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Friday, July 1, 2022

Infinite Gacha: Ch 2 - Ep33 Battle on the 3rd floor - part 2




(I knew that she isn't just an ordinary opponent and I was overconfident in my ability, but to be actually caught off guard... I am the White Knights Commander, the Strongest Elf, the Quiet Hardy... For the past few years, the only work I've done is destroying and slaughtering human villages that are no better than goblins. Before I knew it, I grew fat and arrogant. I must learn a lesson from this painful incident.)


However, Hardy believes that he still has some luck left.

His 1st luck was that his beloved sword (the legendary Sword of Conviction) shielded him from instant death.


The 2nd luck was that his opponent, who called himself Nazuna, did not attack him but waited until he fully recovered.


(Probably because this is her 1st real battle, she is overconfident and chose not to finish me quickly...... She has wasted her one and only chance.)




Hardy finishes his healing and stands up.

Nazuna is silent, as if her previous strength was a lie, and takes a stance with her big sword.

Hardy kept her in his sights while he spat out the blood that had accumulated in his mouth.


"...... My apologies. I have underestimated and disrespected you because of my circumstances. From now on, I will fight you with all my might as a warrior."


"Oh! OK!"


Nazuna looks wary, her forehead sweating as she steps back further.

Her gestures convince Hardy that she is nervous about her first



(It's not just her strength that I should be wary of, but that big sword. ......)


From the beginning, he knows at a glance that it is a very sharp sword.


(Epic class ... No, considering its power that caused a fatal injury with a single blow, it must be Fantasy-class or above that?)


Since she is not a human, the possibility of her being a Master is zero.

She must be a "Sub-Master" like Hardy and his team, who have the same Master blood.

Why is she in this Giant Tower?

Who is her Master?

There are so many questions. The only way to find out is by defeating, capture, and extracts information from her.

Therefore, he will use all his might to defeat her!


"[Silent] & [Silent Reverse]...!"


Hardy casts a spell.

It's a battle-class spell, Silent.

It's a spell to hide their sounds from the outside. But since Hardy is over level 3000, the battle-grade "Silent" has evolved. Not only the outside world can't hear them, but even their own heartbeats can't be heard.




Suddenly, Nazuna is thrown into a silent world, and she is confused.

One of her 5 senses had been taken away.

It would be difficult not to be confused.

Rumor says that if a normal person continues to stay in this state, he or she will be corrupted by the magic within 3 minutes at the earliest, or 10 minutes at the latest, and will go insane.

Even though inside this mind-bending space, Hardy himself is not affected.

Silent has two special effects, which are classified information.


The 1st one is a debuff effect that 'gradually decreases the opponent's strength.

It decreases his opponent's status as long as they remain in the area affected by "Silent".

Enveloping and silently...... weakens his enemy without them even realizing it.

This is why he is called the Silent Hardy.


So far, this information is only known by the Elf Queen Nation Top officials.

The 2nd effect is a secret move known only by Hardy and his mother, Leaf VII.


The 2nd effect is to take away the enemy's decreased status and increase his own status.

This is the effect of "Silent Reverse".

His opponent's status accumulated for hundreds of years will be used to raise his level from 3000 to 4000!


This is what he means when he says, "I will fight you with all my might". He is using everything he has accumulated until now. He will bet everything to win.




Hardy finishes his preparations and holds up his half-cut Sword of Conviction.

Although it was cut in half, it was originally a big sword. He decided to keep using his Epic-Class Sword of Conviction rather than using his lower-class spare weapon.


Nazuna also senses the change in Hardy's aura.

She clears her throat and puts her big sword behind her back.

She clenched her fists tightly and took a stance.


(......You judged that your big sword would not be able to keep up with the speed of my shortened sword, so you purposely put your weapon away. It's a bold decision for someone so young.… But now I'm completely different from before. Thanks to my Silent Reverse skill, I am an existence with power accumulated over hundreds of years.

In front of this power that surpassed all elves, any creature would fall to its knees.)


Hardy thinks highly of Nazuna, partly because she has inflicted a fatal injury on him.

If she is not an enemy, he will recruit her to be the White Knights member.

But now, she is an enemy that must be defeated.


While feeling his level increases over 4000, Hardy slowly close their distance.

Nazuna also sweats from her forehead. She tightens her fist and measures the timing to jump forward.


This quiet battle is not just caused by Hardy's Silent magic effect.




The first one to break the balance is Nazuna!

She can't stand the tension, so she lowers her body, kicks the ground, and moves forward to close their distance.

Hardy takes her attack----.




In a moment of even less than a second, Nazuna thrust her fist into Hardy's body.

She then punches him away. He smashes the wall and sinks into it.

Nazuna stays in the punching stance, stops moving for a few seconds, and then makes a gut pose.


"Alright! I didn't break the wall this time! I can do it if I take it seriously!"


She put her big sword on her back, not because she wanted to anticipate Hardy's shortened sword.

She just put it away because she thought it would be easier to control the power of her fists than her sword.

She looked so nervous because she was worried that she wouldn't be able to control her power.


Nazuna praises herself that she has successfully controlled her own power, but...... she receives telepathy.






Nazuna emits a short scream at Elly's voice that sounds as if it is coming from the depths of hell.

She shouts in panic with tears in her eyes.


"When you say "didn't break the wall", you mean you didn't make a hole in the wall that connects to the outside world..... When I say "don't break the wall", I mean don't make a scratch on the wall that would need to be repaired! How much magic power are you going to force me to waste in this short period? Nazuna-san, you really are...! I've told you many times to hold back!"


"But, but I already did my best! WAAAAAN! My Lord! Elly is bullying me! Sister-in-law!"


"Who, who's your sister-in-law!?"


Nazuna is in tears and asks Raito for help. But of course, she can't reach him.

Instead, she angers Ellie and gets lectured by her for several minutes.

Hardy slammed into the wall. This time, he is completely unconscious. After a while, the repaired wall pushed him out and he fell on the floor.


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