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Thursday, May 19, 2022

Infinite Gacha: Ch 2 - Ep26 Battle on the 1st floor - part 1


"Sharp hat, he didn't even notice the trap!"


"Not only he has bad taste in women, but his skill is also failing. This sucks!"


The Nia-Kia brothers complain to each other inside the gloom of the Mysterious Giant Tower.


When they break into the Mysterious Giant Tower, the scout (Sharp Hat) leads the way, checking for traps, followed by the other White Knights members.


The plan was to move along the wall, check out the interior, and kill the Red Dragon and any other monsters that might interfere.

However, Sharp Hat didn't notice a transfer trap, and everyone was transferred to somewhere else separately.


Sharp Hat is in charge of finding traps, so it's his fault. The Nia-Kia brothers couldn't help but complain.


Normally, Sharp Hats (his level over 2000) would not miss any traps.

But this transfer trap was made by "Elly, the Forbidden Witch".


She is an expert in all forms of magic and her level is over 9999. It would be impossible for anyone in the Elf Queen Nation to detect her trap.

It is not Sharp Hat's fault. It is just that Elly's skill is simply more superior.


The Nia-Kia brothers don't know about that fact. It is natural for them to complain.

Their complaints can also be heard because they have been separated from the White Knights Commander, so the Silent spell doesn't work anymore.


Both of them understand that, so they whisper to each other while hiding behind a pillar and checking their surroundings quickly.

The only light source is the sunlight that shines through a small hole on the wall, but not enough to light up the whole area.

Above all, there are many large pillars lined up in a regular pattern that looks like big trees that are over a thousand years old.

Even if there is enough light, it's impossible to physically see the entire area.


"From the shape of the pillars, it looks like we're still on the 1st floor of the Giant Tower, Nia."


"Given the size of this place, maybe the Commander's been transported to the 1st floor too, Kia."


"That's right. We have to suspend the dragon hunt. First, let's regroup with Commander. Nia."


"I agree, Kia. Let's proceed while we watch out for the transfer traps."


The Nia-Kia brothers may look young, but they've been through a lot of battlefields and dungeons.

They are not in a hurry to kill the Dragon on their own but rather to regroup with their friends.

In the worst-case scenario, they are even considering abandoning the dragon hunt mission and going outside the giant tower.


They may be young in speech and behavior, but they are members of the White Knights, the most powerful Knights of the Elf Queen Nation.


If there's a problem, then it's just that they picked the wrong opponents.


"Kekekekeke! So you're our opponents? You guys look weaker than I imagined.

Maybe I'm alone is enough."


"Hey, Mera! Keep your discipline! Don't try to steal Ice Heat's prey!"




They turn around and before they know it, two human women are standing behind them.


One of them laughs eerily, "Kekekeke". Her height is about two meters. She is much taller than the Nia-Kia brothers, and her mouth almost reaches her ears. Her red eyes and jagged teeth make her look scary, but her face is more beautiful than most elves'.

The clothes she wears are also a bit unusual.

The long skirt that covers her ankles is ordinary, but the sleeves are so long that they cover her hands and the cuffs are wide open.


Another woman standing next to the one called Mera also has a beautiful face despite her race.


She is wearing light armor and gauntlets around her fists that look like chunks of metal.

Her long hair is tied into twin tails. The right half of her head is red like fire, and the left half is blue like ice.

Her eyes look sharp because she is staring at the tall woman next to her. However, she still looks beautiful, and it even strengthens her dignified appearance.

She is also taller than Nia and Kia, maybe around 170cm.


They look like beautiful women, but they are humans.

Despite that, the Nia-Kia brothers didn't notice their presence until they spoke to them. Nia-Kia brothers are raising their guard to the maximum level.

The two of them kept their hands on their sabers on their waist.


Mera notices Nia and Kia's caution and laughs eerily.


"Kekeke! Don't be so scared, elves. I'm not going to kill you right away. And thanks to Elly-sama, you won't die instantly even if I use too much force. I don't really understand it, but I've heard that Elly-sama used the technology, knowledge and magic she gained from studying the dungeon core to create unique magic. Seems that it can absorb damage that could kill you. Even if your arms and legs are torn off, you won't die, so don't worry!"


"...... Elly-sama? Dungeon Core?"


"...... is that the name of the Red Dragon in this Giant Tower? Big sisters, who are you anyway?"


Nia and Kia asked in turn.

Mera waves her hand that is hidden under her sleeve and answers their question.


"Kekeke! That's just a bait thing that Elly-sama summoned. You don't need to worry about it anymore. It has already served its purpose."


Her words gave Nia and Kia a vague understanding of the situation.

The Red Dragon was just a bait to lure the White Knights. They are the real enemy. "I'm not going to kill you right away", that means the person called Elly-sama wants to capture them.


They were surprised, but not so much that they lost their composure. During their previous meeting, they discussed a possibility of an existence that controls the red Dragon. The beautiful woman (Ice Heat) who stands next to the tall woman stares at the tall woman more intensely.


"Don't give information to our enemy, you fool! What will you do if they escape?"


"Kekekeke! You've got to be kidding me, Ice Heat. Do you really think that we can lose to these little elves?"


" Even if we don't lose, maybe they can escape using some trick that Ice Heat doesn't know about! Use your head a little!"


"Kekekekekeke! If that's the case, just crush them before they can use that trick. Ice Heat, you're too hard-headed!"


"There is a saying, 'A cornered rat will bite a cat'. Even a cornered rat can fight back against a cat. No matter how weak those elves are, if you don't fight them with all your strength, you may regret it later."


These women really looked down on them.

Nia and Kia had always looked down on humans

 but had never been looked down on by humans before.


For Nia and Kia who uses their human slave as a tool for target practice, the attitude of the two women in front of them hurts their pride more than they can imagine.

Above all, the two of them have the pride of being Sub-Master and have trained themselves to reach level 1800.

They can't choose to run away after being looked down on and mocked to this extent.


They both draw their sabers from their waists.

Nia and Kia's armor is light armor, and they hold their sabers in both hands.

At a glance, it is obvious that they are speed-oriented fighters.


"They think we're going to go easy on them just because they're a little more beautiful than the elf girls, Nia."


"If what they say is true, then we can cut off their hands and feet without killing them. So let's cut off their hands and feet and bring them home, Kia."


"That's a good idea, Nia. We can't kill them to get information out of them."


"Once we get the information out of them, we'll make them our toys, Kia. We'll love them so much that we won't kill them even if they beg!"




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