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Sunday, July 31, 2022

Infinite Gacha: Ch 2 - Ep35 Battle on the 3rd floor - part 2


 --Let's turn back time a little bit.

After they were caught by a transfer trap, they were transferred to this place. Sasha and her fiancé Michael carefully check their surroundings.


"I'm surprised that Sharp Hat can't detect that trap....."


"Is this ...... still the inside of the Giant Tower?"


" ....... Judging from the material, it's probably still inside the Giant Tower."


They had been transferred by the transfer trap. Still, the White Knight's Vice Commander and the former member of the Race Union remained calm and observed their surroundings.

As he pointed out, the corridor was made from the same material as the Giant Tower. The path bends slightly to the right, but there is no obstacle insight as far as they can see.

It's wide enough for two people to stand side by side with their hands outstretched.

There are no doors or windows on the walls.

The corridor is illuminated by the glimmering magic light embedded in the ceiling.


"...... There's no point in stopping at this point. Let's proceed."


"I'll be the scout."


"No, there might be traps, and we don't know what kind of monsters might attack us by surprise. So I'll go ahead. I'm not as good as Sharp Hat, but I can at least act as a scout. Sasha-dono, please be ready to use the Fantasy Class weapon borrowed from the Count's family at any time."




Since Michael's suggestion is the most logical solution, Sasha does not argue any further. As instructed, she prepares the fantasy-class weapon entrusted to her by the Count family and holds it with one hand... It looks like an "Ocarina".

Her other hand holds Michael's cloak from behind.

It is a measure to prevent them from being separated if they are caught in another transfer trap.


Michael also borrowed a fantasy-class shield from the Prime Minister... The shield has a pattern of a goddess' spewing breath at anguished monsters.

Rather than just a shield pattern, it looks more like an artistic painting.

He drew his sword and started walking.

He knocks on the floor with his sword, checking for traps as he proceeds.


"Sasha-dono, please be careful not to step on any floor other than the one I'm stepping on."


"Of course, Michael-sama."


Immediately after being transferred by a transfer trap, they found themself in an empty and long corridor. It is natural for them to feel wary and unnecessarily anxious.

We prepared all these just to harass Sasha.


Unaware of that, the two of them proceed slowly with a resolute look on their faces.

They slowly and carefully walk down the empty corridor until the end of the corridor.

There is a door.

A huge door is waiting for them.

It's a huge door that even a 4-meter tall golem could easily pass through.


Sasha blurts out.


"It's like a boss room in the back of a dungeon."


"The Giant Tower's Boss... The boss is the Red Dragon. If we can defeat it, we can get out safely, but..."


Michael let out a slight chuckle and shrugged his shoulders.

Sasha smiles at his reaction.

After the two finished laughing, they tightened their expressions.


".... We have no choice but to go inside."


"Michael-sama, I am ready to use the Ocarina at any moment."


"If you feel any danger, please do it immediately."


After the two finish talking, Michael gently touches the door and pushes it.


When he touches it, the door automatically opens.

It opens slowly without any sound as if a giant is opening the door for them.


"......? Why are those humans here......?"




When the door opens, the dimly lighted corridor gives way to a spacious space that is so bright that one may wonder if one has just stepped out under the sunlight.

The pillars lined up in a regular pattern, smaller than the pillars on the 1st floor of the Giant Tower, and a red carpet stretched straight to the throne.

The room is as large as a gymnasium.

The ceiling is high, and although there are no windows, it feels completely open.


The room is too simple for a throne room, but the beauty of the two girls standing in front of the throne is enough to make up for it. A beautiful girl in a magician-style outfit and a blue-haired girl in a hood with cat ears.

The beauty of these two girls even surpasses that of the Elves.

No matter how much money spent, skilled artisans hired, or designs made, they could never surpass the beauty of these two girls.


Suppose these girls are considered works of art decorating the throne room. In that case, they emit an elegance that would easily surpass even the treasures of the Elf Queen's palace.

The problem is that a familiar person is sitting on that throne.


Even from a distance, she could recognize him immediately.

He is wearing a clown mask, a black cloak and holding a staff in his hand.

He is the human child that Sasha had mistaken as "Raito" on the first day of her Giant Tower investigation.


Even though Sasha despises the humans and easily forgets their faces, but that child left a very strong impression on her.

The burns under that mask were enough to make her look away immediately.

She thought the child is Raito and ordered him to take off the mask. When he did, Sasha saw the burn so clearly that she screamed.

So it was deeply engraved in her memory.


"Sasha, do you know the person who sits on that throne?"


"I don't know him personally....... But he's an adventurer that I saw on my 1st day investigating the Giant Tower."




They are aware of Michael and Sasha's presence, but they don't make any movement.

It seems that they are just waiting for the two to enter the room.

Michael and Sasha glance around, but there is no one else in the throne room, and there is no space for the Red Dragon to hide.


"... Apparently, we have to enter the room. Let's go, Sasha-dono."


"Yes, Michael-sama."


As the two enter the room, the door closes.

Of course, the two were expecting it, so they were not disturbed. They proceed forward.

When they reach a certain distance, the boy sitting on the throne speaks to them.


"It's been a long time, Sasha."


"? It is true that we ha

d not seen each other since that day when I was investigating the Giant Tower, but we are not friends who can talk to each other so casually. You're just a human. Please don't talk to me so casually. Disgusting!"


Sasha spits out her complaints in a single breath.

The two beautiful girls standing in front of the throne look annoyed. Still, their faces are so perfect that even their annoyed expressions are beautiful and charming.

Because he is standing in front of Sasha, Michael's expression was not seen by his fiancée. Therefore, Sasha, his fiancée, could not see him admiring the two girls.


The masked boy looks happy. He laughs loudly in a tone that makes Sasha's spine chill.


"'Hahaha, you are so mean. We used to be in the same party and even explored dungeons together."


"Haa? You must be mistaking me for another elf. Why do I have to get along and explores dungeons with a human? ......"



At first, Sasha was annoyed by my statement. She thought I was lying and raised her voice. However, as she yells at me, she realizes something.

It is true that she has some experience exploring dungeons with a human. As she realizes this fact, her voice slowly changes.

But she had already confirmed that the boy sitting in front of her is not him.


But the paper note that said "'I'll wait in the Giant Tower" had put Sasha's life in danger many times. She managed to reach the Giant Tower as instructed.

As mentioned in that paper note, there is only one human that can be in this place.





The human that sits on the throne puts his hand on his mask.

Sasha can't take her eyes off him, even though she has seen a horrible burn beneath it with her own eyes.

At this moment, she even forgot about her fiancé by her side.


The boy takes off his mask completely.

Sasha unconsciously screams.




"I'll say it again. Long time no see, Sasha."


Raito laughs.

He laughs eerily, like a wild animal just before jumping at his prey.


"I'm here to take revenge on what you did 3 years ago, Sasha......!"



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