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Thursday, June 2, 2022

Infinite Gacha: Ch 2 - Ep30 Battle on the 2nd floor - part 2


The 2nd floor of the Giant Tower has the highest ceiling compared to the other floors.

It is so dark and hazy that it is difficult to see with normal eyesight.

Also, unlike the first floor, many pillars are suitable for hiding.






Sharp Hat shoots invisible arrows wildly as he moves around the random pillars.

While he is enjoying his attacks, Suzu runs around with Rock and uses the pillars as a shield to escape.

However, there is no sense of panic, and she even has time to carefully observe Sharp Hat's movements.


But Suzu isn't the only one who has spare time. Sharp Hat also sweeps his long, tied hair and shouts.


"Enough of this warm-up exercise. Let's start the show, little bunny!"


Sharp Hat points his right arm at Suzu and shoots an invisible arrow!

Without aiming at Suzu, he shoots arrows above her head, left, right, and even behind his own back.

He doesn't shoot randomly for fun or as a joke.

It's all calculated shooting.


As the invisible arrows shoot through the wind, Rock shouts out.


"Invisible arrows are coming from above, below, left and right, and behind you. As an elf, he's good."


"Thanks, Rock! But the real show is just about to begin!"


Earlier, he aimed and shot one at a time, up, down, left, right, and behind her.

Next, he shot a series of invisible arrows to cover the space with rapid shots.

Like a chess game, the arrows are shot continuously at high speed, blocking Suzu's escape route. He limited her escape route, and then he shot arrows into her escape route.

As a result, Suzu's escape route is becoming even more limited and more difficult. It is really a vicious circle.


Sharp Hat can create such a cage of arrows because of his high level of skill.

And the power of his favorite weapon, the Invisible Crossbow.


It is invisible to all but the wearer, but it is a small crossbow that turns the user's magic power into arrows and shoots them.

The arrow's power is proportional to the magic power it contains, and it can be guided to some extent even after it is shot.

What makes it unique is its rapid shot ability.


Unlike ordinary crossbows, one does not need to pull the string with one's own hands or take out and place the arrow.

The Invisible Crossbow does it all automatically. All the user has to do is put magic power into it, aim and shoot.

The speed of the arrows shot can also be changed.

It is a very powerful magical weapon, but it is very difficult to master.


Simply putting magic power in and shooting can be done by anyone at a certain level.


However, his power, speed, and technical skill to guide the arrow after it is shot allows him to block his opponent's escape route and hit his target without fail.

Sharp Hat's high level of skill as a sharpshooter is the reason why he can hunt down his opponents.


"Little bunny, don't you like a fast man? All you do is run away, don't you?"




"Then you can't defeat me. Or are you trying to make my magic power run out? You're too passive. And--there!"




Suzu makes a mistake.

It could be said that Sharp Hat's shooting skill is excellent. She was led into a place where she couldn't escape any longer.

As a result, an arrow filled with stronger magic power struck Suzu just as she landed!



And a shock wave blows away everything.

It shatters the hard floor and creates an explosion.




Suzu breaks through the rising smoke and lands on the floor. Her face and clothes got dirty because of Sharp Hat's attack.

From the way she moves, it seems that she is not injured, but Sharp Hat is smiling at her.


"I attacked a little too hard, didn't I? Sorry, I'm sorry. I was worried that I might have killed you, but I'm glad you're okay. It looks like you got your face and clothes a little dirty, but ...... even the dirty Suzu-chan is beautiful. --Just kidding!"




Suzu realizes when he pointed it out.

Sharp Hat's attack had made her clothes dirty.

He had dirtied her clothes, which Raito gave her when she was summoned from the "Infinite Gacha" card.

Her opponent is the best shooter among the elves. She had been ordered to observe her opponent's ability closely. She followed Raito's order and only focused on avoiding her opponent's attacks without fighting back.

She didn't get any reference, but she can't deny that she was carried away by his acrobatic and playful attack.


As a result, she dirtied the clothes from Raito's card created from his "Infinite Gacha" gift.


Clothes can be washed - that's true.

Her face is only dirty with zero damage. If she washes it, it will clean up.

But Suzu couldn't forgive herself for dirtying the clothes given by Raito.

The atmosphere changed drastically.

Her violet eyes are filled with murderous intention.


(Kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill..."


"OI, BAKA! Calm down, partner!"


"... Hee?"


Even Sharp Hat, who was laughing at her, noticed the atmosphere change.


Without listening to Rock's warning, Suzu the Hermaphrodite Gunner, level 7777 reveals its true nature.




The musket gun's tip is pointed at the ceiling.


Bullets are fired without stop, which makes Sharp Hat's rapid shots look like child's play.

The rate of fire is over 1,000 rounds per minute.

It is so fast and continuous that the gunfire sounds like it is connected to one another.


And then, all of those bullets stopped in midair and pointed at Sharp Hat. Waiting...




Sharp Hat gasped when the bullets that filled the entire space became still and aimed at him.


In less than 10 seconds, Suzu had shot out hundreds of bullets. Her violet eyes filled with murderous intent, and she stared at Sharp Hat.



This novel translation has reached chapter 5 episode 11.
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  1. Error?
    He followed Raito's order -> She followed Raito's order


  2. No matter how I think about it, Raito is meant to be read as "Light."

    1. I knew that since the very beginning. I decide to use "Raito" because... "Light" is a very common word that always pop out, and will make the translation harder to read.

    2. I see. It's a subjective choice, I can respect that.

      Light Yagami of Death Note is an argument for it seeming to work as a name for Western audiences without much confusion, but it definitely is ambiguous. Still, personally I would prefer a phonetic homophone like leight as in sleight, or something else of that nature. My reasoning is that Japanese readers would be able to understand the link to the English word relatively easily, whereas native English speakers need to be considerably geeky like me to notice the link based on Japanese phonetic quirks most aren't familiar with. There's no perfectly right answer though.


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