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Sunday, July 31, 2022

Infinite Gacha: Ch 2 - Ep37 Despair is?



"Aoyuki, Elly, don't interfere."




"Certainly, God Raito."


I stand up from my throne and give my Clown Mask to Elly while I talk to the two of them.

After I hear their reply, I walk down the stairs while holding my staff.


"Now, let the revenge begin..."


The White Knights' Vice Commander holds his shield, while Sasha holds an ocarina behind him.

Without any worries, I get closer to them as if I am taking a walk.


"Perish before our love, you filthy human!"


Sasha shouts and puts her mouth on her ocarina.


(A hallucination attack? Is she trying to use the sound to attack my mind?)


I make a few guesses, but they're all wrong.

A magic circle formed around Sasha. Two more magic circles also appeared in front of her, summoning humanoid angels with wings.


One of them has a muscular body and is over 4 meters tall. His hands are holding a mace that looks like a huge iron block. Its upper body is naked, and its face is covered with a full-face helmet, so we can't see its expression.

If he doesn't have wings on his back, you might think he is a monster.


The other one, also about 4 meters tall.

His arms and legs are made of a material as hard as a sculpture and are firmly attached to his body. His hands are holding a staff and look like a humanoid chess piece. If he doesn't have wings on his back, you might think he is a golem.






They are saying strange words that might be angel language.

Behind those angels, Sasha proudly shouts.


"This is the power of Angel's Ocarina! The Count's fantasy-class family treasure! These divine angels will kill you like an insect!"


It seems that the "Angel's Ocarina" is a device that summons two angels and makes them fight for the user.

As Sasha says, the two angels attack me.

Even though they don't flap their wings at all, their quick movement as if they are flying through the air is quite a bizarre sight.






The Muscular Angel approaches me at high speed and swings down the giant blunt weapon in his hand.

I dodge away as if I am crawling quickly on the ground.

The muscle angel is going to smash the floor and throw debris towards me, but...





Elly created this giant tower. According to her, the 4th floor is stronger than the other floors.

It's one of Elly's mysterious obsessions.

As a result, the floor could not be broken, and instead of throwing flying debris, it only cracked.

The Muscular Angel was confused because he couldn't break the floor with his monstrous strength. The floor is harder than his expectation and his arms are numb.


"I'm not so generous as to let an opportunity like that slip away!"


I step forward and hit the Muscular Angel in the abdomen with my staff.

But, a wall of light blocked my attack before I hit the Muscular Angel.

I break through several walls of light and hit the Muscular Angel's abdomen!


"First, one hit...!"


The Muscular Angel is immediately blown away and its abdomen is partially gouged out.

It wasn't at full strength because it was blocked by the light wall, so I couldn't finish him in a single blow.


Then Angel's strange words echo.


")'&% & (&% $ * + PL!"


"His wound disappears?"


The Stone Angel had cast a spell to heal the Muscular Angel's wounds.

It seems that the Stone Angel is a magician as he looks. Apparently, the barriers and wound healing earlier was done by him.


(Maybe their level is around 1500? The Muscular Angel is a physical attacker and the Stone Angel is a magician...... It's quite an interesting combination..... If these angels can heal each other's wounds, then how about this one?


I ignore the angels for a moment and aim at Sasha, the summoner.




"Firewall! That human used tactical-class magic without a chant!?"


I create a fire wall in front of the angels with "SR - Firewall" to stop them from interfering for a little while.

Thanks to this, I manage to stop the angels for a short time.

Sasha was surprised by my no chant tactical-class attack magic. In the meantime, I swing my staff to attack her.


"Please don't touch my fiancée with your filthy hands, human-kun!"


"It's not a hand. It's a staff!"


Even though I restrained the angels from interfering, the White Knights' Vice Commander on her side doesn't miss my blow and blocks it with his shield.


"As I expected, you can block such a surprise attack. Oow!?"


As he talks, he blows me away.

I quickly balanced myself in the air and slid on the floor with my hands, creating a burning smell.

