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Thursday, May 19, 2022

Infinite Gacha: Ch 2 - Ep27 Battle on the 1st floor - part 2



 Both White Knights are at a level over 1800, but Mera laughs happily even though she is facing Nia and Kia's murderous intent.


"Kekekekeke! Oh, double sabers, double sabers. Don't just talk. You have to entertain us. Little elves---"


Before Mera can finish, Nia and Kia run toward her while holding sabers in their hands.






Mera and Ice Heat split off to the left and right, avoiding the Nia-Kia brothers' attacks.

The Nia-Kia brothers didn't stop. They kept moving at high speed like the wind.

The Nia-Kia brothers use the large pillars inside the Giant Tower as footholds and attack them.


"Kekekekekeke! Ice Heat, it looks like they're not rats, but little squirrels."


"How long can you keep your calm?"


"Curse your own bad luck!"


"Bad luck?"


"For us, these pillars are footholds! You women end up built a place that gives your opponent a lot of advantages, that can only be called as bad luck!"


"Kekekekekeke! I see...... So you're saying it's bad luck that we gave you so many footholds to jump around. Do you seriously think such a thing is bad luck?"


"You'll understand what we mean very soon-- Wind cutter!


"Wind cutter!"


Nia and Kia move at high speed and cast their battle-class wind attack magic.

The vacuum blades attacked Mera and Ice Heat.


"Well, I guess an elf can do this much."


"Kekekekekeke! This is bad luck. I'm really disappointed."


Ice Heat and Mera easily avoid their attack magic. However, Nia and Kia don't seem to be panicking. The two continued to attack, not just once, but twice, three times, four times. While moving at high speed, they cast their "Wind Cutter" spell.


"Wind cutter! Wind cutter! Wind cutter! Wind cutter!"


"Kekekekekeke! Oops, this is!"


Mera holds her Hat with one hand and avoids the "Wind Cutters" that come from all directions except the ground.

Ice Heat also avoids the wind cutters and gives a warning.


"Mera! You won't be able to cast offensive magic if you continue to move like this! Concentrate on avoiding attacks until they get tired!"


"Too bad! We are members of the White Knights, you know?"


"We can do this level of movement and attack for half a day straight. And!"


"Whoosh!", the sound of the wind.

A throwing knife that is faster than the Wind Cutter shot through Mera's left thigh.

Kia is already in attack position, anticipating that she will stop moving.

As she passes Mera, she slashes her left ankle with her saber.


Without signaling each other, they attack in unison.

It is truly twin-like coordination.


Kia immediately moves away after she slashes Mera's ankle.

To avoid being caught, Nia and Kia keep moving at high speed.


"Kyahahaha! First, we take your left leg. Kia!"


"Next, the red and blue-haired Onee-san. Which limb shall we cut off for you? Nia!"


Nia and Kia both laugh out loud, showing that they are truly enjoying themselves.

In their voices lies a strong desire to torment the people who have looked down on them. Even if these women beg for forgiveness, they will cut off their limbs as declared.

But although even the most experienced adventurer would be deeply frightened and unable to overturn such a situation, Mera and Ice Heat remain calm.


Mera casually picks up her left leg, which has been cut off.

She plays with her left leg in the palm of her hand and asks Ice Heat.


"Ice Heat, what do you think? Are we done with those street performers?"


"Street performers...... Well, we pretty much know what they're capable of. I have no idea that they are this weak...... Even though Elly-sama said that she wanted us to test our power on the surface world, but is this really necessary?"


Even a serious person like Ice Heat doubts the experiment and covers her face with one of her hands while wearing the bulky gauntlets.

This shows how disappointed she is with the gap in ability between herself and Nia-Kia brothers.

Nia and Kia stop moving when they see their reaction.


It wasn't a provocation or a bluff, but they could tell from their voices that they really meant what they said.

They could not help but feel anxious and ask questions to the girls.


"Hey, you women, are you serious? Your bluff won't work, you know!"


"You can't even touch us, yet you're so cocky! You women literally can't touch us. You two will only be chopped off!"


"Kekekekekekeke! You two are idiots. You have got it all wrong. Your knives didn't stab me, and my leg didn't get cut. Didn't you notice that there are no blood drops on the floor or on your saber?"




Kia quickly checks her saber after Mera mentions that.

As she pointed out, there is no blood on his saber.

Furthermore, Mera opens her big mouth and starts to eat her own left leg in her hand.


She swallowed it and making a lot of noise - gagging, gurgling, crunching, crunching, crunching.

The shocking scene doesn't end there.

As soon as she finished chewing, Mera's left leg immediately grew back.


She shakes her leg a couple of times to show that it's real.


