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Friday, June 17, 2022

Episode 40: At the End of Freedom - part 1



 Oh, shit! Oh, shit! Seriously, this is so bad! Why such kind of monster lives in this world? How can such bastard exist this world? Is this a joke?”


Feelings similar to joy fill Fremine mind.

In his life until now, has he ever had such excitement and shining moment?

He fought the same opponents over and over again, and was always beaten in a similar fashion.

He was sure the battle was meaningless, but suddenly an unknown enemy came to him.

Constant crisis warnings ran through her brain. The anger that drives him to crush the enemy. All that has given him the light of life.


“I'm offended by the word 'monster'. That's not a nice word to use for a lady.”


“No, you're a monster. A real monster!”


Fremine's words are understandable.

Isla's physique is a non-standard size for an insect, and her physical strength is extraordinary.

In addition, her abilities are also unknown, and it's easy to see that she is something that doesn’t supposed to be exist in this world.

Furthermore, her nature. She usually acts as a lady, but she is a hero, and it is impossible for her not to like fighting.

She is a true monster, as she is driven by the joy of being able to fight for her country and her king.


However, Fremine also deserves to be called a monster.

His body was incessantly emitting flames, his cunning like poison fangs that bite an enemy.

In the world of Brave Quests, many countries are said to have been destroyed by this demon, and the heroes are set to made great sacrifices in order to defeat this monster.

In fact, many players dislike this character.

His skinny man's appearance belies the madness and viciousness inside him, which is exactly that of a monster.

Contrary to his skinny appearance, his madness and cruelty was just like a monster.


“It’s not nice to call a lady a monster. –Oh yeah, I'll shut your mouth that speak too much. If I close it, you can hear more lovely voice, right?”


A burst of power destroyed the large trees as if they were only small branches.

The flames that were released fluttered across the area and soared high like a giant dragon.


"Oh, oh, you get impatient! It seems that you want to end it quickly, so I'll make it come true. By roasting you!"


The battle has stopped.

But the damage in the area was increasing rapidly.

Trees fell and caught fire.

Countless Bug Childs came out of the egg and rushed to Fremine as if intending to help the queen.

Fremine lightly waved his hand to burn everything with fierce flames, his face grinning with delight.


"Kuhahahaha! It's not fair if only you the one who using pawns!"


――Fremine summons demons.


A dog that exhales flames from its mouth.

A straw doll that constantly burns and dances strangely.

A red-skinned orc with a spear with flames on the tips.


Various monsters emerge from the void and form formations as if to protect him.

But the next moment, the demons moved away from Fremine as if they were being hit by something.


"Chi! –I’ll face this monster! You guys burn those extra bugs! You can use fire magic or anything else, I don't care anymore, just destroy everything!"


"My dear children. You will deal with these demons.You must outnumber and overrun them.”


The subordinates of the monsters began to fight, and the destruction of the Daijukai took place faster and faster.

The sound of destruction echoed across the area.

The area had become a bare forest and all left is a terrible sight.


All the trees have been cut down and burned down, and the ground has been dug up as if explosions just happened there.

The area was filled with the disgusting smell of burned Bug Child corpses, and bloods.The screaming of demons that the verge of their death echoed.Here and there, out-of-place gold coins glowed beautifully.


"Even so, summoning at no cost is reallyoutrageous."


"I don't know about that. People who don’t have ability is the fault one. Weak people will die, those who don’t have ability will die. Strong people can do anything, people who can survive will rule the world, am I right?"


Isla answered those words - indeed.

This world is cruel.

There is no consideration or mercy, only those who robs and those who is robbed.

There are no weak rules, only violence.

Isla and Fremine came from such a world.......

It's not a matter of whether you win or lose by any means, the reason for your victory was a single word: "the loser is weak".

However, it will still cause so many events.

There is no such convenience things like no limitation on number of subordinate summons that can be done…….


Ara ara, seems the rules on your side are a bit tricky too: ......”




There was always something called a demerit.

…… In Brave Quests the number of monsters that can be summoned during battle is limited.

In other words, there is no royal battle, the number of enemies faced had to be determined.

And those restrictions will not be lifted until the end of the battle.


This is the reason why the monster summoned earlier is far from Fremine's side.

Because they were caught in the limit of the maximum number of enemy groups. Combat action with Isla was not allowed.

Although it can be summoned indefinitely, it is a fatal drawback when deal with the army of Mynoghra.


Of course, Fremine himself cannot escape from this fatal restriction.

In addition, he is prohibited from escaping due to his status as boss character.

In other words, the battle with Isla must continue until it is settled.

On the contrary, Isla can freely organize combat actions.

Eternal Nations characters always fight in troops. They don't have restriction as many as the Brave Quests characters. Partly because their battle description is ambiguous.


“So that's why you're standing in my way.”


Chih!Damn it!”


Even now, countless Bug Childs rush to Fremine and cover his sight.

Isla, who had a momentary gap, step into the battle between the Bug Childs and the summoned monsters. She grabbed the monster that was completely defenseless due to restrictions with her secondary arm, and stabbed it with a vicious needle protruding from her butt.

