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Thursday, May 12, 2022

KoushaRyouri ~C22



Chapter 22: I don't want to lie anymore



"You did your best..."


Unexpected words of appreciation.


But I couldn't take my eyes off Clavis-san's calm and gentle face.


For a moment....... It was only for a moment, but I felt as if my father had praised me.


Even though that's impossible.


As I am stunned, I hear applause.


When I look, I see Karim, Fletty, Garner, Mildy, and Richil are also surprised with their mouths open.


The little girl is clapping her hands excitedly.


But I am the only one who is confused.


"How could you take a part of a monster without turning it into a magic stone? ....Moreover, the theory of magic crystallization has been disproven. You have great talent."


"I honestly can't believe it..."


Karim-san's face gets a little cloudy.


"Yeah... But Luciel-kun has demonstrated it. That is solid proof, isn't it? And it will become clear when we go back and verify it."


"I'm sorry. I didn't tell you until now."


When I looked down, Clavis shook his head.


"Luciel-kun has discovered this technology to survive. I'm sure you did it because you thought for the best. I am surprised, but I don't blame you. Besides... We knew that you fed part of the slime to Mildy and Richil, but we didn't tell anyone but Karim."






Mildy-san was the one who raised her voice the loudest. As Clavis-san said, he didn't tell anyone else.


"Excuse me... Clavis-san, what on earth are you people? You seem to know a lot about monsters, but..."


It is common knowledge that monsters turn into magic stones and disappear, but Clavis-san and his son's calmness is strange even from my point of view.


That kind of calmness is impossible for people who don't have any knowledge about monsters.


"I see. You are really smart... The Letivia family is not a military family. We are a family that has been favored by the King because of our researches."




"We are researching monsters."


"Researching monsters?"


"Yeah... Where are monsters born, how do they behave, and how do they die? We are investigating their ecology."


Monster Ecology...


I see. Come to think of it, I've been in the mountains for 300 years and never thought about how monsters are born.


Of course, these things are there. But I was only interested in finding out what parts are edible, their benefits, or how to cook them.


I'm a little surprised that a noble family--- especially a duke's family is researching monsters.


"The slime is candy, and the fire resistance Fletty and his team got must be from a different kind of monster. That means there must be a way to prevent other monsters from turning into magic stones and collecting their flesh."


Clavis-san rubs his beard.


As expected of one who studies monsters.


I didn't expect him to think that far ahead.


"Yes. That's right. Fletty-san and the others ate the meat of the Burn Prison bird."


"Burn...... Burn Prison bird!"


Fletty-san and the others raise their voices.


Even the quiet Garner-san's eyebrows furrowed.


"I see. The firebird monster was born in a volcano. Certainly, if one eats its flesh, one will gain fire resistance."


"I, I'm sorry."


I bowed my head.


"Why are you apologizing?"


"That... I fed you monster food without permission."


"I don't really mind. On the contrary, I am grateful to you. Luciel-kun, you have saved my knights' life. By the way, Fletty. Did you tell him that the bandits' leader uses a flame magic sword?"


"No. I didn't say anything..."




Karim-san stares at me.


He puts his hand on my head.


"Excuse me."


His blue eyes flash.


He activated his appraisal magic.


