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Thursday, June 9, 2022

KoushaRyouri ~C24

Chapter 24: Miss



This is how I would be taken care of by the Letivia family.


When I make the decision, I feel happy and a little relieved. Still, it is sad to leave the place where I have lived for 300 years.


I take the necessary things and go back to Clavis-san's place.


When I come back, Mildy-san and Richil-san are making flower rings with the blue-eyed girl.


When she heard my footsteps, the little girl reflexively hid behind Mildy.


She quietly peeks out and looks at me with her round eyes.


I wonder if she hates me.


It seems that Clavis-san and his men don't mind, but maybe the story is different for a small child.


But, Clavis-san also just reminded me that I am still a child.


"By the way, I haven't introduced her yet."


Clavis-san stands up and waves to the little girl to come closer.


Clavis-san put his hands on the little girl's shoulders.


"She's my daughter, Lilith. Lilith, greet him."


The girl looks at me with upturned eyes.


Then she picks up the toe of her skirt and bows her head.


"Hello, my name is Lilith Grand Letivia."


"Lilith... Eeto, Miss..?"


Miss Lilith's voice sounded like a tinkling bell.


I wanted to hear more, but Miss Lilith quickly hid behind Clavis-san.


"Hey, Lilith. That kind of attitude is rude to Luciel-kun."


Clavis-san scolds her, but Miss Lilith stares at me and then goes back into the carriage.


"Sorry, Luciel-kun."


"Please don't worry about it."


Rather, Miss Lilith's reaction is quite normal. From my point of view, Clavis-san, who accepted me so easily, looks more abnormal.


I'm a little disappointed that I can't get along with her right now, but I have no choice but to show her my sincerity slowly.


"She's a little sensitive. Actually, she is an active girl."


"I understand. Because she is Clavis-san's daughter."


The Duke personally came to the foot of the mountain where monsters appear just because he was curious.

Ordinary nobles wouldn't do such a thing.


Miss Lilith inherited his blood, so she must be an active girl.


I put my hand on my chest as I look at Miss Lilith, who is peeking at me from inside the carriage.


"Once again, my name is Luciel Howe Tristan. I will be in your care for a while."


I bow my head and act as polite as possible.


Miss Lilith's eyes widened even more.


She blushes and hides inside the carriage.


Maybe I was a bit too dramatic.


As I scratch my head, Clavis-san looks at me with a puzzled expression on his face.




Then I realized that everyone looked at me with a puzzled expression.


"Yes, sir. It's my family name."


Did I say something wrong?


My family is the sword saint family. I'm sure it would be a historic and prestigious family if it still exists.


"I see. Luciel, you were a child of the Tristan family? I see. A hard way to raise a child. It stands to reason, but......"


"I didn't expect the Tristan family..."


It seems there’s something wrong here.


"My Lord, even if he is from the Tristan family ----"


Fletty-san hurriedly tried to make excuses, but the Lord himself stopped him.


"Don't get me wrong, Fletty. I'm not going to change my word about taking care of this child. Besides, this was 300 years ago, when the Tristan family was still a military family. This child is not involved. No, that's not right either. We can say that Luciel is one of the victims."


Hearing his words, Fletty-san pats his chest in relief.


"Excuse me...."


Being the only one who doesn't know what's happening, I look at Clavis-san and Fletty-san alternately.


"It's a long story. Let's talk inside the carriage."


It is a really long, 300-year history that I don't know about.




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  1. 300+ year old man acting like a child is kinda cringe. Thanks for the chapter.

    1. He went to the mountains as a child and had no interaction with humans for 300 years. Maturity requires interaction. Introspection alone only takes you so far. It makes sense that this MC is about at the mental level of a clueless yet conscientious teenager.

    2. Well, at least he has a reason to act like a child (no pets, no interaction with another intelligent being, no one to share his loneliness). There are many reincarnators, many returners, many regressors of hundreds, thousands and even million of years of age and then they come back and act like children when they are very old souls.
      Some authors justify their behaviour (something like the inmatury of the brain of a child, or the denseness of a child) while others just ignore it and make their story very flawed in that regard.

  2. Thank you very much for the chapter!


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