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Thursday, June 9, 2022

Infinite Gacha: Ch 2 - Ep31 Battle on the 2nd floor - part 3



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Rock may look like a "musket gun", but its ability to speak is completely different from anything from Earth.

It may look like a musket gun, but it is classified as a magical weapon. It is the same as a weapon that produces flames or a wind blade when wielded.

Weapons and armor that can speak are called "Intelligent Weapons".


Like Sharp Hat's "Invisible Crossbow", Rock is a Magic Weapon that uses the user's magic power to create a bullet.

In addition, the bullets fired can be moved freely by her (?) will. I'm not sure what to make of it.


The rate of fire is also unmatched by the Invisible Crossbow.

It can fire more than 1,000 bullets per minute.

As the number said, it is literally on a whole different level.




The "magic bullets" that she shot out into the air are waiting, and then Suzu shoots Sharp Hat with her violet eyes full of murderous intention.




Sharp Hat is a member of the "White Knights" who has been through many difficult situations, but he couldn't help but scream because he is so scared.

Ironically, Rock is the only one who can think clearly in this situation.


"Partner! Calm down---"




She (?) ignores Rock's warning and shoots down a large number of magic bullets in the air!


"Hey! Wait! Don't be ridiculous, KORAAAAA!"


Sharp Hat is doing his best to evade, but the magic bullets that destroyed the place where he was standing a moment ago do not stop their movement.

Without slowing down, a large number of magic bullets bared their fangs at Sharp Hat.


"Shit! Shit! Filling magic power, maximum continuous shoot! Samidare (Early-Summer Rain)!"


Sharp Hat reveals one of his trump cards.

Normally, the magic power is refilled after each shot and then the arrow is shot. This is to save his magic power and to reduce the burden on the invisible crossbow body.

Even though it is a magical weapon, it still can break. In the worst case, if one uses it too roughly or puts too much burden, it can break beyond repair.


But this "Samidare" is Sharp Hat's fastest continuous shot, ignoring the burden on the "Invisible Crossbow" and magic power consumption.

On the other hand, there is also a method of accumulating magic power to the maximum and unleashing a single blow. In this case, his situation requires a large number of shots, so he uses "Samidare".


"Even 'Samidare' can't keep up with your rapid shooting! Are you a monster?!"


There are so many magic bullets raining down on him that even Sharp Hat's all-out rapid fire is not enough to stop them, and he must move to avoid them again.

It is as if they swapped their positions from the first battle.


The difference between this battle and the first one would be that the magic bullets that Suzu shot are extremely powerful.




A magic bullet grazed Sharp Hat's shoulder.

It rips through his light armor like wet paper, piercing his skin and vaporizing some of his blood.

He is injured, but the wound is far from fatal, but the pain is so intense that Sharp Hat couldn't help but scream.


While groaning in pain, a part of his calm consciousness is trying to figure out the cause.


(It's only a scratch, but why is it so painful? My body is feeling sick and...... Is it poisonous!?)


He didn't go to the battlefield just to show off.

It didn't take Sharp Hat more than a few seconds to figure out the cause.

As he suspected, his body had been poisoned by the magic bullet.

He immediately noticed it because he had been poisoned in a battle against a poisonous monster during his time with the White Knights.

However, the pain is even more intense than the poison that he suffered back then......


The pain from the poisoning slows down his movements.

Suzu is not an amateur who will miss that opportunity.




Her eyes shining and filled with killing intent, she holds Rock in her right hand and takes a stance.

Then she pulled her Musket Gun trigger. Yamiyo ni frost no furugotoku (the Dark Night Frost Hail)!


The magic bullets created by her magic power hit Sharp Hat's head, splattering his fresh blood.


And like bees swarming their prey, all the magic bullets that had already been fired swarmed towards his body.

Sharp Hat's body doesn't even have time to fall to the ground but is tossed around by the magic bullets.


Not just poisoned, each time a magic bullet hit him, abnormal statuses added to his body: bleeding, confusion, darkened vision, curse, paralysis, hypnosis, hallucination, weakness, etc.


Magic bullets fired by Suzu using her Musket Gun can have additional attributes.

Even if her opponent's wounds are light, the bullets can inflict abnormal status.

Her Magic Bullet has a unique ability, true to its name.




Sharp Hat finally falls to the floor after hundreds of bullets hit his body and added countless abnormal statuses.

But he is not dead yet.

To be precise, he can't die thanks to the magic spell created by Elly.






Suzu immediately gets closer and kicks Sharp Hat like a soccer ball with the toe of her black leather shoe.

Kicked by a level 7777's leg power, he flew off like a ball, breaking a pillar and rolling on the floor.

Still not satisfied, Suzu stomps him in the face with the heel of her boot.

The last thing Sharp Hat sees is the bottom of Suzu's boot.

He lost consciousness when Suzu swung down her boot on his face.


Despite this, Suzu keeps kicking him repeatedly.



"Enough, calm down, Partner! More importantly, if you keep kicking him in that state, his mind may be crushed."


Suzu hurriedly holds her skirt down and distances herself from the red-faced, bug-breathed Sharp Hat as she regains her composure----- No, in this case, she regains her shyness.

After she (?) has calmed down. Rock starts to scold her.


"Geez, what have you done..... Did you forget Raito-sama's words? You beat him to death before we could check his ability. What have you done?"




When Rock pointed this out, Suzu's face changes from bright red to bright blue.

Sharp Hat is the best long-range type among the elves.

She was ordered to check his skill and ability and use it as a milestone to measure her own ability.


That's why she didn't attack at first, instead of focusing on evading and observing her opponent's moves.

She didn't even reveal her level 7777.

However, the blood rushed to her head when the clothes given by Raito were dirtied, and in the end she smashed him one-sidedly.


Suzu panics and appeals to Rock.




"Sto, stop, stop it... Even if we try to recover his soul, he will not return to normal. Recovering him would only waste our magic power."




Suzu cries at Rock's logical argument and kneels down on the spot.

It was Suzu's own fault for losing her temper and going berserk, but as her partner, Rock couldn't help but comfort her.


"it's okay. Raito-sama is a nice man. He won't be mad just because of this. He won't abandon you.”




"Really, really! Rock, won't lie!"


After that, Rock spent more time comforting the depressed Suzu than fighting Sharp Hat.


This novel translation has reached chapter 5 episode 19.
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    Thanks for the treat.


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