in the basement prison, the same as Garou.

Right now, she's probably suffering the pain of not being able to die even if she wants to.

The difference between Sasha and Garou is that I have thrown ugly things together with her, those things she hates so much.


As for the White Knights, after extracting the information, they all were sentenced to death for slaughtering humans. Many interesting and surprising pieces of information were discovered.

Elly used her magic to read their memories and get information from them.

Therefore, there is no doubt about the information's validity...


In my office room at Naraku, Elly and I are facing each other.

I am looking through the summary of information that she gathered from the White Knights.

The most useful one is from Hardy, the White Knights' Commander.

He is the son of the current Elf Queen, so he knows a lot of information.


The Vice Commander, Sharp Hat, and Nia-kia brothers were only as good or slightly more knowledgeable than Kaito (the former White Knights member I captured before).


When I finished reading the documents, I wrinkled my brow and leaned back against my seat.


"...... I am not doubting Elly, but this is a little hard to believe."


"Don't worry about it. I can't believe what I'm seeing too."


When Elly read their memory, she was also wondering about this information validity.


When she read Kaito's memories, she learned the reason why countries are wary of the Master. The reason is the world may be destroyed if the Master is left unchecked.

At first, we all were confused about that.

This time, we learned the reason after reading Hardy's memory.


"If the Master is left unchecked, civilization will accelerate, and if it exceeds a certain level, the whole world will be destroyed. To avoid this, the Master must be secured, isolated, and treated like a princess to minimize its influence on the outside world."


"Also, it's not just a theory. Actually, there was an advanced civilization that was destroyed in the past.... Even if 'the whole world will be destroyed' is an exaggeration, perhaps that advanced civilization has been destroyed by something brought about by the Master."


As Elly pointed out, many ruins belong to an advanced civilization that flourished in the past and are unattainable even today.

These ruins have been turned into artificial dungeons for monsters to live in and are still guarded by the security systems of ancient civilizations to protect their treasures.

Adventurers can find 'relic-class' armor and items by exploring these ruins, including long-distance transfer items, gold, silver, treasures, and more.

The ancient ruins are the most popular dreams among adventurers.

However, the question 'Why such an advanced magical civilization disappeared?' is still a mystery. Even today, historians are still debating on the answer.


Furthermore, the Master only appeared from the human race. If the other races tried to exterminate the human race when the Master is born, he will become the Demon King and destroy all the other races.


"...... The Master is just an accelerator of civilization, they are not destroying the world, right?"


"Yes. From what I read in Hardy's memory, the Master is an existence that possesses powerful gifts, weapons, magic, combat skills, and knowledge, and it only accelerates civilization.

It is very unlikely that they are directly destroying the world with their power."


"...... I see. So, to summarize..."


The Master possesses powerful abilities, knowledge, and items that can accelerate civilization by linking them to the power of royalty and high nobility and influencing its surroundings.

In fact, there have been civilizations in the past that have prospered and disappeared. It is also said that the world will be destroyed by civilization acceleration.


"...... From the royal family and nobles' point of view, who don't wish to see the civilization develop, but rather want to maintain their status and prioritize safety, the Master is not only unnecessary, but also a threat to them. That's why they investigated me as the Master suspect. When they confirmed that I am not, they tried to kill me just to be safe."


I remember what Drago said 3 years ago...

"We were told to kill you just to be safe."


"... Drago said the government had ordered them to kill me just to be safe. But..."


"If the Master accelerates civilization, it will somehow destroy the countries and the world, so they must get rid of the Master."


At first glance, the logic appears to be correct.

But why the civilization acceleration caused the countries' destruction? There is no clear explanation of the cause and effect. I don't know the answer yet.

I can only guess that there were internal conflicts inside the advanced civilization country. Or they tried to conquer the world and failed because they were attacked or isolated..... This is just one of my guesses, and there are many other factors to consider.



"...... Won't it be more dangerous to kill the 'Master' suspect.... Is it just my imagination?"


In fact, the Elf Queen Nation had taken in the Master's bloodline and turned them into their military force.

Even if he/she is just the Master suspect, doesn't he/she still have some uses?

If the Master suspect is really the Master, then there would be a problem.

Elly immediately agrees with my opinion.


"No. God Raito's opinion is not wrong. Even if it is not the real Master, it is still too dangerous to kill the Master suspect. If the real Master actually exists and finds out about this plan, he may become enraged and consider them as enemies. If they're just low level adventurers, the government can just throw them out or get another party."


"You're right.... The disadvantages of killing the Master suspect are higher."


If the murder can be 100% hidden, there is no problem. But....... There is no guarantee that they can hide it 100% forever. In fact, I am one of the exceptions.

However, despite taking such a risk, there must be a circumstance that forces them to kill the Master suspect.


"...... Do you think there's still information that Hardy or the other Elves don't even know about?"


"Yes, I'm afraid so."


"I guess so. Otherwise, it doesn't make sense."


But even if we wish to investigate any further, we have already scanned through Hardy's memories. All that remains are his memories of human slaughter and his daily life with his mother, the Queen of the Elf Nation.

So, we move on to the next phase.


"Elly. Based on Hardy and his team' memories, there is no stronger military force in the Elf Queen Nation, right?"


"Yes, there is no greater force."


"Then there is no problem. Please continue as planned."


"Yes, sir! Then I'll use the Giant Tower and organize a raid to bring down the Elf Queen Nation as soon as possible."


"Thank you, Elly."


With a smile that would make any man on earth fall in love with her, Elly vowed to bring down the Nation.


I smiled and asked her to proceed.


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