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Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Episode 41: Sin and Punishment - part 1



It felt like all the organic matter in the world had mixed together and decayed. A strange presence that's hard to describe.  

--The presence are coming from everywhere.

Something bad is going to happen. The premonition of this is constantly bubbling up inside her heart. She sure about that but she is unable to do anything.


(What……is happening?)


Silence filled the place.

Nothing unusual.

But the alarm bell that kept ringing and she lost contact with her master had plunged Isla into frustration like never before.




"Eeto, where is this?"


There was a pretty voice that didn’t belong there and should never be there.


"--!? You guys! Why did you come here?"


"I don't know"


"I should have been with the King ... but why?"


The Elf twins were there.

They are dark elf maidservants who are taking care of Takuto's personal affairs. They are the two girls with sad pasts that Isla looks out the most.

They should now be evacuated with the other civilians in Mynoghra capital.

They should not be here.

For a moment she wondered if it was magic or illusion, but Isla's five supra-biological senses told her that they were real.

Suddenly she was forcibly teleported to this place.


There was no doubt that a critical event was occurring in the ongoing system.

Isla's quickly decided her next move.


"My children! Gather here right away! Protect the twins right now!"


She try to call Child Bugs and Long Leg Bug that survived the battle and present nearby them.

The eggs that have not yet hatched are also ordered to be forcibly born and come to them.

However, nothing happened.


"Gear! Dark elf warriors! Is there any scout nearby! Come here quickly!"


She raise her head into the sky and shout loudly to call the Dark Elf Warriors who might have been observing the battle earlier or have been evacuated to a place where her voices can reach.

However, nothing happened.


"Oh my great king! Our leader Ira Takuto! Please answer! Please answer my voice!


She send telepathy to her king, who he trusts the most and the only one in this world who can show her the way out.


--But nothing happened.


"Why! Why I can't get in touch!?"


"Are you OK?"


"Aa, what should Cearia and Mearia do ...?"


"Come here. Stay close to me."


Her effort end in vain, as if this place is in a different dimension and had been cut out outside world.

She thought about escaping this place by hugging the twins, but the moment she moved her arm, the invisible force hold those actions as if they had never happened from the beginning.


The frustration is increasing rapidly.

She don't know what's happening, but she sure that if she allow the situation to continue, she will definitely regret it.

Nothing she can do, they are forced to wait.

The twin girls look up at her anxiously.

Isla pats their heads with her secondary arm to reassure them.


"Kuhi! Kuhaha! Gahahahaha!"


Suddenly, a sound of laughter echoed and moved the stopped time.


The voice came from the front. He remembered that he had just heard it recently.

Isla quickly assessed the situation.

Quickly and nimbly like a mantis chasing its prey it stabbed in the direction the sound came from. The owner of the voice is Fremine.


"Yes, too bad. This can’t kill me."


The man who should have died answers.

In fact, the man's body has already been torn in half, and the subsequent attack has completely destroyed his skull.

However Fremine still continue to speak.

Isla involuntarily takes a distance from the abnormal phenomenon.


"Why ... I'm sure I killed you!"


She was so surprised that lost her calmness.

In the situation where she can't contact Takuto and ask for his instructions. There is no clear guideline.

This just wasting time and make her more irritated.

How fragile Eternal Nations unit when isolated and unsupported, is clearly seen here.


"Oh, I'm dead. Yes, I'm dead. There's no room for me. I'm dead, monster."


Fremine's corpse begins to speak.

The skull was cracked, the brain spilled, the eyeballs were sticking out, and I was staring at the void.

Death is inevitable for any living thing.

Even if it is undead, it will be forced to stop moving.

However, the man was still speaking.


"No ... it was exactly what that thing said.

This world is shit. It's a world like shit, where a lump of shit believes they're alive and lives like shit. "


While ignoring his monologue, Isla attack Fremine's corpse again with agile movements.


However, this time a mysterious force field occurred and prevented his attack.


"Haha! You can't kill me...well, I'm already dead! Hahaha!"


Fremine laughs. The corpse laughs.

For the first time in this world, Isla is unable to grasp the situation. She never experience thing kind of situation ...... even in Eternal Nations world.

Takuto might be able to guess the reason for the current phenomenon with his insight, but the way to contact her king to ask for direction has been blocked. There wasn't much she could do.




"Wha, What should I do? If there is something I can do to help ..."


The dark elf twins anxiously cling to Isla.

These two are not fighter.

They are not possessing amazing defenses or recovery abilities like Isla does.

They are vulnerable to injury and death. They are fragile living things.

The fact that they are such a vulnerable life forms makes Isla more anxious than she has ever felt before.

But as a mother, she pushes aside all her fears and speaks softly to them.


"Oh, you two are worried. It's okay. It's safe if you stay here. I won't let anybody touch you..."


But reality is always cruel.

No - the story always seeks tragedy and the epic event. It might be better described as ...... accentuates the horror.

Things were definitely tightening up.


"No! You can cry! It's beautiful! It's love! OK, I've decided! The two of them! That's the best? Am I Right? Monster!”


At first, she did not understand the meaning of the word.

But what happened next made her understand the meaning those words for the first time.

The two girls moved away from Isla's chest and approached Fremine's corpse.

Their action was looks so natural even for Isla, who had her whole being on alert. She was forced into a momentary blankness of thought.


"What are you doing?! Hide! Why did you go forward!?"


"Oh, that? No."


"Wh! Why!? My feet move by themselves!"


Isla shouts and reaches out.

The twins hurriedly put effort into their legs and retreated.

All of that ends up in vain.

While watching the twin approaching twins with his eyes, Fremine distorted his crushed jaw and ridiculed Isla.


"You can't resist, right? You can't go against it, right? I'll tell a good thing. –Your most important person will die. Definitely will die. No matter how strong, how great, or how important it is, it will definitely die. That’s right, will die.

Did you understand? If you understand, say you understand with smile."


At this point Isla was convinced that this caused by the game system.

Mynoghra characters are affected by the Eternal Nations system.

It was able to influence non-game beings, just as it was able to add dark elves to their nation and rewrite their spirits become beings with evil attributes.

If so then should be vice versa.

It was clear that the Brave Quests system, which is the origin of Fremine, dominating this place.




"Impossible! Why is this happening! Impossible! That’s impossible!"

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