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Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Episode 41: Sin and Punishment - part 2



Isla couldn't accept such outrageous thing at all.

Power is everything in her world.

Simple form of power like armed force and fighting power, and also power that does not have physical form such as intelligence and financial power.

The only law she believe is that those who have power can get everything and grant their wish, and those who do not have power are simply robbed. It is simple and absolute law.


That is why she could not forgive the phenomenon that is happening now.

It can be easily concluded that the death of Fremine is causing this phenomenon.

However, it was Isla who won the battle. If she, the one with greater power, had to fall into such a crisis, what does power really mean?

If the fate was decided from the beginning, what victory really mean?


“Well, I feel the same way. There is nothing you can do, no matter how hard you try. I was thinking if this can make that yours stupid face soften. I think it's possible.”


Isla doesn't care about the joyful insults flowing out from his broken face.

Right now that's not the problem.

She couldn't contact his King, Takuto. Only Isla could save the two girls on the brink of death.

She force her muscle strength to the limit and rampages to counter the invisible power that binds her body.

However, it is impossible.


"Guu! Gaa! Gaaaa !! Don't think thing like this can stop this Isla!!"


"Okay, monster, for the last time I'll tell you a good thing. Listen carefully, I'm...... this damn mechanism--"


There are certain principles in the world that can never be overturned, no matter how hard you try.

That's what ...... is all about.


“I call it a [forced event].”


It was the true nature of the desperate situation that is happening now.


"... I don't know what kind of world you came from, but I know it was a freer world than mine."


 The man's voice was sound philosofic.

 In the midst of intense impatience his voice echoes in her ears. Strangely his voice is filled with compassion, and Isla can't help but listen to the words.


"But do you know? There are absolutely unavoidable events in this world. We dolls can never escape from that fate. The only thing we can do is---- give up."

She don't know what he has seen so far.

And how he struggle,she don't know if he had gave up or not.

However, it was pushed to her andIsla couldn't accept it.

Accepting that it is a fate, she couldn't do such thing.


"Mom ... What?what should I do?"


"Isla mom! He, help ..."


There is no way she can give up in front of them.

She is a mother, and they are her beloved daughter who asks for help.


"Aaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!"


Her muscles squeak.

The power that had nowhere to go rampaged inside her body, her outer skin that have strength exceeding steel cracked, and green blood flowed.

However, Isla still does not loosen her power.


"Oh! That's right! They are important! You want to protect them!You can't let it happen!  Do your best!  Do your best! Maybe a miracle will happen! But I've never seen such a thing happen before!"


Fremine's corpse, and the twins.

The distance between them was getting thinner over time. Time is running out like an hourglass on death row,

every step the girls take sound like the ticking of the clock, and increasing a sense of danger.


"You can't do it. You can't do it ... Come here thenBOOM, the end. Normally, I would target the hero weakness, but anywayno need to care about the details."


The two girls turn their faces toward Isla and their eyes meet.

Is this incident really was set as an event?Or was it the last action shown by the two who realized that only theirupper body can move?

However, Isla smiles with a very gentle smile toward the two frightened girls.


"It's okay ... I'll definitely help you."


Desperately put effort into the body that does not move, and test all the abilities that one has.

She desperately turned my brain to see if there was any way out, but she get frustrated by the answers that did not come out at all.


"Aaah, every last one of them! Impossible! I was misunderstand it… I thought as long as I have a will, a belief, I can move as I want!"


 one step.


"The hero! The Demon King! Everything!I never thought I was being fooled!It's only a chess board. You don't understand how easy it is to get rid of someone when they don't get their way!


"Isn't it enough? Even if I take it easy now, I've done my best. I've fulfilled my role!"


Another step.


"Shit! The middle boss is bullshit! The player is bullshit! Everything is just a joke! Then what? Why I must die for the hero story? Don’t fuck with me!"


Their steps are approaching the end.

No one listening Fremine's monologue anymore.

Isla, the twins, and even Ira Takuto, who sensed the anomaly in this place, were doing their best to avoid the incoming tragedy.

It's unclear whether he understood that no body listen to him, or was he angry and couldn't think properly anymore. Fremine's swearing was fired at something that wasn't even here.


"You also the same! You heard me right?! You're watching this right?! ‘If you kill all the games, you can be free’ bullshit! You didn't mean it that from the beginning!"


Of course, no one here have time to hear the words.

No ... maybe there was only one person listening.

However, there is no way to confirm it.

At least, it was an impossible for other participants to appear on this stage.


 One step.


"That's why this is the final chapter! You all have been brought this damn hell.Your precious kid is also taken along with you!You're listening, right? Takuto-sama!You are also a player, right?Did you read our story somewhere with him?Did you think, "If you defeat this boss, you have to renew your equipment" while watching me desperately fighting against the brave?"


No one answer him.


"Don’t fuck with me! I'm here! I'm alive here! That's why! This is my best harassment! I'll kill your favorite here! Because this is such kind of event!"


Fremine is laughing. He is just laughing like a madman.

There is no trace of the man who was once called the cunning and cruel demon, only the sorrow of a poor man who cursed his fate and life despair.

He doesn't know if even this action came from his true intentions.

The only thing he know is the fact that things are progressing as he wishes.


Soon, two girls arrive in front of the corpse.

Their faces are filled with fear of death and tears are spilling from their eyes.

Not to mention the stout Cearia, even Mearia, who doesn't usually show much emotion, was like that.

They are curse their fate. The girls who wanted to die for a long time stand frightened before their death.

No......It's because they had felt the warmth of a new family and discovered the kindness of my new mother. They became afraid of dying.


It was in completely the opposite with the man in front of them, who also cursing and never understand his own destiny.


Click. They can heard sounds triggering the flag.

It wasn't heard by anyone, it wasn't understood by anyone, it just announced that the end had come and the fate had been confirmed.


Death comes equally to all beings.

Despair comes equally to all beings.

They are treated without distinction even if the other party is a monster that is out of the imagination.

No one can escape from it.


"Wait—please wait! Wait!"


Isla screams. Her cream sound like a cry that begging for a small light of hope.


"Hate! I absolutely hate it! Especially you! I hate you! I hate you all! That's why this is my last gift,

Take it and be grateful Gahahahahahaha!!!"


However, the reality is ruthless.




Fremine shined for a moment, and soon a destructive flame with an indescribable amount of heat and destructive power wrapped it all up.

The whole area turned into ashes, and the hot wind became a storm and blew everything away.

The soaring dust covers the sun and brings darkness like midnight.

Pieces of woods fall apart like rain on the ground, and the burnt air blowing quietly.


Eventually, true silence came and no one could be the winner...


The fate has finished spinning the story exactly as it was determined.


  1. I... I hate the end of this chapter... 😭

  2. Thanks for the chapter desu~

    Must’ve walked right into the end credits…

  3. Well there is something suspicious,Isla more precious thing are the twins? It's it supposed to be Takuto..... This is probably just a illusion


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