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Sunday, July 31, 2022

Infinite Gacha: Ch 2 - Ep36 Second revenge drama


"I can't believe you're actually alive......! But what about the burns on your face? Your body hasn't even grown since 3 years ago... Are you really Raito?"


"The burns on my face were just an illusion. My body hadn't grown because I don't want to forget the despair, sorrow, and anger I felt when I was betrayed by you and the other Race Union's members. That's why I remain in this form."




As the hatred is directed at her from the front, Sasha lets out a small scream.

Michael stepped in between us to protect her.

He looks at Sasha, who he is behind, and asks.


"Sasha-dono, who is he? From your conversation just now, it seems that he is the Master suspect you have disposed of... Didn't you already kill him? "


"That, that is..."


Sasha choked on her words as if she had difficulty answering.

She has no idea why Raito is still alive, so she can't give any explanation.

Raito doesn't want to help Sasha, but he opens her mouth to explain why he's still alive.


"Three years ago, I was almost killed in the world's largest and worst dungeon, Naraku. I was caught in a transfer trap and was lucky enough to survive. After surviving, I wanted to take revenge on Sasha and the other Race Union's members and find out why I must be killed. What is the Master? Why are the Nations looking for the Master? I've survived to find out the truth. I've gathered comrades like Aoyuki, Elly, and the others. I've trained myself to reach level 9999 and I've been gathering information on the surface world, spreading false rumors, and building up my forces."


Raito smiles and points to the Giant Tower's walls and floor.


"I've purposely prepared this tower to take revenge on Sasha.

All of this is to ensure that I get the best revenge possible!"


"You, you've prepared this Giant Tower just to get revenge on me and level 9999... You, you're lying. There's no way you can do such......"


Sasha looks so pale. It looks like she is about to faint on the spot.

Even after seeing her desperate expression, Raito is not satisfied and says, "It's still not enough".

The desire to revenge burning in his chest is still not satisfied.


"Pfft, fufufufu..."


"Mi, Michael-sama?"


On the contrary to Sasha who feels desperate, Michael couldn't hold back his laughter.

Sasha could not help but feel confused by his fiancé's out-of-place laughter.

Michael turns to Sasha, who's standing behind him and smiles.


"Sasha-dono, you're amazing. You're a Goddess of Luck for me. I never thought that we can kill the Master suspect with our own hands! If we can get his head, the leader of this Giant Tower that threatens our country with its dragon, our influence in the Elf Queen Nation will surely increase! Then our daughter will be the top candidate to be the next Queen!"


Michael speaks to Sasha in an unusually excited tone.

Sasha is confused by his attitude and refutes him.


"But, but Raito has the power to prepare such a gigantic tower and a dragon. And, and his level is 9999! There is no way you can kill him!


"Please calm down, Sasha-dono."


Michael gently put his mouth to her ear.


"It is indeed amazing that he could create such a gigantic building, but maybe it is not his power. It's probably the power of the girls next to him. In particular, have you seen the ears of the girl in the magician's outfit? She's probably an elf."


Sasha turns her eyes to Elly, who is standing on Raito's left side.

She is wearing a magician-like outfit, and her ears peeking out from under her hat are definitely pointed. Sasha didn't notice it right away because she is shorter than the elves.


In this world, if two people of different races are trying to have a child together, the chances of getting pregnant are much lower than those of the same race.

In addition, the appearance and abilities of the child will be the same as either of the parents' races.

In other words, in the case of "Human x Elf", the child will be born with the appearance and abilities of either the human or the elf race.

There are Sub-Masters who have the blood of the Master. But in the extreme case, there is no such thing as a half-breed.


In the Elf Queen Nation, if a human child is born with the Master's blood in his or her body, they will confine that child and make that child marry an Elf.

This cycle will continue until only elf children are born.


That's why Michael thought that Elly is a Sub-Master Elf who has the Master's blood in her body.

It would not be strange if an elf with Sub-Master's blood and excellent magic could create this Giant Tower.

