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Sunday, July 31, 2022

Infinite Gacha: Ch 2 - Ep38 God's arm Gungnir, 1st limiter of the spirit seal released




"Release the 1st limiter of the spirit seal! Code, "9999", Four Nine! God's arm Gungnir!"


I release a part of the seal of the staff in my right hand, the "God's Arm Gungnir.


This is the staff that I usually use.

At first glance, it looks like an ordinary magician's staff, but it's actually a spear.

It's a Genesis-class, 'EX, God's Arm Gungnir'.

I've been pulling 'Infinity Gacha' every day for about three years, and the only EX (highest grade) I got is this one.

That is this "God's Arm Gungnir".


I don't know the real ability.

Even after using the "SR - Appraisal" card, Mei and her team of 9999 level appraisers could not figure out the detailed description.

We can't fully understand its ability because of many garbled characters. As an example『神■■■■■し槍』(God ■■ ■ to ■■■ spear).


The only thing I understand is that the power is too strong.


That's why I, Mei, Elly and Aoyuki seal it with our soul.


The one who created the spell to seal it was Elly the Forbidden Witch.


Elly created a magic formula using the power of our souls who have reached level 9999. The power of God's Arm Gungnir was almost completely sealed.

The four of us managed to seal the power and make it looks like an ordinary magician staff.


In other words, it took four people of level 9999 to suppress the power of God's Arm Gungnir.

This alone should give you an idea of how much power it holds.


With my authority, I will release 25% of that power.


When 25% of the power was released, it transformed into a spear with a black blade. Black flames and smoke overflows from the entire spear.

"Juwasssh!" The sound of burning flesh echoed in the air.

Just by releasing 25% of its power and holding it tightly, it can injure my palm.

Rather than a burn...... it's more like my palm is being eroded by a curse.


I managed to keep it under control by concentrating on my right hand and increasing my defensive capabilities.


Sasha and Michael were very confident before, but they fell silent now. They are intimidated by God's Arm Gungnir.






They both fell silent as if a powerful monster had just appeared in front of them from the midnight darkness.

They instinctively keep quiet to avoid provoking me.


I grin so wide it's like tearing my face to ears and getting ready to attack.


"Come on..... As promised, I'll show you the real despair......!"


"An, angels! Kill, kill that monster!"





Sasha reacted to my words and hurriedly ordered the angels to kill me.

It seems that she senses that her life is in danger.


As the Stone Angel chants a spell, a strong light pours down from above my head.


"Holy attributes attack... Well, this is all you got?"


I swing my spear lightly.

It seems that the light is the Stone Angel's holy attribute attack, but it disappears when Gungnir's black flame and smoke touch it.




The Muscular Angel takes advantage of the holy attribute attack and swings down his iron bar-like mace.

I don't move from my spot but lightly counter-attack with my God's Arm Burial Gungnir.

If the laws of physics are true, a spear can't win against an iron bar-like mace and it will break.

--However, the giant mace in the Muscular Angel's hands immediately melts when it touches Gungnir.


It wasn't sliced, broken, or crushed.

Without any sound, the metal bar in his hand melted like sugar in water.




Even though I don't understand angel language, I can see that the Muscular Angel is surprised.

As a follow-up attack, I swing my spear again.


The Stone Angel creates a wall of light, just as it did earlier. Unfortunately, the wall is even more ineffective than before. I inflict a deep wound on the Muscular Angel's body as he tries to avoid my attack.


"Hii! He, heal! Quickly heal..."


Sasha screams and urges the Stone Angel to heal, but it's too late.

As if a piece of paper caught fire, the Muscular Angel didn't last more than a few seconds before being engulfed by the black curse and disappearing.

With just one blow, their boasted Angel was gone.


Sasha looks shocked at this, but...


"Sasha-dono! Place the remaining Angel in front of us! Please re-summon the defeated Angel while he's buying time!"


"Ye, yes! Michael-sama!"


Michael broke out in a cold sweat at the situation. While holding up the "Blessing and Punishment" shield, he gave instructions.

In response to his instructions, Sasha hurriedly uses her Angel's Ocarina again.

I don't miss this chance and jump in to close our distance...




The Stone Angel steps in front of them and once again creates a shower of light from above his head, rays of light shooting out of his eyes, and a defensive wall of light to its maximum.

I couldn't help but applaud his efforts.


"You're so versatile..... But it's useless."


The light above his head and the rays of light from his eyes are all extinguished by the black flames and smoke of "Gungnir.

The wall of light is also easily destroyed, making it looks like wet paper.

I cut the tough-looking Stone Angel in half vertically, from head to toe.


While the stone statue angel is buying time, Sasha tries to summon the Angel again, but...


"Sasha-dono, are you done yet?"


"No! No matter how many times I try, I can't summon it again! 

Why, why, this is different from what I've heard!"


As Michael urges her on, she impatiently tries to summon the angels again using the Angel's Ocarina, but it all ends in failure.

Instead of summoning them again, Angel's Ocarina turns from milky white to black as if ink had been poured on it. Probably because the Stone Angel was cut in half.

The black color spread rapidly. Eventually, the Angel's Ocarina shatters, turning into black sand and falling out of Sasha's hands.


"Wha, what? Why? Why? I didn't do anything!"


"As expected of the God's Arm Gungnir. The spear to kill the Gods.

It seems to have been very effective against the angels.

Not only eliminate any existence, it even not allows it to be summoned again."


Smile has disappeared from Michael's face and he muttered in confusion.


"It, it has the power to destroy fantasy-class weapon... What on earth is that spear?"

You, are you really a human? You are not a half elf, right?"


"A half elf? Stop it. I'm a human. Besides, this "Gungnir" is a genesis-class weapon.

 From the beginning, your fantasy-class weapon is no match against mine. "


"Hahaha... I can't laugh even if you're just joking around. After level 9999, then genesis-class weapon? The national treasures that we have are fantasy-class and mythology-class weapons. You said genesis-class!? Give me a break, shitty human!"


Still, his heart isn't broken because of his pride as an elf and his fantasy-class shield in his hands.

Michael's voice sounds nervous, but he pretends to be tough.


"I'm not going to let you get carried away just because you happen to have a weapon that matches the Angel's Ocarina! However, as long as I have this Blessing and Punishment shield to counter any attack, there is no way you can beat me! It has the power to counter everything!"


"Then, I'll crush your Blessing and Punishment just like I did with the Angel's Ocarina."


I raised my God's Arm Gungnir and Michael raised his Blessing and Punishment.


"Huh, you can attack me anytime......! There' s no way an elf can be defeated by a lowly human!"


"Then the noble elf-sama can try to beat me with his power."


I dash forward and point Gungnir at him!

Michael puts up his Blessing and Punishment shield at perfect timing while protecting Sasha behind him.


"You lowly human! Eat your own attack! Take this divine punishment and die!"


Michael shouted desperately as if he was praying.

The God's Arm Gungnir and Blessing and Punishment shield collide head-on.


"............ Geeeeeeeeeee!? The shield!?"


However, Michael's prayers were also in vain. Along with a sound similar to glass shattering, his fantasy-class shield was shattered by my genesis-class weapon that only has 25% of its full power.

The impact extends to Michael, who is holding the shield and Sasha behind him.






The two of them scream and bounce off the floor (harder than the other levels).

Thanks to Elly's power, they won't die. Of course, I knew this would happen, so I was holding back.






The two of them are still alive and conscious, despite the pain all over their bodies.


Sasha and Michael both look shocked as all of their fantasy-class weapons are destroyed.


However, they have not yet tasted despair.

Especially Michael, his eyes are not dead yet.


It seems that he still has a secret plan.

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