She also grabbed her own neck with both hands and tore it off forcefully.

Nia and Kia couldn't help but be shocked at her act of tearing off her own head.


While playing with her severed head with both hands, Mera began to speak.


"By the way, I'm late to introduce myself. I'm UR, Chimera Mera Level 7777. As my name suggests, my body is made up of many organisms. Each part of my body, each cell, is an independent organism. This is why it is easy to remove a left leg that appears to have been cut off and grow it again. I can even do tricks like this."


The knife that stabbed her left leg was somehow taken in, digested, and absorbed by the powerful digestive monster inside her body.

Nia and Kia's teeth are chattering.

They don't want to admit the reality in front of their eyes, so they start screaming.


"No, no way! That's impossible! 7777 is more than twice Commander's level! That level is impossible!"


"That's right! That's right! Nia's right! That head removal thing is just a trick to scare us! We won't be fooled!"


"Kekekeke! A trick! There' s no trick!"


"That was just an act to see your ability and know your moves. In fact, Mera's acting was so amateur that I thought she might get caught in the middle. Mera, please try to act more natural!"


"Kekekekeke! It's okay, Ice Heat. We've achieved our goal after all."


To check Nia and Kia's abilities, Ice Heat pretended to be surprised by their high-speed movement and desperately avoided their attacks.

Though she seems to be more concerned about Mera's random acts than her own acts.

She remembers that she was warning Mera, but Mera just laughed.


Annoyed by the two' joking around, Nia and Kia start attacking again. Nia and Kia want to prove that their previous actions and words were just a bluff.


"'If you're not bluffing, then try to take this attack! Wind cutter!"


"You can say all you want, but do you have the courage to take this? Wind cutter!"


Almost at the same time, the twins cast their battle-class attack. Their attack hits Ice Heat and Mera directly. The wind cutter did hit, but it didn't work at all. There is no scratch as if they had just received a breeze.

They didn't even pay any attention to them and keep talking to each other.


This time, Nia and Kia are completely speechless at the sight.

Ice Heat noticed their desperate look and told them a cruel truth.


"I am late to introduce myself. I am UR, Ice Heat, the Grappler of Flame & Freeze, level 7777. Such low-level attack magic has no effect on Mera and me. Do you get it?"


" Kekekeke! That's right. Our magic defense value is so high, we don't even need to protect ourselves."


"That's a lie! That's a lie! You're lying! Windcutter! Windcutter! Windcutter! Windcutter!"


"Work! Please work! Wind cutter! Ice sword! Thunder Arrow!"


As if they're going crazy, Nia and Kia continued to cast battle-class attack magic toward their opponents.


However, Ice Heat and Mera didn't even try to avoid their attacks.

Even though these are battle-class magics, beginner-level attack magic is literally nothing more than a gentle breeze.

It doesn't even scratch them.


"Then I'll cut you into pieces directly!"


"I'll skewer you!"


Nia and Kia give up their offensive magic and jump at their opponents!

Nia slashes with the saber in her hand, and Kia draws her knife and throws it with all her might. Unfortunately, the saber can't even cut through Mera's clothes. The knife can't even scratch Ice Heat's skin and falls to the ground.


"Kekekekekeke! It's no use! It's impossible to hurt us with a mere sword. Even a child can cut through a giant rock with a paper sword better than you."


"In fact, we're only wearing light armors....... I don't mean to doubt Elly-sama's cleverness, but you guys are so weak. I wonder if this experiment really has any meaning."


Mera laughs, and Ice Heat sighs in frustration.


Nia and Kia, realizing that their all-out attacks didn't work at all.




Nia and Kia scream and choose to run away as fast as they can.

Ice Heat and Mera calmly watch their backs as they run away.


"Kekekeke! They're running for the exit. But the exit is already closed and there's no way out!"


"...... Maybe this is a trap? Are they pretending to run away to catch us off guard?"


"No way. You're thinking too much."


Mera couldn't help but make a tsukkomi.

Even so, Ice Heat kept a serious expression on her face.


"The possibility is not zero, right? Don't let your guard down. Let's do our best to fight them."


Ice heat looks serious and puts all her strength into her right gauntlet.

Understanding that there is no use in saying anything more to her serious friend. Mera shrugs her shoulders and moves away from her.

From her long sleeves, dragon arms with bright red scales that specialize in anti-heat defense come out and wrap around Mera's body.


Mera didn't pay any attention to Nia and Kia's attack earlier, but she went into a defensive stance this time.


After she sees that, Ice Heat shouts in high spirits.


"Dwells in my right hand! IFRIT!"


This novel translation has reached chapter 5 episode 11.

If you wish to read more translated episodes, please kindly help support this translation project.


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