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Thursday, May 5, 2022

Infinite Gacha: Ch 2 - Ep25 Breaking into the Giant Tower


  The White Knights left the Elf Queen Nation early in the morning before sunrise.

They travel by carriage to the outskirts of the city, near the forest. Because they are on a secret mission, other adventurers must not see them, so they avoid the road on their way.

They entered the forest from a location far from where the adventurers camp.


With Sasha leading the way, they arrived at their destination.


As the sun rises, 2 giant four-legged monsters with a snake tail come out of the entrance and disappear into the forest.

According to the report, there are about 5 or 6 giant four-legged monsters with a snake tail.

As if to prove that information, 3 giant four-legged monsters with a snake tail come out of the mysterious giant tower and start laying down to sunbathe.


The White Knights and Sasha continued to observe the situation while keeping their breath down.


( According to the report, their level is around 1000.

(Commander, we can't kill all of them, but our snipers can shoot first now.)


(...... The real target is the Dragon. We should avoid unnecessary fighting.)


Commander Hardy thought about it for a moment, then rejected the idea.

Sharp Hat is around level 2000. With his capability, a surprise attack on the giant four-legged monsters with a snake tail in front of them would inflict a fatal or severe wound.

With their level, the weakened giant four-legged monsters with a snake tail are no match for them.

However, since they don't know the level and strength of the Dragon inside the giant tower, it is wise to avoid unnecessary waste of energy.

More importantly...


(...... It's about time to start.)


As if to respond to Hardy's words, a fireball goes up into the sky above the forest.

The fireball is followed by numerous people's shouts from afar, which echoes faintly at the place where Sasha and the White Knights are hiding.


Besides Sasha's team, there is another diversion team that includes the adventurers who brought back the information about the mysterious giant tower. They all started to make a commotion as planned.




The giant four-legged monsters with a snake tail that were sunbathing noticed the intruders trespassing their territory and let out a grumbling sound.

One more giant four-legged monster with a snake tail comes out from the entrance of the Mysterious Tower.

The four of them begin to move toward the voice's direction. They are going to eliminate those who are disrupting their territory.


(There were 6 giant four-legged monsters with a snake tail that came out of the giant tower. If the report is correct, that should be all of them.)


(Ye, yes. According to my investigation......)


Sasha answered Hardy's question, the team leader.

She observed the Giant Tower for several days, from morning to night since she discovered the tower entrance.

There may be more of them inside the tower, but there are only 4 of them as far as she knew.

Hardy nods and gives an order.


(We will now enter the "Mysterious Giant Tower" and hunt the Red Dragon. The formation is as usual. Sasha-dono, I want you to protect yourself.)


The White Knights' standard formation is Hardy as the Commander, Michael as the vice commander, Sharp Hat as the archer, and Nia and Kia moving around as the vanguards.

They are confident that they can kill the red Dragon (level 1000 to 2000).


( !? Commander, are you planning to take Sasha-chan to the giant tower too?)


( I feel uneasy leaving her here, not knowing what might happen. It's safer for her to be with us. In addition, she has been entrusted with a fantasy-grade weapon by the Count's family, so I think she won't be a burden on us.)


It wasn't Commander Hardy but Vice Commander Michael who answered the question.

As a member of the White Knights, Sharp Hat is hesitant to disagree with him.

Actually, it's Michael's way to help Sasha get more achievements.

Sasha also needs to get inside the Giant Tower to kill Raito with her own hands. It's a perfect opportunity. There's no reason for her to refuse to go with them.


Sharp Hat frowned in disgust, but he didn't say anything.

Commander Hardy continues to speak.


(There is a high possibility that there are monsters other than the Dragon inside the giant tower. Please move carefully. Let's go! Silent!)


Hardy casts a spell.

It's battle-level magic called "Silent.

It's a spell to hide their sounds from the outside. But since Hardy is over level 3000, the battle-grade "Silent" has been evolved. Not only the outside world can't hear them, but even their own heartbeats can't be heard.

Sasha shivers and thought to herself.


(So this is the Silent Hardy, the White Knights' Commander......)


A complete silence in which no one can hear even their own heartbeat.

He and the others around him are forced to fall under his effect.

And it's not just that there is no sound. Rumor says that if a normal person continues to stay in this state, he or she will be corrupted by the magic within 3 minutes at the earliest, or 10 minutes at the latest, and will go insane.

On the other hand, the magic user (Hardy) is not affected at all.

No one can fight back when he/she is insane.

Hardy has slaughtered many powerful enemies and monsters with this power.

This is why he is called the Silent Hardy.


It has been confirmed that there is a phenomenon where some part of a person's magic, ability, body, etc., is enhanced due to his/her increased level.

This enhanced phenomenon is called a special skill.


--However, the "Silent Hardy" does not only take away the sound from the opponent and make them go insane. It has other effects, but Sasha doesn't know about them because they are classified as top secret.


(Let's go!)


Since no sound could be heard, Hardy gave instructions with hand signs.

The team members nod as if they are used to it, and Michael hugs Sasha to signal that they are ready.

The White Knights run all the way to the mysterious giant tower entrance without worrying about shaking the trees or the sound of their footsteps, thanks to the "Silent" effect.


The distance to the forest edge is about 15 meters.

The distance from the forest edge to the tower entrance is about 50 meters.

The White Knights ran 65 meters in less than a few seconds without anyone falling behind and without a sound.




After reaching the entrance, they didn't go in right away but instead peek inside first.

It is too dark to see inside.

There is no sign of life.


Hardy made a hand sign to tell everyone to go inside.

He orders them to move along the entrance wall, hiding behind huge pillars until they reach the back.


After confirming that all the members nodded their heads in agreement, the scout (Sharp Hat) takes the first step while checking for traps.

After him, the White Knights stepped inside the giant tower where the darkness spread out like the inside of a demon king's mouth - but the situation quickly changed.


(Transfer trap!?)


Everyone notices, but it's too late.


A trap that even Sharp Hat with a level over 2000 could not detect, a transfer trap (specially made by Elly) is activated.

The White Knights and Sasha are now breaking into pieces and teleported like Raito in Naraku a few years ago.




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