[Clairvoyance], [Triumphant Marching song], [Levitation], [Presence detection], [Dragon raging fire], [Structure analysis], [Presence blocking], [Wind bullet], [Flame bullet], [Water bullet], [Earth bullet], [Lightning bullet], [Light bullet], [Dark bullet], [Fire spear], [Wind spear], [Water spear], [Earth spear], [Lightning spear], [Light spear], [Dark spear], [Storm], [Snowstorm], [Blizzard], [Freezing Breath], [Burning Breath], [Paralysis resistance], [Paralysis nullification], [Lightning breath], [Charm], [Charm resistance], [Petrification], [Petrification resistance], [Technique enhancement], [Sleep song], [Sleep resistance], [Magic resistance], [Magic absorption], [Magic control], [Magic Power Precision], [Automatic Recovery], [Automatic Great Recovery], [Automatic Magic Recovery], [Automatic Magic Great Recovery], [Immortality], [Flame bombing], [wind bombing], [water bombing], [lightning bombing], [holy light strike], [darkness robe], [Wind Aura], [Freezing Aura], [shock resistance], [shock absorption], [fall resistance], [fall nullification], [Poison], [Deadly Poison], [Poison Resistance], [Poison Nullification], [Poison Absorption], [Deadly Poison Resistance], [Deadly Poison Nullification], [Deadly Poison Absorption], [Death Countdown], [Demon Eye of Instant Death], [Instant Death Resistance], [Instant Death Nullification], [Demon Eye Resistance], [Demon Eye Nullification], [Demon's Eye Reflect], [Earth Strike], [Great Earthquake], [Equipment Weight Reduction], [Equipment Weight Nullification], [Recovery], [Great Recovery], [Angel Prayer], [Regeneration], [Great Regeneration], [Acid Bullet], [Acid Resistance], [Acid Nullification], [Acid absorption], [Corrosion bullet], [Corrosion shot], [Corrosion resistance], [Corrosion nullification], [Abnormal Status Reduction], [Abnormal Status Resistance], [Abnormal Status Nullification], [Abnormal Status Absorption], [Pain reduction], [Pain cutoff], [Slash strengthening], [Thrust strengthening], [Archery Strengthening], [Dagger Skill Strengthening], [Slash Resistance], [Thrust Resistance], [Sniping Strengthening], [Combo Strengthening], [Forsake], [Appraisal], [Space movement], [Release], [Sealing], [Evasion Boosting], [Luck Boosting], [Agility Boosting], [Blacksmithing], [Magic Sword Maker], [Divine Sword Craftsman], [Medicine Knowledge], [Medicine Scholar], [Medicine Sage], [Heart of Steel], [Enlist], [Puppet], [Domination], [Dragon Special Attack], [Humanoid Special Attack], [Giant Special Attack], [Beast Special Attack], [Giant Beast Special Attack], [Slip], [Time Stop], [Sands of Time], [Dragon King's Nest], [Heavenly Thunder], [Summoning], [Demon Summoning], [Spirit Summoning], [Divine Beast Summoning], [Divine Dragon Summoning], [Foresight], [Foreknowledge], [Fist Strengthening], [Fist Master], [Kick Master], [Pinning Technique Master], [Alchemy], [Creation], [ Molecular Disassembly], [Flame resistance], [Flame strengthening], [Flame Granting], [Flame Nullification], [ Flame Absorption], [Wind Resistance], [Wind Strengthening], [Wind Granting], [Wind Nullification], [Wind Absorption], [Water Resistance], [Water Strengthening], [Water Granting], [Water Nullification], [Water Absorption], [Earth Resistance], [Earth Strengthening], [Earth Granting], [Earth Nullification], [Earth Absorption], [Lightning resistance], [Lightning Strengthening], [Lightning Granting], [Lightning Nullification], [Lightning Absorption], [Metallic Destruction], [Metallic Domination], [Light Resistance], [Light Strengthening], [Light Granting], [Light Nullification], [Light Absorption], [Darkness Resistance], [Darkness Strengthening], [Darkness Granting], [Darkness Nullification], [Darkness Absorption], [Duplicate magic], [Duplicate Magic Granting], [Gravity 50], [Gravity 100], [Gravity Resistance], [High Gravity Resistance], [Dragon Transformation], [Dual-Wield Mastery], [Heat Resistance], [Heat Nullification], [Heat Absorption], [Cold Resistance], [Cold Nullification], [Cold Absorption], [Cold Resistance], [Fear Resistance], [Spirit ----.


Karim stopped looking and gently shut his appraisal magic there.


"How was it, Karim?"


Clavis-san asks.


Karim-san smiled mysteriously and shook his head lightly.


"Perhaps he is stronger than anyone here."


For a moment, the silence fell on this place as if the air that carried the sound had vanished.


Everyone heard Karim-san's words, and everyone couldn't help but gulp.


Everyone looked at me, and their eyes widened again.


For a moment, the atmosphere feels heavy for me.


I want to run away right now, but Clavis-san opens his mouth before I do that.


"I see. Now I understand why you can live on a mountain full of monsters."


Fletty-san nods at Clavis-san's words.


"Luciel-kun. By any chance, was it you who put the bandits to sleep?"


I nodded in reply to that question as well.


I don't want to lie anymore.


Let's just tell them everything and go back to the mountains. And I will swear to continue living in the mountains again.


And I decided that I would never get involved with other people again from now on.


I told them that I had eliminated the bandits at the foot of the mountain and scouted out the bandits' hideout. I told them that I had seen the magic sword there.


And finally, I will mention the crucial thing.


"Three years was a lie. I have been living in the mountains for 300 years now."



  1. Thanks for the chapter :D

  2. It's Seiichii's immortal younger brother!!!

  3. The author should’ve replaced the resistances with the nullifications, instead of keeping them separate.

    1. Maybe... I'm just translating them

  4. Thank you very much for the chapter!


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