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Friday, June 17, 2022

KoushaRyouri ~C25


Chapter 25: 300 Years of Events



After I was banished to the mountains, a great war broke out.


What started out as a minor dispute between nations quickly spread to various places.


The war between the "Alliance Army" and the "Holy King's Army" lasted for more than 30 years.


As both sides fought to the death, the existence of the demon race was revealed.


Humans, beasts, elves, dwarves, little people--------, and demons.


The demon race is a race that has long fought with other races mentioned before. They occasionally appear in human politics and have brought chaos.


They are intelligent, cunning, and nearly immortal, but their fertility is very low.


It turns out that the demons were the spark that started the war.


But by the time they realized this, it was too late.


The human side was exhausted. Their only advantage in numbers vanished after they lost so many people in the war.


From there, the demons began their invasion.


The Demons were superior in both strength and numbers. The human side was outnumbered but fought hard. But when the Demons pushed in, some of the human race began to join them.


Who were----?


"They were the Sword Saint, the Tristan family."


"No way..."


From what I hear, it's not my father.


My father would never lower himself to join the demons.


It was probably my brother or one of his descendants.


"I don't know who the Sword Saint was at that time. But that Sword Saint undoubtedly abandoned his country and its people and joined the demons. He brought his family with him."


"What happened then?"


The existence of the Sword Saint is the only hope for the people.


For the soldiers, the sight of the Sword Saint's back would have been a source of courage to fight through the battlefield.


But to think that he would voluntarily join the enemy side.


"As you can imagine. The human side has collapsed. On the contrary, after the Sword Saint, many joined the demons in various places."


"What happened to those who joined the demons?"


"I don't know the details, but it seems that the Sword Saint organized them. And although he is inside the demons' territory, he has created a nation of humans."


"A nation of humans inside the demons' territory?"


"That's the Tristan Kingdom... It is a country across the sea from here. In that kingdom, humans are treated as slaves and oppressed for generations."


"No way..."


After that, the war seemed to lean toward the demons. But it did not happen.


The Holy Spirit Liamine descended and joined the humans' side.


The Holy Spirit is a God.


"With the weapons brought by the Holy Spirit, we were able to gain the upper hand in the war."


I see. The light I saw 240 years ago was God's weapon to destroy the demons.


The demons were exterminated. Ironically, the rest of them were sheltered in Tristan's kingdom. Now that kingdom is trapped within a giant barrier, watched over by the whole world."


"Thanks to our ancestors, we now live in a very peaceful world. You can rest assured, Luciel-kun."


".... Really?"


I look down.


Probably no one in the Tristan family knows me.


Even so, the fact that my own family has joined the demons and has been fighting against the human race to this day made my heart ache.


"Does it bother you?"




"It may be painful, but you should forget them. It would be bad for you to meet that family now."


"Why is that?"


"Because your power could be used by the demons."




Clavis-san is right.


The Tristan family is now on the enemy side.


If they know that I am still alive and have exceptional power, they may sweet-talk me into joining them.


Perhaps Clavis-san is worried about that.


If the day comes when I turn my sword against Clavis-san, Fletty-san, or Miss Lilith...


Let's not even think about it. It is too cruel.


The demons are cunning and clever.

There are rumors that they have already broken through the barrier. Although their numbers are small, they are working secretly in human society.

Luciel-kun. If possible, your power...

You shouldn't use your power in public. We don't know where the demons are watching."


"I understand..."


As I look down, Clavis-san hugs me and holds my head.


"Don't worry. We will protect you."


"As My Lord says. We're here, too. Don't worry, Luciel-kun."


Fletty, who was riding alongside the carriage, tapped his chest.


"Thank you."


Finally, my body relaxes.


If the demons want to harm Clavis-san or Fletty-san I won't hesitate to show my power.




When I raise my head, my eyes meet Miss Lilith's eyes.


-- She immediately looks away.


Does she hate me? But if she looks at me, does that mean she is at least interested in me?


Even after the carriage arrived at the Letivia family's mansion, the mystery remained unsolved.



  1. Honestly didn't expect this twist. Thanks for the chapter!

  2. Saying it now. His wicked stepmother was a demon! The curse on him, his mother's death. All was likely to assure they took over the Sword Saint family! As she said he was never suppose to survive birth! And it makes more sense by the way she seemed to want to gloat and he mentioned the laugh wasn't human! Almost dismissed it as her being wicked, but knowing this! I wouldn't put it past that his brother was raised with Demon values and once he took the title of Sword Saint (Likely after "dear old dad" suffer an "accident") that's when the trap was sprung and it was only the gods intervention that they lost! Wouldn't be surprised if gunning for him is because the bloodline of the Sword Saint started dying off with too much demon blood and in desperation, his brother's "Descendants" might target him to "Freshen the blood back" (Since curse excluded, he's a "pure blood descendant!") I have to figure the wicked witch is still alive in some way! As that "Malty" mockery she gave before he was "thrown away" indicated her as an antagonist! Don't know about Demons yet! But seriously would be funny if she's still around and discovers to her annoyance "he's still alive" when she likely enjoyed thinking on "how he suffered and died" only for her to bother him because he's the last living legacy of the GOOD of the Sword Saint bloodline! The TRUE Sword Saint if Humanity discovers the TRUE bloodline was still alive (and the one they dealt with were FAKES all along!)


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