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Sunday, July 31, 2022

Infinite Gacha: Ch 2 - Ep41 Bind of Thorns



When I handed Michael over to Elly, she replied with a sweet smile and a heart-melting voice.

As soon as she accepts the task of taking care of Michael, she turns towards Michael and releases her killing intent she had suppressed earlier.

Not only Elly, Aoyuki and Ice Heat also aimed their killing intent at Michael.

Michael is intimidated by their killing intent and trembles like a child about to be scolded by his parents.


"How dare you curse God Raito in front of us? My blood was boiling for so many times. Do you know how many times I've almost ignored the order not to kill you.... huh? Please don't think you can have an easy death, okay?"


"That, that was just because I haven't realized how great Raito-sama is yet! It's different now! I've literally understand Raito-sama's greatness better than anyone else after crossing swords with him!"


"Oh, really? Did you understand the greatness of God Raito?"


"Yes! Yes! Yes, I am understand now!"


Elly suddenly lost her killing intent and tilted her head cutely, as if she had forgotten her annoyance. Michael's expression looks a bit relieved because he thought he would be saved. But that faint hope immediately crushed.

Elly's face quickly filled with killing intent again.


"But that level of understanding is far from enough. There is no way you can understand the greatness of God Raito with that kind of understanding. So I'll carve it directly into your body."




Dark and desperate as the depths of hell, her eyes pierced through him.

It felt as if his soul had been destroyed instantly.

At this moment, Michael finally understands what despair is, not with his head but with his heart.


"HiiiiAAAAA! Don't! Don't! Don't! Out of my way! Out of the way, bitch!"


Ice Heat and Mera also move to stop Michael from escaping, but--- Elly the Forbidden Witch is way faster than them.


"Bind of Thorns!"


The steel-colored thorns immediately entangled Michael's body.

The thorns pierce into his body. If he moves carelessly, he might shed blood.

Michael grits his teeth in determination.


"This kind of restraint! I'll just have to endure the pain and break it off!"


He prepared for his skin and flesh to be torn apart by the thorns, then exerted all his physical strength, but he couldn't break it!

Elly stares at Michael and walks over to him.

On the way, she passed Sasha.


".... Tsk!"




Elly clicked her tongue. With strong killing intent, she says inwardly.


(I want to gouge out this woman's guts alive with my bare hands, make her eat her own guts, then make her feel every kind of pain in this world, and tear her apart!)


A few years ago, Sasha had betrayed me and shot my leg. Besides, the fact that she's a woman makes Elly---..... Not only her, everyone here seems to find Sasha annoying and unforgivable.

But without my permission, they can't touch her......

As Sasha was frightened, Elly walked past her without touching her and walked over to Michael.


As if singing, she says.


"No use. Strategic class, Binding of Thorns. It can only bind one person, but it is a magic that can bind people of my class. It's impossible for someone of your level to escape."


"Strategic class, without chanting!? Even the legendary elf magician can't do that! That's impossible!"


"You don't have to believe me. I don't care. I'll just break both your legs... and your arms so you won't run away again."


"!? No, stop it! Please, stop it-- Gigyaaaaaaaaaa!??"


The steel-colored thorns tightened as Elly wills.

Like snapping a small branch, it breaks Michael's arms and legs without mercy. Not just once. She breaks them again and again until it is difficult to recover them.


"You are too noisy...... 'Silent'."




Elly's magic silences Michael's screams.

With a satisfied look on her face and an angelic smile, she declares.


"You're going to be in so much pain while I examine your brain to check your memory. You dare to mock God Raito and disobey his orders to surrender, so you'll repent your sin while experiencing the pain of hell."




With tears in his eyes and a look of anguish on his face, Michael desperately moves his mouth.

However, his begging words would not reach his opponent's ears because of the silent magic.

Even if he tries to use attack magic, the pain is so strong that he can't concentrate.

Elly controls the thorns to bring Michael's head forward.


When she touches Michael's head and concentrates on reading his mind, Michael is bleeding from his ears, eyes, and nose. Michael's facial expression looked more in pain than when Elly broke his legs and arms.


Michael feels a hell of pain, but none of the women on my side feel sorry for him.


In fact, some of them even looked at him with eyes that seemed to say, 'You dare to insult Raito-sama, your pain is far from enough!'.

Elly needs to read his memories to get information about the Master, so no one complains.


Putting Elly's work aside, I turn to Sasha.


"Now, let's begin my revenge on Sasha...."


When I speak to her, she makes a face that looks like she's going to die.



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