The monster was cramping, his eyeballs swelling abnormally and became red.


"Hahahaha! Oioi, what's that? Is that how you lay your eggs on your partner?

Oioi,so doesn’t matter who is the partner, even being vulgar should have some limit!"


Fremine didn't have time to mock his opponent.

His wise mind immediately realized that his opponent had the ability to prepare an unlimited army.

If he summons new subordinate then his opponent will capture his unprotected subordinates, implant parasitic eggs,then give birth to new subordinates.

It's like Fremine is helping his opponent to build up their strength.

Although he can summon Brave Quests monsters indefinitely, of course Fremine has his own limits.

The magic of fire that attacks the opponent is also released by consuming MP.

He is a boss character, normally his MP won't be reduced, but

If the battle is prolonged further that condition will be broken.

However, it is also difficult to stop summoning subordinates.

The battle balance tilts toward Isla because the bugs flooding over him, which are a little troublesome to even though they are just small fry.


Therefore, no other ways can be taken, and feelings similar to impatience occupy Fremine's heart.

A torrent of power like a storm attacked Fremine while knocking down the trees around him.

However, the violence in that disorder suddenly eased.


"May I ask you a question?"


"Oh? Don't pour water into the fire. Anyway, I and you are destined to kill each other, I don't need any extra words."


"Don’t say that. My king is telling me to ask you something."


He keep a distance while firing a flame and restraint his words.

Fremine sighed inwardly with relief, now he could afford to rethink his strategy.

Although he tried using strong words, it is certain that he still in bad situation.

He very grateful that he able to take a breath and refill his energy.

In addition, he has a strong interest in the other party.


Fremine thinks.

It is clear that the other party has a similar origin with them, and if so, what kind of world did they come from?

What did they fight and for what purpose did they come to this world?

His wisdom and curiosity push him to collect information about the other party.


“Why do you attack us and Dragon Town?No matter how much darkness the Demon King's army brings to the world, I don't see any rational reason to suddenly attack us.”


For the first time, Fremine showed emotions other than cunning and brutality when hearing those words.

The first one was surprise. The other one was greatest insult.


"-Ah. Hahahaha! I see, you don't know! Or is it hidden by your king?Really!  Really! …… Pitiful doll!"


At this moment, Fremine realizes that he has an overwhelming advantage in terms of information.

However, that fact will not contribute to the battle at all.


"Thank you for your warning-but. That kind of words won't shake my loyalty."


"I know that."


 Isla's words are true. Her loyalty has never wavered.Her trust in the king will never stop her.

 She has never doubted the king in any way, and would gladly offer her life if she were conspiring against him.

 But there was one concern that Isla had.

 She knew that the other party knew something fatal that they did not know.


(Does he know something that even the Lord doesn't know ...? The reason why we came to this world is unknown, the underlying event is also unknown. I don't know how they got a glimpse of that information. It’s irritated me because this opponent is the type that won't spit out information easily.)


Isla has an inwardly get irritated.

During the fighting action, it is not possible to ask Takuto for his opinion.

Although she leading in terms of power difference, but he is not an opponent that can be overlooked.

A moment of carelessness and extra thoughts can even be fatal.


"You guys ... what do you think of yourself?"


Suddenly Isla tilted her head at the question asked by her opponent. Then she answered the question.


"Do I have any doubts about my way of life? --I'm Isla, the hero of Mynoghra. A faithful servant of King Ira Takuto-sama. No more, no less."


"Ha!Hahahaha! You are just a puppet. Arrogant, with useless pride and faith. A wooden puppet that can only say yes.”


Isla nodded hard at those words.

It's as if that fact is the only truth that makes her who she is, and is the most important thing for her......


“I don't like it.”


However, the answer was not what Fremine wanted.


"Yeah, well, now I know why you're so annoying.”


He begins to speak calmly. But there was a clear anger in his words.


"In the end, you are free. You serve your king with your own will. Standing in that place at your own will. You can betray your king but you still chose to support him."


Faintly Isla knew what triggered his anger.

Isla had heard the outline of the game Brave Quests from Takuto in advance.

And she finds the weakness of RPG games, fatal and terrifying.

No - it's too much to call it a weakness.

Because that's the goal of an RPG game... because it is a role-playing game.


"How does it feel to be a puppet? Do you want to serve someone of your own accord?"


For the first time, Isla taunts and looks down on her opponent.


"The light of bless surrounds me.――So, how do you feel about being forced to play a role without freedom, oh my lovely puppet-san? "


"I feel like a shit!"


 The battle resumes.

 The same scene repeats itself as if the tape were rewound, it consume each other's men and the earth.

 The battle had come to include a tongues war against each other.





  1. Hey man, I really like this novel but your translation isn't the best. I'm not going to hold my punches on that. It's just a shame. If you'd like a proofreader or an editor, please let me know. Tell me under this comment or something. I'll try to look back at it even to see if you say no.

    1. Thanks for the offer but no thank you. I admit during the first 2 chapter I don't have anyone to help me to proofread. Anyway I already translated until episode 108.


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