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Sunday, July 31, 2022

Infinite Gacha: Ch 2 - Ep40 Breakup


 "Such, such great power. I never thought I would see a human with this much power. I'd like to make a proposal to you to join forces with me and take over the Queen Elf Kingdom."


"Mi, Michael-sama?"


Michael, crawling on the floor without any means to escape. He smiles flirtatiously and proposes to me.

The change in attitude is so great that Sasha lets out a confused sound.

Michael ignores her and quickly proceeds to speak.


"I'm the vice commander of the White Knights, the strongest knight order in the Elf Queen Nation. Unlike Commander Hardy, who is lying unconscious there. I am well versed in politics, have royal blood, and have a close relationship with the Prime Minister. I'm proud to say that I am very capable!"




I look at Michael silently.

He broke out in a cold sweat but kept talking.


"Oh, all of you are so powerful! If you use your power correctly, you can even take over the Elf Queen Country! If you leave it to me, I'll take the throne for you in no time! Then you can do whatever you want with the elf women!"


(...... Seems like he still can't get rid of his racial prejudice.)


Even though he is on the verge of death or life, he still thinks that if his opponent is a human, he could offer elf women.

I'm really sick of seeing the attitude of elves that always look down on humans.


"-- I told you before."




Michael and Sasha gasped at the tense atmosphere.


"About three years ago, I was almost killed in the world's largest, hardest and most punitive dungeon, Naraku. I was lucky enough to survive. I want to get revenge on the Races Union's members. Find out why I must be killed, what the 'Master' is, and why the nations are looking for the 'Master'? I've been living my life to find out the truth ...Now, are you telling me that I can have the Elf Queen Nation?"


I look down at Michael and Sasha.

They are shaking with fear and looking at me in fear.


"I will fight against all the nations in this world to get my revenge and find the truth. I don't give a shit about a single country like the Elf Queen Nation."


" -- Then, then! I am not involved. I am not involved, so please let me go."




Michael trembles so hard that he is almost dropping his glasses, he distances himself from Sasha.

He kneels and begins to beg.


"I didn't try to kill you three years ago! The orders came from the government. Even though I'm the vice commander, I'm just a corps member! I have nothing to do with any of this. I'm innocent!"


"Michael-sama! How can you have nothing to do with this! We're engaged to be married. We vowed to build our future together!"


Michael pushes Sasha's hand away as if it is a dirty thing.


"'Don't touch me. You're disgusting! You're so ugly! The engagement was ordered by the top officials for political reasons! Actually, I hated it. I didn't want to be engaged to a vulgar bitch! I had goose bumps every time this whore lecherously touched my body!"


"You're so mean! You said you love me!"


"Isn't that obvious?  That was a lie. He said he wanted to get revenge. So you can die alone. Don't drag me into this!"


When their lives are threatened, the couple finally starts an ugly fight with each other.

Michael is totally trying to suck up to me.


"I really don't care about this woman! No, I already have nothing to do with her. She's just a stranger! If you doubt me, I'll kill her to prove it!"


"Don't make fun of me! Traitor! Traitor! Traitor!"


"Shut up!  Plague Goddess! You're the reason I'm about to be killed! Just take responsibility and die! Please die, I beg you!"


Sasha burst into tears and shouted 'traitor'.

Michael called her the 'Fortune Goddess', but now he shouts and calls her the Plague Goddess. He desperately puts all the blame on her to save himself.

He even sells out his unconscious friends without hesitation.


"Even if the rest of my team dies, I can make up a cover story! The dragon was too strong. We won, but Hardy and the others were killed! I'll even help you exterminate the elf race! I swear to the Goddess that I will tell you everything I know about Master and Sub-master! So please let me join your group, give me the lowest position! Please!"




Even though I wanted this to happen, it is exactly like how I was betrayed by the Races Union in Naraku.

Sasha is betrayed by her fiancé, who she trusted. She cries hysterically in despair.


(I didn't expect it to go so well....)


While I was lost in my thought, Michael realizes that crying it out is not working. This time, he starts to get angry.


"I, I have nothing to do with this! If you kill me here, you'll end up like those people you hate so much! Is that what you want? I said I'll tell you everything I know, right?


" -- Certainly, I don't want that."


As he pointed out, I definitely don't want to do the same thing as the Races Union's members.

It would be much better to shut myself away in Naraku with the others than become like them.

Michael sees hope in my reaction.


"Right? So please let me live! I don't care if everyone else dies!"


"Michael-sama! MICHAAEEEEL!"


Sasha's tears, snot mixed with her dirty, angry voice.

As he pointed out, if he is innocent, I won't harm him. If I do that, I'll be just like the Races Union's members.

To prevent that from happening, I even prepared a way for both of them to survive.

I asked him earlier, 'I'll spare the beauty of your love and immediately kill you two here. What do you think?'.

If they choose this option, even if they were trying to kill me in Naraku, I believe they have love in their hearts. I won't be satisfied, but I have the patience to put down my raised fist.

If that's the case, even though I consider them innocent, but I can't let them go right away. I will treat them as guests in 'Naraku' until I finish my revenge and find out all the truth I want.


--Well, I didn't expect the ugly, selfish, and unnecessarily high pride elf to take this option. Anyway, I had already offered them the option.


But they rejected this option.


Also... They continued to look down on me and verbally abuse me in front of Elly and the others. Even if I don't mind, I don't think the girls will ever forgive them.

For now, I'll leave Michael to them.


"Michael, I have no intention of taking revenge on you. Although I don't know what those girls will do to you. Elly, I'll leave the rest to you."


"Yes, God Raito. Leave it to me."

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