He also guessed that Elly's short and pointed ears are a disorder.

Elly was persecuted and banished by the elves because she was born with short ears. Michael assumes that Elly and Aoyuki are following Raito because of his kindness when they are suffering.


Furthermore, Michael continues to speak.


"Besides, level 9999 is probably just a bluff. The strongest Elf Commander is around level 3000. If you think about it, there's no way a human can reach three times that level. That child only exaggerates things to the extreme. Don't get carried away by the situation."


"In, Indeed. As you said...... it doesn't make any sense. Level 9999 is ......."


"His appearance hasn't changed must be due to the shock of being betrayed and almost killed by Sasha-dono and the others. I remember reading in a book that there is an illness in which when a person is deeply mentally injured, his body refuses to grow and his appearance doesn't change. I guess that's why his body doesn't grow."


"I see...."


Perhaps due to Michael's reasoning affecting her, Sasha gradually calms down. Actually, when she found the message from Raito, she was skeptical about whether Raito is still alive or not.

But she is really shocked when she sees Raito's appearance remains the same even though 3 years ago has passed.

She calmed down because Michael's opinion made sense and seemed right.


Meanwhile, Michael thinks about Aoyuki and Elly in his heart.


(The girls must be the ones who saved the Master suspect. His young appearance and his face are as charming as that of an elf. His tragic background must have stimulated their emotions and maternal feelings. I've heard that some women prefer a weak and young boy. Perhaps they like weak things and have such a hobby.)


If Aoyuki and Elly could read his mind, they would be furious because Michael imagined something even crueler than cutting them into pieces.

He wants to recruit them to be his subordinates.


(They are probably the ones who created this Giant Tower. I wish to have this unknown technology. It would be a shame to let other countries have it. If they like boys, there's a good chance I can get them on my side by introducing the Nia-Kia brothers to them.)


Michael thinks that if a human child could satisfy them, then if he offers charming elves to them, they would definitely move to his side.


His thoughts on Raito, Aoyuki, and Elly were based on the rotten belief that humans could not be better than elves.

It's impossible to get to the correct solution when one has already made a mistake at the first step.


Michael pulled his face away from Sasha's ear and put on a refreshing smile.


So don't be scared. Let's take down that former "Master" candidate. And win our happy future together."


"Michael-sama ...... Yes! I'll do my best to kill that greedy ex-suspect (Master) together with you!"


The two of them are facing Raito and his followers like a hero party facing the Demon King.

Their eyes are filled with a chaotic mixture of false righteousness and ugly desire.

Raito had been waiting for the two to finish their conversation. Now he speaks to them as if he is playing his role.


"My goal is only to get revenge on Sasha, a former member of the Race Union. White Knights Vice Commander, if you hand her over quietly, I'll let you live... Or if you can't stand seeing your beloved fiancé killed in despair and both of you are willing to die together, I'll spare the beauty of your love and immediately kill you two here. What do you think?"


Like the demon king they wish him to be, Raito laughs cruelly. He crosses his legs and asks a question.

In response to his question, Michael and Sasha also act like heroes and speak in high spirits.


"As Michael-sama says! Raito, this time we'll send you back to hell with our hands!

I would have let you live if you lived quietly like a bug... A human like you dares to get carried away and want to take revenge. You're digging your own grave! Die while regretting your stupidity!"


Michael declares that he will help everyone. Not only Sasha but also Aoyuki and Elly.

Sasha shouts in joy as she is relieved from the stress she has felt since she received that paper. She is confident that she can kill Raito this time.


Raito laughs at the two's declaration.


He laughs from the bottom of his heart, and he is delighted by the fact that he is about to achieve the most perfect revenge.


At this moment, Michael and Sasha have forfeited their own lives.


"Then no more words needed--- let the revenge play begin."


Raito rises from his throne.


Michael and Sasha take a battle stance.


After Raito versus Garou, the second revenge play began.

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