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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

DeokuTeima ~ C33


Chapter 33: Rick



After finishing the delivery, we are finally heading out of town.


Well, I was wondering what was going to happen, but somehow it all worked out fine.


"Sakura, you're good! Keep her restrained!"




"Aqua ball!"




Somehow, I can fight. Although it's all thanks to Sakura.


Having Sakura block the enemy's movement and then attacking with water magic and staff has become our winning pattern. Well, if it is 3 against 1. If the enemy is a gray squirrel or a fanged rat, it won't be a problem. If my aqua ball hits them, I can almost kill them in one hit. But if there is more than 1 enemy, it might be a problem.


We're only targeting 1 monster at a time with my presence detection skill.


Orto could play the role of a wall quite well. He doesn't have a way to attack, but his defense is reasonably high and he's quite reliable.


Thanks to the two vanguards, I can use magic with peace of mind.


It seems that gray squirrels tend to drop fur or nuts. Before I knew it, I had 5 gray squirrel furs, 3 blue acorns, and 3 walnuts in my inventory.


The next one will be my tenth.


"This should be enough to check Sakura and Orto's capability."


Now it's my turn to see how far I can go on my own. That's what I'm going to check. I'll ask them to help me if I'm in danger.




I saw a gray squirrel in front of my eyes. It is a cute little squirrel, but don't underestimate it. Even with its appearance, it's still a monster.


I grip my staff. Come to think of it, this is the first time I am facing a monster by myself. No, what a weak mind. My opponent is the weakest monster, and I have a weapon and magic.


"All right, I think I can do this."


I'm going to beat him here and say goodbye to my life as someone who always runs away!


I'm going to use Aqua ball to hit the gray squirrel that hasn't noticed me yet.


"Take this, you squirrel!"




The gray squirrel's HP is reduced by half. Perhaps it is too far away, and its power has been reduced by half. But it's great that I can strike first. I get closer and hit it with my staff.


"Take this!"




"GUNU. Sei!"




"This little bastard, you can't hit me!"




"Shit! This, This!"


We hit each other. Both of us lose about 10% of our HP. You know that Orto and Sakura are watching from behind with worried faces.


"Squirrel, you're tough."


"Kyu Kyu."






If we hit each other, I think I can hit him. Even so, only half of my attack hit him.


When my HP is reduced by about 70%, I use my backup trick.




Fufufu. My HP is fully restored. I've prepared a lot of medicine, you know?


And Squirrel's HP is only about 10%.


"It's time to turn the tide."


"Kyukyu...... Kyuu--!"




And then my staff knocked out the squirrel's HP. The gray squirrel's body turns into light particles and disappears.


"I did it!"


I won all by myself! Well, if you look at my level, it's not surprising. But it's my first solo victory.


"Okay, the next one is going to be our last fight for today. I'm counting on you two."






The two of them salute me in unison. So cute. I mean, where did they learn that? Monsters' AI is a mystery.


After we've recovered, it's time to use that item we've been storing for a long time.


"Attraction Incense."


Yes, it's an item that will attract unique monsters without fail. It's a rare item that I got from the late Mirei as compensation.


I really wanted to use it on the wild dogs of the northern plains, but if I encounter a pack of them, I will die for sure. I think that even the weak monster at the southern forest entrance would be okay as long as it is a unique one.


And it was a gray squirrel again. It has a white pattern on its back and forehead, perhaps a sign that it is a unique individual.


"Orto, you're the wall. Sakura, you do the first attack."






Orto attracts him, then my staff and Sakura's whip mercilessly reduce the squirrel's HP. Nope, I got a bit carried away. Sakura's attacks are cutting down the squirrel's HP. My staff only does very little damage.


"It's about time. Sakura, focus on restraining him."




The strategy is very simple. First, we fight it like usual and reduce its HP to some extent. After that, I'll use Sakura's tree magic to restrain it and reduce its HP to the limit with my own hand. Finally, I tame it repeatedly as long as my MP lasts.


If I don't succeed in taming it when my MP runs out, then I'll have to kill it. Unique individuals are sure to drop rare drops, so it will not be a waste. Maybe...


Sakura's tree magic activated, and countless vines stretched out from underneath the squirrel's feet, wrapping its body.


"Okay. Mercy and then Aqua ball!




As an effect of using Mercy skill, my body and the Aqua ball I released are enveloped in a red light effect. This is so cool! I'm getting excited!


"Kukuku. Now you only have 1 point of HP left. You better be my servant monster! Cute little squirrel! Tame!"








Yeah, it was a failure. But I won't give up.






It doesn't work at all. My MP is running out. No, don't give up!






I only have enough MP for one more try. Even though I've been saving my MP for this fight! Is it too early for me to get a unique individual?


"Succeed! Please succeed! Tame!






I saw the squirrel glow for a moment. I quickly check my status. A new name has been added to my tamed monster column.


Name: Rick

Race: Grey Squirrel                    Basic Lv4

Contractor: Yuto

HP: 18/18              MP: 10/10 

Strength 4             Constitution 6           Agility 14 

Agility 6                 Wisdom 5                  Spirit 6

Skills: Vigilance, Gathering, Pruning, Jumping, Climbing, Cheek pouch, Front tooth strike


Equipment: None


"All right! Successful! Fuhahaha, I finally got a fluffy monster!"


I got my third monster! In terms of status, he's inferior to Orto and the others, but that can't be helped because he is a gray squirrel. But status is a trivial matter in front of this cuteness.




"It's so fluffy!"


Oh my god, the feel of her short fluffy fur. It's the best....... It's like touching a slightly warm beanbag cushion.






But all three of them are unique. Isn't that quite unusual?




Oh, a congratulatory announcement. Maybe this is just like the previous one?


"All of the monsters you tamed, from the first to the third, are unique monsters. The title 'Unique Monster Mania' will be awarded to you."


I knew it! It's a new title! So this is really unusual, isn't it?


Title: Unique Monster Mania

Effect: Earn 10,000 G prize money. Gain 4 bonus points. Increases the probability of encountering unique monsters and increases the taming rate.


I am happy about the bonus points, But maybe not all of these are good things. Unique monsters are stronger than normal ones. If you encounter one at a critical moment, you're dead. There is nothing I can do about what I've got, but.......


Never mind, I earned bonus points and prize money. I'm also grateful for the increased taming rate.


"My MP has just run out. Let's go back to town."




"―― "





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  1. if it's cute then every effort is worth it lol


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