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Monday, May 9, 2022

KoushaRyouri ~C21


Chapter 21: You did your best...



Can you come to my house?


Clavis definitely said that just now.


As I recall, Letivia is from the duke's family. If the rank system hasn't changed in the last 300 years, they should be the highest among the nobles.


Such a duke's family wants me to...!




When I am still confused, Clavis speaks up again.


"You don't have to think so hard. I'm inviting you to my home for a reason. I want your help."


"My help?"


"I'll tell you right now, Luciel-kun. You are an excellent pharmacist, right? Or perhaps you have some medical skills that we can't even imagine?"




I gulped.


There were only four words that popped into my head.


Did they find out?


I've used my monsters knowledge to help Fletty-san and the others three times in total.


The first one was Mildy's injury case. The second one was the magic slime I gave to Richil to replenish her magical power. The last one was when I used the Burn Prison bird for their food.


Those are the first times I've used my monsters knowledge on others, albeit in secret.


I thought I used it carefully and secretly, but he might have noticed something strange.


Most importantly, when I let it appears on my face, I am already lost.


"How did you find out?"


"Hahaha... That's easy. Because your power is too great."


"The one you gave to Mildy, the appraisal magic revealed that it had strong pain relief and regenerative effects."


Karim points his finger at his own eye.


One of his eyes glows lightly and softly, and a magic circle shines inside.


I knew it, appraisal magic. And it is a very high-level one.


"I've never heard of a drug that can both relieve pain and regenerate the body at the same time. What's more, I heard that what you gave her was a kind of candy. I've had my people look into it, but there is no such medicine in the literature."


Karim continues to speak.


I feel like I'm being cornered step by step.


"The same goes for the magic recovery potion that you gave to Richil. And above all, all of the knights have acquired a strong resistance to fire. You did that too, didn't you?"


Karim asked me gently.


It may sound like an interrogation if I didn't listen carefully, but Karim and Clavis try to be very careful not to scare me.


It is like a guard asking a crying child, "Where is your home?"


However, it doesn't mean they are not wary of a child who has magically transformed their knights without permission.


Karim's hand is always on the sheath of his sword, and Clavis hasn't taken his eyes off me since he approached me.


The fact that they are trying not to be caught off guard by a child like me shows that they are taking care of each other.


After all, they're Fletty's lords.


I'm sure they're very kind people, too.


I'm sure they really don't want to pull out their sword against a child.


Clavis and his family should be fine.


They may be very surprised by the truth, and they may not like it, but .......


I feel that I can reveal the truth about my monsters knowledge to these people.


Above all, I don't want to keep lying to these people.


"Can you wait here for a moment? I'll be right back."


Clavis made eye contact with Karim beside him.


After a moment of eye contact, he nodded.


"Very well."


I temporarily leave Clavis and head back towards the mountain. After a few moments of searching for what I was looking for, I immediately came back to meet them.


I put down a monster on the ground.




Mildy tilts her head. The little girl, who I haven't even heard her name yet, hides behind Clavis and shakes her shoulders.


"I'm going to show you a little magic trick now."


"A magic trick?"


I smile at the little girl as I bow my head like a clown.


Don't be afraid. It's okay, I told her with my eyes.


They probably wouldn't believe me if I told them that the candy was made from a monster.


Monsters are magic stone creatures .......


When their core magic stone is destroyed, they will disappear from this world.


That's what most people think.


That's right. I'm probably the only person in this world who has monsters knowledge...


I reach out my hand to the slime.


I try to move my hand as close as possible to its core and just scrape off the amoeba-shaped part.




"My God!"


"No way!"


Everyone shouted in surprise.


The little girl also widened her eyes in surprise as she hid behind Clavis.


"The slime doesn't disappear?"


"That slime, won't it disappear if it's only in its amoeba form?"


Mildy asked.


"No, it won't."


I scratched the amoeba-like part of the slime with my fingernail.


Then the core of the slime - the magic stone - is broken down. At that moment, it disappears from this world.


"If the outer shell that covers the core suffers a certain amount of damage, it will disappear, as you all know. Also, it is not so obvious, but it seems that if the thin vein that passes the magic power between the outer shell and the core is cut off, it will turn into a magic stone... Suppose the outer shell is scraped off without damaging them. In that case, some of the separated outer shells will remain intact before the core is destroyed."


"If you take away the teeth, fangs, or scales while the monster is still alive, it will remain intact, but does that mean that there is no magical vein between the core and the outer shell in that area?"


Karim put his hand on his chin as he listened to my explanation.


"It's doesn't mean there's no vein, but I think the magic vein is probably very thin."


"Just like human blood veins, some are big and some are small. Monsters also have various sizes of tubes to transmit magic power."


Clavis nodded once again.


"You can think of it as something similar to that."


"Ah, wait a minute. Luciel-kun. Is...  Is it possible that the candy you gave to Richil and me?"


"Ye, yes, ....... I'm very sorry to tell you this, but that candy was made from slime."


"So, so that's true! Hawawawawa...... I ate a candy made from a monster."


"But don't worry, I have sterilized it properly by boiling it in hot water."


I excuse myself, but the place has completely quieted down.


Well, it can't be helped.


Even though it was an emergency, I put monster meat into a person's mouth.


It can't be helped if she gets angry.


I don't say anything more. As I lower my head, Clavis puts his hand on my head.


"You did your best..."


Clavis said gently and patted me on the head.


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