After I land safely, I think about his unexpected counter-attack.


"Shield bash? But there was no preliminary movement, and it didn't seem to move. It didn't feel like a magic attack, either....."


"No wonder if you're surprised. After all, your own attack bounced back on you."


Michael speaks proudly.

He grins as if to mock me and moves the shield in his hand proudly.


"Blessing and Punishment, a fantasy-class weapon entrusted to me by the Prime Minister! The punishment for fools, who are against the heavens, will fall directly on themselves. Also--"


The shield shines.

At the same time, Michael, Sasha, and the two angels are surrounded by light.


"The one carrying this shield can also raise the status of the person he recognizes as his ally. How long can a human stand against angels that get much stronger than before?"


"Fufufu! Ufufufufu. The angels will continue to attack until I ask them to stop, and they also can heal wounds! Even if you manage to defeat them, I can summon them again immediately!"


If it's not a bluff that it can summon it without cool-down time even after you defeat them. The power of the Angel's Ocarina is stronger than expected. As expected from a fantasy-class item.


"Even if you try to attack me, Michael-sama will protect me! If you try to attack Michael-sama, your attacks will be returned to you by his Blessing and Punishment shield! How do you feel when a little shitty human like you is cornered and powerless against the superior elves?! Come on, tell me! Shit, small fry, slug, trash Ra-i-to-kun!"


Sasha hides behind Michael and provokes me with all her might.

Michael lets out a slight chuckle at his fiancée's attitude and shrugs his shoulders.


"It's different from what Sasha said, but as a human, you should know your place. It may be hard for a simple-minded and inferior human like you to understand, but the game is over before it begins. When you challenged us to a fight, you were already lost."


Not only Sasha, but her fiancé Michael also spoke nonsense as if the winner had already been decided.

He continued to speak with a friendly yet condescending smile.


"It's impossible for a trash bug human to break this formidable, ironclad formation. To borrow your statement, I'll kill you immediately if you surrender now. Honestly, I can't bear to let the ladies over there see this foul human's dying voice and corpse."


"!? Why the hell did you mention Aoyuki and Elly?"


I don't understand what he means, and I ask him.

Michael lets out a sigh in annoyance.


"Yare yare, this is why talking to monkeys with low intelligence is so tiring..... Listen! They are deceived by you. As the White Knights' Vice Commander, it is natural for me to save them. You can't even understand that. It's really tiring dealing with humans."


He gave me an explanation that didn't make any sense.

I couldn't help but tilt my head.

On the other side, Aoyuki and Elly are furious because of Michael's words. They're only suppressing their murderous intent because I've told them not to interfere. There's no way they're going to quietly follow Michael and Sasha.

Where does his confidence come from?


Michael steps on another landmine.


"It's impossible to reverse this desperate situation. It would be wise to give up your head quietly."




Do you call this a desperate situation?

I can't help but laugh from the bottom of my heart at his ridiculous statement.


"Hahaha! Hahahahahaha! Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahah! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"


So funny! It's so funny that I hold my stomach and laugh.

I can't help but laugh because he said this is a desperate situation!

How could I not laugh?

A bunch of naive people who don't know what a desperate situation really is. They are saying such a thing with smug faces!

If this doesn't make me laugh, then what can make me laugh?


"You, you're so creepy..."


"...... Cornered into a desperate situation. It happens all the time."


Sasha looks at me as if she's looking at the ugliest thing in the world.

On the contrary, Michael remained calm and ignored me. He must have experienced that situation many times in battles.


After a round of laughter, I turn to the two of them.


I'm not Mera, but I smile so widely that it looks like my face is going to split open right up to my ears.


"'I want to thank you both for making me laugh so hard. Let me show you the real despair--"


I grip my staff with my right hand.




"Go, God Raito!"


Aoyuki and Elly must have realized what I am going to do.

They leaked their voices unconsciously.


"Release the 1st limiter of the spirit seal! Code, "9999", Four Nine! God's arm Gungnir!"


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