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Sunday, July 31, 2022

Infinite Gacha: Ch 2 - Ep42 Revenge on Sasha




Michael is entangled by steel-colored thorns. His arms and legs are broken, and he cannot move. Currently, Elly is reading his memories.

Despite the thorns biting into his body, he screams in agony and bleeds from his eyes, nose, and even ears.

He is literally covered in blood.


I turn to Sasha, who is trembling as she watches this gruesome scene.


"Now, let's begin my revenge on Sasha...."



Sasha screams and backs away but soon stops moving.

She could not go any further because of the White Knights lying behind her. Anyway, she's surrounded by us, and there's no way to escape.


When she realizes that there is no way to escape, she moves forward slowly.

With cold sweat pouring down her face, she looks up at me and starts to beg me.

She begs me with her gaze, expression, and gesture.


"Do, do you remember, Raito? After you joined the Races Union, you were still discriminated by other races, weren't you? You were so sad about it that you cried alone. Do you remember that?"




"I, I comforted you then, right? I sat next to you, patting your back and wiping your tears with my handkerchief. You remember that, don't you? Do you remember that? Right?"


Sasha is trying her best to bring up the past while trying to flatter me.

I guess she is trying to win my heart by bringing up the past.

I keep quiet, saying nothing and staring at her coldly.


Sasha desperately tries to get my attention.


"I taught you how to use a bow and arrow, how to gather food in the forest, how to cook while camping! When people made fun of you, I was the first one who helped you! Please! Say something!"


"...... That's right, Sasha has taught me a lot."


"That's right! I taught you a lot of things, didn't I? Didn't I?"


When I finally respond, Sasha smiles cheerfully.

She is an elf and a scout, so she taught me how to use a bow and arrow and cook.

That's true, but...


I turn around and speak to her with cold eyes.


"But all that was a lie, an act. You actually despise my race. You revealed your true nature and tried to kill me gladly, didn't you? I still dream of that arrow piercing my leg..."






Sasha gasps at my words. Ice Heat and the others grit their teeth to suppress their rage and killing intent.

Sasha is breaking out in a cold sweat like a waterfall and trying to make excuses.


"Ah! That! Drago the dragon and Diablo the demon were also there under their government's orders! There's no way I alone could stand against them! If I had gone against them, they would have killed me too! So that's not my fault! That's not my fault! Not my fault.... That is not my fault...."


In the latter half of her speech, she keeps talking about herself, not about us.

But she understands that such reasoning doesn't work on me, so Sasha takes the last option.

She strips off half of her clothes and begs me.


"Raito, you used to love me, right? I used to love you too! You can do whatever you want with my body! I'll do anything you want! Please, spare me!"


She begs for her life without shame or honor.

Her attitude makes Aoyuki reach the limit of her patience, and she snaps.


"That's enough, bitch. You don't even acknowledge your own sins. You've insult our Lord by whispering fake love to him and offering him your body for forgiveness! I'll kill you. Once you recover, I will feed you alive to the beasts. I'll make you regret being born!"


Aoyuki is very loyal, so she couldn't stand Sasha's words and behavior.

Ice Heat, Mera, and Suzu also seem to agree with her. They unconsciously release their suppressed killing intentions.

Nazuna is the only one who doesn't know why everyone else is so angry. She seems to be angry only because everyone else is angry.


Aoyuki dropped chains from her hands and cracked the floor.

Even the Muscular Angel summoned by the Angel's Ocarina couldn't break the floor with its full power.

[SUR, Genius Monster Tamer Aoyuki, Level 9999.]

The 3rd strongest fighter among us, she walks towards Sasha with strong killing intent.

She alone has the power to bring down the Elf Queen Nation, kill all of its citizens and soldiers... But my words stop her advance, make her scared and trembles.


"Aoyuki, when did I give you permission to touch her?"

"...... Nya~"


Aoyuki meowed nervously.

She's not the only one.

Ice Heat and the others also understand that I am not only warning Aoyuki. They quickly step back.


After warning Aoyuki, I look at Sasha again.


"Don't worry, Sasha. I won't kill you."


"Ra, Raito!"


She puts on the widest smile I've ever seen in my life at my statement, but that smile quickly fades.


"Like Garou who I've already captured, I will make you suffer the most extreme pain and keep you alive until I learn the truth and decide whether to end all but the human race. In the depths of Naraku, in the darkness that you can never escape, you will suffer extreme pain and you won't be able die. I'll make sure you can't die, even if you want to."




"Mera. Please, bind her with the ugliest thing possible, things that will disgust Sasha. Then take her to Naraku's basement. Oh, while you're at it, take the unconscious 'White Knights' as well."


"Kekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekeke! Leave it to me, my Lord."


Mera seems to be really happy that I asked her to help me. After a long laugh, ugly tentacles, animal faces, zombie-like arms, and other disgusting things that I don't even know about stretch out from her skirt.

Sasha runs towards me to escape from them and clings to my legs.


"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry for trying to kill you! Please forgive me! Raito, please, I'll do anything! You can do whatever you like with my body ! Please! Forgive me! No! Nooooooooooo!"


Tentacles, ugly animal faces, and unidentified things wrapped around her legs.

The strength of those things is so strong that they forcefully pull Sasha away from me.


"No! No! No! Save me! Save me, Raito! I'm sorry I tried to kill you! I'm sorry I lied to you! I'll do anything! I will do whatever you want! All I ever wanted was to be happy! I just wanted to look back at my parents and sisters! Noooooo, Raito! Raito-sama! Save me!"


Sasha grabbed my ankles and tried to cling on to me as she pulled herself to me with all her might.

But my level 9999 body is not shaken, and she can't even carve her fingernails into my skin.

Those ugly things begin to wrap around Sasha's legs, then her thighs, body, shoulders, face, and drag her away.

Finally, she let go of her hand, which was trying to hold on to me.


She is dragged straight into Mera's long skirt.

Tears are flowing from her eyes, and she continues to beg for help, but I don't care and look away. In front of my cold eyes, Sasha finally seems to understand what 'despair' is.


Sasha's outstretched arm disappears behind Mera's skirt.


This is how I finally completed my revenge on my 2nd target, Sasha the Elf.



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