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Thursday, June 23, 2022

Episode 40: At the End of Freedom - part 2




But!If I kill you here, I'll have my freedom too! I'm here for the first time. Finally, I can be free!”


Therefore, Isla looked down at the opponent in front of her with a mockery for the first time.


"I see! Is that your intention! Is that your wish! Aah, what's the matter? Now you looks pretty cool!"


"You are very noisy bug! Just get burn and disappear!"


The battle situation was favorable for Isla.

An ordinary soldier would probably feel the upper hand and be caught off guard at a situation like this.

However, as a hero with a strong mentality Isla never allows such a mistakes to happen.

On the contrary, Fremine is confused and frustrated by the mysterious laws that bind his enemies.


(Damn! It doesn't burn...! Why? Is it because the compatibility difference?)


He had shoot fire magic at Isla many times.

Objectively the power was spectacular, and even fire resistant armor would melt in an instant.

Besides, the opponent is an insect. Even though the appearance exceeds that of ordinary insects, it’s still an insect race, and usually such insect-type monsters are weak against fire.


Fremine's flame did not penetrate Isla's hard skin.

No--It is certain that the surface that hit directly is damaged because it is blackened and emitting dark smoke.

However, the amount of damage was much less than he expected.


(Impossible... Is the compatibility different from us? If so, it's really troublesome!)


A speculation crossed Fremine's mind but he didn't want to believe it.

Unfortunately the speculations are correct.


Usually, in the Brave Quests world, each character have their own weakness.

For example, "weak to the fire" and "weak to physical attack".

This is a systematic limitation, and in fact, Fremine also has weaknesses such as "weak to water" and "weak to ice".


On the contrary in the world of Eternal Nation, weaknesses is giving additional damage to an attack.

For example.

"This unit has 10% additional damage to ice units"

"This magic is 1.5 times more effective on units with evil attributes"

And so on.

In addition, Eternal Nations does not place much emphasis on weaknesses because its skill amount is enormous and complicated.

"No matter how strong the enemy is, if you exploit his weaknesses, you can win"…. such rule doesn't apply in Eternal Nation.

A strong unit is just strong.

There are no convenient weaknesses or strategies.


Unmatched existence.

It reign in that position because it has overwhelming power.

If he want to overturn the situation, he must hit it with power that passed that overwhelming power.

There is no other choice but cut down the enemy little by little.


At first glance it seems that the two of them are very incomparable, there is a huge difference between them.

And in their law “the strong” become overwhelming justice that be refused by “the weak”.


"Chi! Additional demon! Quick come here!”


 --The demon appeared. 


"Not enough firepower! Help me out, you small fry. Get on the line! Attack until theenemy is shaved!”


A group of subordinates summoned by him joined forces and attacked Isla from the other side.

But casually Isla pounced and ate them.

And they become one in her stomach.

At the same time, the arm that was burned by the flame magic recovers very quickly.

It is the recovery ability that was confirmed earlier. As long as she have this ability no matter how many times Fremine release his powerful magic, he won't be able to kill her.

He had a little hope that the situation would change when his opponent was full. However, this phenomenon is caused by Isla's ability.

That limitation will never come....


At this moment no more cards left in Fremine's hand.


In battle, Fremine has buried his enemies with his overwhelming firepower.

He doesn’t haveany special move with unique abilities like Ice Rock, the four heavenly kings of ice.

Using tactics to weaken his opponent was his specialty and his way of doing things.


Of course, he has a high status as the four heavenly kings, and his ability is not inferior.

If his opponent was Atou, the story might have been different.

She doesn't have recovery skill, and when it comes to Takuto, she's very enthusiastic and may get provoked. The battle could have been brought to a draw in some way.

However, he is not dealing with the sludge Atou, but a hero named Isla, the Queen of All Bugs.


At the end of the day, opponent was too bad.


It's also overwhelming.


"I, This Isla is called defensive hero. Do you know why?”


Fremine thrust out the palm of his hand as he unleashed a special grade magic on that unpleasant face that speaks so cheerfully, but nothing happened, and then he realized that his MP was completely depleted.

That is...


"For the defense of the city,Recovery by Predation, replenishment of force by Child Bug

I didn't make it this time, but I can make defensive traps. And the more I defeat the enemy, the more experience points I gain and the stronger I become. Normally in war we need three times the difference in strength to drop a city, but if you want to crush me."


You must bring at least five times as much.


That moment Fremine's defeat was decided.


“Ha!You seem to be happy!You think you've already won?”


Does MP depletion affect energy?

Fremine continued to mock his opponent but he looked weaker, not like before.

Isla still sees the spirit glow in her eyes.

Gichichi ... she giggled.

Is that the insect's natural attitude towards its enemy?

With a scary smile she began to tell one fact.


"The King of Mynoghra can see the entire territory.That means, from the moment you enter this cursed land, every move you make is in my king palm."


Fremine's eyes widen in astonishment.

Isla who looked at reaction and happily nod.


“Yeah, yeah.That's right.Surprise, sabotage, espionage.It's all meaningless here in the land of Mynoghra.Even the nighttime activities of the people are known to my king - he will divide his elite separately, and then he will be able to make the best of it.It seems you were thinking of doing assassination or hostage important person.”


"Shit! Damn you Bug!"


"Thank you for your hard work. They all delicious and filledmy children’s stomach."


From that word, Fremine understands that the means he had prepared as the last trump card had been discovered from the beginning.

She had purposely revealed it at this point in order to mock him.

Fremine gritted her teeth.

With his summoned abilities he had summoned elite subordinates and ordered them to infiltrate and attack the city.

He never thought that a strategy could be revealed andblocked.


