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Friday, July 1, 2022

Infinite Gacha: Ch 2 - Ep34 Meeting again after 3 years




"Are you OK, Elly?  It seems you spent quite a bit of your magic power....."


"I, I'm OK. I still have plenty of magic power. It's just that the sudden drop in my magic power due to Nazuna's rampage affects my legs and back..... My magic power will recover naturally soon."


Elly gives me a cheerful smile.

It would be impolite to worry further, so I changes the subject.


"The battle on the 3rd floor...... Nazuna's fight was as expected, but I didn't expect it to be over so soon......."


"Since her opponent's predicted level is around 3000..... He was no match for Nazuna-san after all. I thought that the Elf Queen Nation's have secret weapons or strategy, but......"


"He's called The Silent Hardy, so thought he has some secret skills..... In the end, his secret skill effect was just a temporary increase in level? To be honest, when against Nazuna, I don't think there is much difference between level 3000 and 4000... Well, for the time being, she managed to hold back, right? Then, in Nazuna's case the operation was successful."


"As for me, I hope that this occasion will help Nazuna learn the importance of holding back ......."




The throne room on the 4th floor of the Giant Tower.

As I sit on my throne, I listen to the reports from each floor.

The White Knights and Sasha have already entered the 1st floor of the Giant Tower and have been divided by Elly's special transfer trap.

The battle between Nazuna and the White Knights' Commander on the 3rd floor has ended. The battles on the 1st and 2nd floors also will be over soon.

Elly lectured Nazuna longer than the battle on the 3rd floor itself.


I sit on the throne, with Elly on my left and Aoyuki on my right.

Aoyuki monitors the inside and outside of the Giant Tower by linking his vision with a monster that specializes in stealth.

Elly uses her magic to repair the building and keep the White Knights and Sasha from escaping and dying inside the Giant Tower.

Thanks to this, even if they are reckless inside the "Giant Tower", they won't easily die at the cost of Elly's magic power. Even if they damage the building, it will be repaired, and many other elements are also included.

But as a result, Nazuna immediately went on a rampage. I wondered what was going on when Ellie (standing next to me) suddenly screams "Afuaahh!".


According to her, "If I am prepared for a large amount of magic to be drained, I can endure it. But if it is unexpected, my body reacts."

If she knows what's coming, she won't be surprised even if someone shouts at her from behind.

But if it's a surprise, she would scream in surprise...?


Elly immediately contacted and scolded Nazuna using SR - Telepathy after she struggled to hold her legs that were weak like a newborn deer's legs.

After a while, she shouted again, "AAUWW....".

She immediately contacted and started lecturing Nazuna again.

I feel sorry for Nazuna, but since I can't help her, I just smile faintly and let Elly do what she wants.




Elly sighs and presses her temples with one hand as if her head hurt.


"Nazuna-san is very strong, but she has a tendency to act like the youngest child. Maybe because she is the last SUR card among us. Everyone seems to have a strange soft spot for her or a tendency to spoil her. If we don't do something about that, it won't be good for Nazuna herself."


Her complaint made sense.

Nazuna is simply too strong.

Her resistance against magic is a bit low, but everything else is extremely high.

Even if Aoyuki and Elly team up against Nazuna, it's still hard to tell who will win.


Despite this, she is the last of the SUR cards released from my Infinite Gacha. Maybe her personality is part of it, but as Ellie pointed out, she has a "youngest child" personality.


Everyone has a tendency to spoils Nazuna. The Fairy Maids in Naraku also always spoils Nazuna. Even Ice Heat (who is always very strict) likes to spoil her.

Of course, me too.


As a result, she couldn't control her strength in this battle and overkilled his opponent repeatedly.

In the end, that put a burden on Elly.


I couldn't help but imagining Mei and the others like sisters.


(Mei is the strong eldest sister. Aoyuki is the good-natured second sister. While Elly is the talented but pessimistic third sister, and Nazuna is the energetic youngest sister.)


I found the image strangely fit them.

I couldn't help but smile and laugh to myself.




"Hmm? ...... Aah, it seems our guests are arriving soon."


Aoyuki's words brought my mind back to reality.

My sense of presence detects that my guests, Sasha and the White Knight's Vice Commander are nearby.

The two had been separated from their friends. Since then, they have been proceeding carefully to avoid being caught in another trap, so it takes them a long time to reach this place.


Elly, who had been complaining, also notices and prepares herself.


"That's right. I'm very sorry. I was complaining during our important mission....."


"No, no. It was rather a good diversion. But this is an important moment for us. Let's all focus on this, shall we?"


"Yes, sir!"




"Also, Ellie. When they enter this room and the door closes as planned, please notify Nazuna and the others to be ready to move the White Knights' unconscious members at any moment."


"Roger that!"


While giving instructions, I put on my "SSR, Clown Mask", black hooded cloak and grab my staff.


My guests will be arriving in a few moments.


Underneath my mask, I smile.

The joy of finally taking my revenge makes me smile.


The door opens without any sound.


Long blond hair, pointed elf ears. For the first time after 3 years, I meet Sasha as Raito.

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