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Sunday, July 31, 2022

Infinite Gacha: Ch 2 - Ep39 Michael's trump card




Sasha and her fiancé Michael fell on a hard floor after their fantasy-class weapons (Angel's Ocarina and Blessing and Punishment shield) were destroyed, but they didn't look desperate yet.

Especially Michael. He was surprised when his shield was destroyed, but he still remained calm.


He gets up from the floor and approaches Sasha.


"Hahaha...... I never expected you to destroy my Blessing and Punishment shield....... I never expected such a monstrous human to exist. Are you really not the Master?"


"I'm sure that's what the nations judged when they tried to kill me. 

Did you guys make the wrong decision?"


"Huuf...... Jeez, why didn't they make sure to kill a dangerous person like you? Anyway... As long as I kill you, there will be no problem. Sasha-dono, this is a big mistake."


Michael scolds Sasha and moves even closer to her.

He seems to have a plan and make a move.

Apparently, Michael still has a trump card, a way to overcome their overwhelming disadvantages in this situation.

That's why he's not giving up and keeps moving.


(I have an idea of what that trump card might be.....)


Knowing that it would be a futile act, I purposely overlooked it.

Without realizing that, Michael holds Sasha's hand and pulls out a talisman from his pocket.

It has a magic circle drawn on it, with magic characters written all over it. There is a drawing that looks like an angel or a bird's feather.

Michael smiles and speaks.


"I can't overlook a dangerous being like you. I'll go back to my country and talk to my superiors, and next time I'll lead the Nations Alliance to defeat you. Now, if you'll excuse us for the time being. We have to go... 'Magic Card, Wings that fly in the sky!"


The talisman in his hand is enveloped in flames.

At the same time, Michael and Sasha are also surrounded by light, but nothing else happens.

Michael loses his calm and leaks out an annoyed voice.


"……!? Why! Magic Card, Wings that fly in the sky is a long-distance transfer item inherited from the Master that has been passed down in my family for generations! It shouldn't be a fake item, but why this talisman doesn't transfer us!??"


As expected, his last trump card is a long-distance transfer item.


(The fact that he didn't quickly escape alone but instead approached Sasha, probably because he was planning to put all the blame on her......)


I turned my cold gaze toward Michael.


"We purposely created this giant tower and lured you here with the dragon as bait. It's only natural that we take precautions against long-distance transfer to prevent our prey from escaping."


"Don't be silly! No magic in this world can prevent transfer! So don't speak nonsense!"


"Certainly, there is no magic on the surface world that can prevent long-distance transfer. Transfer obstruction only happens in a few dungeons and has not been re-created by magic on the surface world. Because long-distance transfer magic and items are rare, so it is not necessary… But if you don't have it, you can just create it personally. Am I right, Elly?"


"You are absolutely right, God Raito. If you don't have it, you can create it."


Elly smiles happily when I call her name.

Elly was the one who created the transfer obstruction magic.

She puffed out her big chest proudly and revealed her accomplishment.


"This is original magic that I created by analyzing Naraku's core. I really had a hard time breaking Naraku's transfer obstruction....."


The Forbidden Witch is an expert in all kinds of magic. She spent about a year analyzing Naraku's dungeon core and removing the transfer obstruction.

Elly has applied Naraku's transfer obstruction mechanism to her own magic.


"Now, we've crushed your transfer trump card. Do you have any other card?"




"Mi, Michael-sama......"


Sasha and Michael kept mocking me until a moment ago. After I destroyed their fantasy-class weapon and their long-distance transfer item didn't work. Now they are cornered.

They just stare at me silently. I know they have no other trick.


"No, not yet......! There's still hope! Commander and the others will come to help us! Commander's level is over 3000! You'll be dead in an instant! I'll forgive you now, and I won't even report you to the government! So release us from here! Get us out of here!"


Their last hope is that their friends will come to help them. They were separated at the Giant Tower entrance. They are especially hoping that Hardy, who is the strongest among them will come to help them.

I use the 'SR - Telekinesis' card to completely shatter their hopes.


As the name implies, 'SR - Telekinesis' can convey messages to my opponent when I speak inwardly. There is no problem if you speak it out loud.

This time, I speak out loud my command.


"Ice heat. The battle here is over, so come in."


"Roger, my Lord"


"? Who, who are you talking to?"


Sasha is confused when I suddenly start talking to the void alone.

Since the other party's voice can't be heard by a third party, she can't help but get confused.

I ignore her question, and the throne room door slowly opens.

Ice Heat and the others who were waiting in front of the door come in with the unconscious White Knights.


"Hardy-sama! Sharp Hat-sama!"


"... That charred... Nia, Kia !? No way, everyone..."


Sasha and Michael shout in turn.


Mera carries the burned Nia-Kia brothers with tentacles coming out from under her skirt with Ice Heat in the lead. Suzu is carrying the crushed face Sharp Hat. Nazuna is dragging Hardy by holding his collar. Hardy's heavy armor shattered and his eyes white.

When the girls threw the  White Knights' members in front of Sasha and Michael, they screamed for a moment.


Ice Heat ignores their screams and kneels and bows his head on behalf of the girls.


"Master, I'm so sorry we're late."


" You girls are not late at all. In fact, the timing is just right. Stand up and raise your face."


"Thank you, my Lord."


With my permission, Ice Heat thanks me and they all stand up at the same time.

They move as if they've practiced it hundreds of times.


Surrounded by my followers, I look at Sasha and Michael, still crawling on the floor and asking them.


"... Your last hope. Your friends who you thought would help you have been wiped out. Do you still have any other trick?"




"... Uuh!"


Sasha screams and Michael looks frustrated. The expression on Michael's face shows that he is desperately thinking about how to survive.


Michael's expression changes from frustrated and desperate to sucking up.



  1. I think telekinesis is the wrong word for that SR Card pronunciation. Pretty sure its meant to say Telepathy.

    1. In theory, telekinesis could be used to carry sound without needing to speak louder, but it is a very odd usage of this type of ability.


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