Even though he is a hero - no, because he is a hero, the defense of the state is the most important issue.

He was sure that once the news of the attack on the city was brought to her attention, she would show some opening during the fight.

Of course, even if the opponent continues the battle with steel intentions, his men’s can still cause serious damage to the city and its inhabitants.

From the conversations during their fight, Fremine guessed that his opponent was strongly committed to the state called Mynoghra, and he was planning to win the battle indirectly by destroying the source of her violent power.


But ...... that strategy is all for nothing.

He never expect the ringleader of the enemy is the state itself.

Their leader has ability to see everything in the country and give instructions directly to his subordinates.

In the last battle, Isla described Fremine's ability to summon subordinates as outrageous, but isn't Mynoghra leader skill is the outrageous one.


The result was that the difference between the SLG and RPG clearly shown. SLG moves everything in units of nations and the military. While in RPG the game progresses as a story.


Fremine exhaled loudly. His MP was exhausted and he was covered with wounds.

He had already fired some extremely powerful magic, he had fought so hard.

Fremine tries to back away but Invisible Strength stitches his leg on the ground.


You can't escape from the Brave Quests boss.

Of course the boss also cannot escape.


The battle has come to a complete conclusion.

The loser is the four heavenly kings of Brave Quests, the Inferno demon Fremine.

The winner is Mynoghra hero. Isla the queen of all bugs.


And the winner will take everything, and the loser will lost everything.


"This is a message from my king, Ira Takuto-sama."


Like a lady slowly picks up the hem of her skirt and greets his guest, she swings up a huge sickle on her both arms in an elegant manner.


"He said “the strategy wasn't bad, but it was simply weak”."


"Huh! Hahahahaha! I see, I see!"


...... He wanted freedom.

Fremine knew well that he was in a great wave motion for some reason.

Just before coming to this world. When he was told the truth of the world in that mysterious space, for the first time he was able to justify every event in his life.

And the fate he was placed in, a fate from which he could never escape.......


He believed that if he took the world in front of him, it would come true.

If he destroy an unknown nation called Mynoghra.

If he could destroy one world ... it was promised that it would come true.


However, that wish never came true.

The opportunity has been lost forever.


(Aah, I see. After all, I--)


He grinning.

For some reason he felt refreshed.

As soon as he accepted he just a puppet, instantly he felt foolish for being so stubborn and seeking freedom.

No matter how where he go, he is the four heavenly kings who are hostile to the hero. He is the brutal and cunning inferno demon Fremine. No more, no less.

Then, let's fully fulfill that role.

Let's play to the end.

That's why--.


"If so, please convey my message to that Ira Takuto-sama."




Huge sickle approaches his head.


He already full of wounds, it is impossible avoid the attack and it is even too difficult to see it coming.

However, Fremine, with the last heat that remains in his body,

He shout loudly as if declaringsomething to the world.




The sickle pinned him from left and right....

Fremine's body is divided into upper and lower parts.


――The inferno demon Fremine has been defeated.


"Fuuh ..."


Nobody else answered Isla's sigh.

The area calmed down as if the previous battle was a lie. The shattered ground and the mountains of corpses showed how terrible the battle was.

Seeing that sight, Isla confirmed that everything was over. Isla then fell silent.


"Hmm--defense is complete. The loss of the child bugs is painful, but with this, my level has also increased. I'm sure I'll be able to use more powerful abilities in the future, I guess itwent smoothly. Well, I did a poor thing for the kids......”


It was a little painful considering the dead bugs and damaged land, but facing a sudden attack the results were perfect.

The land that was damaged could be repaired, the dead bugs could be born as many as possible and Isla's level had gone up in this battle.

The harvest they got in this battle is the most pleasant result.


Isla ponders the new abilities that can be gained by leveling up.

Unlike Atou, who mainly robs enemies of abilities, other heroes such as Isla can acquire new abilities by leveling up.

The "Swarming Phase", "Setting Trap", "Succession to the throne" that can be learned this time will contribute to further increase in strength in the future.


Thinking that way, Isla concentrates his thoughts in order to contact Takuto immediately.

No matter what, consultation with her own Lord is the first priority.

The battle is over now, and there no need to be vigilant.

There are no signs of enemies around, so it will not be a problem if she take it easy.

She just received the last word from Takuto to Fremine, so there is no problem in contacting him immediately.

 That's what she thought.


….. But.


She had forgotten.

No, not only Isla, Takuto also has forgot about Fremine's setting, the nature of the RPG game.


(My Lord.Can you hear me? Everything has been handled. I would like to consult with you about something. I've my level in battle and I'm wondering which ability I should acquire......)


Isla contacts Takuto with a telepathy.


With the joy of offering victory to her Lord and the expectation of receiving words of praise.......


(My Lord. Did you hear me? My Lord? How was----)




! Communication Error

The event is currently playing.

Chat commands cannot be executed.

You can’t use the chat command at





Fremine, the infernodemon.

This enemy is so well known among Brave Quests players that many of them mention his name first when asked about the game.

In fact, he was even ranked the most hated enemy in a survey conducted by the game's makers.

--It's easy to see why.

It's because of his deeds. ......


The Hero precious companion is losing his life.


A fatal mistake was occurred.

The time has come to pay the price for arrogance and optimism.

The cost of blind faith in the laws they know will be repaid here.

Destiny begins to spin rapidly.


An irresistible desperation is creeping up from behind.





HP: 4200

MP: 16,000

Attack power: 22

Defense power: 30

Magic power: 55

Speed: 24


The cruel and cunning demon.

He has destroyed many cities.

Don't let your guard down!


= Message =============

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<! > Data profile is out of format



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