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Thursday, April 28, 2022

KoushaRyouri ~C20


Chapter 20: The visitors came again.



So Fletty and the others are heading home.


I take off the Jewel Chameleon's leather and watch them go in silence.


I can't help but feel my eyes burning at the thought that this is the last time I see them.


Then I returned to the mountain and began the routine that I had been following for 300 years.


As usual, I am about to leave my house to search for today's dinner. But...


"Hello, we meet again, Luciel-kun."


Three days later, I see Fletty under the camphor tree, cheerfully raising his hand.


I rub my eyes for a moment, wondering if I am dreaming. But the gentle-looking knight doesn't disappear from my sight.


"Huh, Fletty-san! Are you real?"


I ask, and Fletty laughs lightly.


"Hahahaha! As you can see, my feet are still attached."


"Why are you here?"


"I told you about the family treasure that was stolen, right? We managed to get it back from the bandits. Finally, we returned to our Lord's territory."


"I see... Congratulations."


I can't tell him that I already know.


"Thanks to you, we were able to clear our names and serve our Lord again. If you hadn't sheltered us, we might have ended up in monsters' bellies or killed by bandits."


"No, I was just helping people in need."


That's why. If it's not too much trouble, there's someone I'd like you to meet.


"Someone you want me to meet?"


Speaking of which, Mildy and the others are not here.


When Fletty was leaving, I told him about a route to avoid meeting monsters. He must have come alone, but...


More importantly, who is the person he wants me to meet?


"I'm sorry, but can you come down to the foot of the mountain?"


As he requested, I went down the mountain.


A large carriage is parked along the road near the foot of the mountain.


Garner and his men are surrounding it, watching the area carefully.


When they see me, Mildy is the first one to jump in.


She breaks the perimeter and hugs me tightly.


"Long time no see! Luciel-kun, how are you?"


I'm fine, but now for the first time in a long time, I'm in a life-threatening situation.


Wait! Mildy-san, it hurts.


Also, your breasts are pressing against my face!


"Haa... This hugging feeling... It's definitely you, Luciel-kun..."


"Mildy, that's enough. You're putting Luciel-kun in trouble."


I tap her repeatedly, but she doesn't let go of me.


Richil couldn't bear to look at me and warn her. Finally, she let me go.


Phew... I thought I was going to die.


"Sorry, sorry, Luciel-kun. I missed you so much."


"You missed ....... It's been less than three days."




"Enough with the improvisational comedy, Mildy, Richil. We're not here only to celebrate your reunion with Luciel-kun, right?"




"It's not improvisational comedy..."


Mildy didn't feel bad about it, but Richil seemed a bit annoyed.


"So, the person you want me to meet is..."


"Aah. I'll call the person for you now, Garner."


Ah... I didn't know Garner was also here.


He's very quiet and his presence is thin, so it's easy to forget him.


Garner opens the carriage's door.


The moment she put her foot on the step of the carriage, her beautiful blond hair swept by the wind. Then, she looks at me with her blue eyes that look like large sapphires.


Her white skin is smooth, and her pure white dress and white hat on top of her blond hair look good on her.


She is about the same age as the current me. Maybe around 10 years old.


Even so, the little girl is more than cute. She is so beautiful that I couldn't help but admire her.


"Oh. This child is..."


As I am admiring the little girl's beauty, a gentle voice flows into my ears.


Before I knew it, a man with broad shoulders and a fine beard was standing beside me.




I could not help but mutter inwardly.


Although the atmosphere is different, his physique and kharisma are very similar to my father's.


He casually put his hand under my arm and lifted me up easily.


He smiles at me.


"Eh, excuse me... Who are you?"


"His Excellency Clavis Grand Letivia. The head of the Letivia family."


Another stranger explained it to me.


He has the same blond hair and blue eyes as the girl. He is a man in his twenties with a face as sweet as honey.


The girl and this middle-aged man both wear robes over their noble clothes, but only this man has a sword under his robes.


Judging by his muscles, he must be a swordsman.


"Oi, oi. Karim, please don't take away my moment to show off. I want to introduce myself as the head of the Letivia family and see how surprised people get. Nuhahaha."


Clavis laughs loudly.


He's the head of the Letivia family, which means he's the Lord that Fletty serves.


Does this mean that Fletty wants me to meet him?


"My Lord, and Master Karim. Please, that's enough... He seems to be very confused already."


"Ng? Is that so? I apologize for my rudeness."


Fletty purposely cleared his throat, and Clavis finally put me down.


"Let me introduce myself again, Luciel. My name is Clavis Gran Letivia. I am the head of the Letivia family. On this occasion, the knights who serve me have been in your care. I would like to thank you."



After saying that, Clavis bows his head deeply.


Not only me but the others are also surprised by his action.


The only exception is Karim, the man who is standing beside me.


The girl standing beside him is also holding her breath.


"Fletty is a very responsible man. I told him that the Knights' lives are more important than the family treasure, but he rushed off."


When Clavis glance at him, Fletty bows his head apologetically.


"I heard that one of his team members almost died. When I heard that, I thought my heart would stop."


Clavis's voice echoes clearly.


Naturally, it also reaches Mildy's ears. She rubs her nose and looks a little embarrassed.


"I heard you were the one who sheltered our Knights when the bandits chased them. Thank you, Luciel-kun. For the Knights and for me, you are a lifesaver."


"Oh, you're exaggerating."


I wave my hand, but Clavis shakes his head.


He kneels down, looks at me, and smiles with his gentle eyes.


"Thank you, little hero."


"Little hero, that's..."


"I would love to reward you for your achievements. Is there any reward you want?"


"No, sir. I did it because Fletty-san was in trouble. I didn't do it because I wanted a reward..."


I reply, then Clavis pat me on the head.


"Fletty has already told me about your situation."


When I hear that, I glance at Fletty.


"I'm sorry, but I really wish my Lord to hear about you."


Fletty bows his head to me.


Clavis wrinkles his eyebrows.


"As a parent, I feel sad for you. But even with such parents, you have a kind heart."


"My mother is..."


"I see. Your mother. It is thanks to your mother that you grew up straight despite your family's circumstances."


Clavis stands up and looks at Fletty.


"You were right, Fletty."


"Yes. Luciel-kun is a very kind boy."


"Hmm. So, as we discussed, let's move on to our next plan..."




As I tilt my head, Clavis kneels down again and says...


"So, Luciel-kun. Can you listen to my request?"


"Request...? If I can be of any help."


"Yes. Only you can do it."


"Only I can do..."


"So, Luciel-kun. Can you come to my house?"




At that moment, I felt as if something that had stopped for 300 years is starting to move.



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