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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

DeokuTeima ~ C34


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Chapter 34: Professional title



Rick the gray squirrel, our new comrade. He has an interesting ability. It's a collecting skill. Not gathering, but collecting.


From the name, I thought this skill was for gathering. But this isn't just gathering. As the name implies, it is a skill of collecting. Just when I thought he was separated from me, he brought me nuts.


"Is that a Blue Acorn?"


They say it makes portable food taste nicer, but how much nicer can it be?


But I'm glad Rick is here to collect them for us. After that, he picked up four green acorns and four walnuts before we reached the town. Handy. But I don't want him to go away during the battle......


I thought so, but then I realized that he didn't go too far. It seems that there is a collection range, and if there is something to collect within that range, it will collect it.


This way, he won't be absent during the battle. In fact, if he's a little further away, it would be a good surprise attack.


"Phew. We're back in town."


My first real battle was fun, but I'm tired.


"Still, it is relaxing to be on my farm."






Having two big trees in the field has really boosted the healing effect. Just being surrounded by greenery is calming. But the forest is different. You never know when you might be attacked by a monster.


I wonder if I can put a couch here so that I can laze around. It would be nice to have a table as well for tea time. I can't manipulate the inside of the barn, but how about the outside?


Rick climbed up the green peach tree smoothly and curled up on the branch. I'm glad he likes it.




"Oops, that's right."


I remembered when Orto pulled my hem.


"Hey. This walnut. Can you plant this too?"








While shaking his head, he pushes the walnut back at me. What? He can plant walnuts, but this isn't enough?


I bring out the other 6 walnuts I got today. Orto picks up one of them and nods in satisfaction.


I can't tell the difference at all, but if it satisfies him, then okay.


"Then, can I count on you?"




"I'm going out for a while."




The farm would be fine as long as Orto and Sakura are there. I headed for Alyssa's stall.




"Oh, you're here at an unusual hour. Do you need medicine? Or information?"


"Both. First, the usual thing."


For now, I'll sell the medicine I made. Then, I'll sell the information.


"Fufufu. I knew it! You are interesting! You are our number one information supplier, by far. So, what kind of information?"


"About a title."




Rather than being surprised, Alyssa looked amazed.


"I tamed my third monster just a while ago."


I show her the new title in the status column.


"I see. A professional title."


"Is it possible that the other jobs also have such a title?"


"Yes. If you're an alchemist and your first 5 creations are original, you're a Master of Originality. If you're a Summoner and all three of your monsters are unique, you'll get the title of Unique Monster Lover."


The first time is the hardest part. You need to be very good to get the bonus, and it's hard to aim for it. By the time you get the information, it'll be impossible to get it.


"Perhaps you'll also buy the Unique Monster Mania title information too?"


"Too bad. I just got the information the other day. Two people who already acquired it came to my store and sold it to me."


According to the data released today, the number of people who have obtained a title has increased to 11 people. It seems that's the number of people who have obtained this professional title.


"This information was confirmed during the beta test. It was acquired on the last day of the beta test, so it wasn't reviewed, and it wasn't posted on the bulletin board as reliable information. It seems that the beta testers who knew about this info were targeting those titles."


"But isn't that strange? I mean, if you play the beta test until the last day, it's impossible to have 3 tamed monsters."


"No, not really. There are several ways to do it. One of the ways is if you change your job to a tamer through the job change system."


So that's the idea. If your first 3 tamed monsters are unique, you'll get 3 unique tamed monsters in a row. In other words, you don't have to be a tamer from the beginning. It seems that you can get the title even if you get the tamer job later.


"But then, isn't it quite easy to get Unique Monster Mania?"


I could just select the tamer job for the time being, and when I encounter a unique monster someday, I can tame it.

When I say that, Alyssa-san shakes her head.


"It's not that simple, you know. Yuto, didn't you have a lot of trouble when you tamed Rick-chan?"


"Yes, my MP was very low."


"Even the tamers who have a servant monster with special art are having a lot of trouble. I think the chances of a player who only has Enlist and Taming skills to get a unique monster is less than 1%. If you think about it, they'll either run away or time-up."


"And changing jobs?"


I know there is a system for that, but it requires a basic level of 20 or higher, so it's still very far away for me.


"So there's a chance I can get a title with other skills?"


"Of course. How about alchemy?"


" It is impossible already. I already used synthesis in a normal way."


"I see. Then it's impossible."


I would have to use my initial bonus to level up my alchemy, get new recipes, and invent more recipes. And if I fail, it will become garbage, so I cannot fail at all.


"Does the farming job have such a title?"


"Hmmm. It hasn't been confirmed yet."


That's too bad. If I have time, maybe I can search for more information and aim to acquire another new title.


Next, the information about Sakura.


"Next, I'd like to buy some information. Do you know what tree spirit is?"


"Yes. It's supposed to be very rare....... Could it be that you tamed one?"


"Yes, it's my 2nd tamed monster."


I explained to Alyssa how I got Sakura.


"Tree spirits don't appear in any specific area at the moment.

But sometimes, they appear from a tree in the forest that's older than the rest of the trees. During the beta test, there were reports of them appearing in the 1st area. In the official version, there are reports of them being defeated in the 2nd area."


Are they something like a field boss or more than just a unique monster? 


"I've heard that their abilities differ slightly depending on the type of tree they're based on."


The following is the basic data that Alyssa gave me on tree spirits.


Tree spirit

Physical and mental strength is slightly higher.

Skills: Cultivating, Tree Magic, Photosynthesis, Regeneration, Endurance, Water Resistance, Woodcraft, Forest Protection

Equipment: Tree spirit weapon, tree spirit robe


Sakura has additional gathering and enchanting skills. I'm not sure if these are her special skills or it' because of her level up.


The skills endurance and forest protection seem to give her some bonuses to her actions when she's in the forest.


"So, am I correct in assuming that I can sell the story about the tree spirit?"


"Eeto? I'm the one who bought the information, remember?


"Listen, the fact that you can get tree spirit by planting a Water Guardian Tree is very valuable information. Well, it's going to be a while before anyone can copy it."


I didn't think it would be that difficult. Apparently, it's quite difficult for other people to get a tree spirit the same way I did.


First of all, there are only a few ways to reach the altar at the moment, so it's difficult to get the Water Guardian tree fruit.


Then, to grow the Water Guardian tree, you need to have the cultivating skill, but there are no players who have this skill yet. It seems that to get the cultivating skill, you need to raise your farming skill to lvl 40. The top farmer's farming skill level is currently only around 30, so it will take some time to reach 40.


Besides, to get a servant monster, you need to tame it. Depending on the case, the condition for a Tree Spirit appearance might be that you need Enlist and Taming skills. If that's the case, the tamer also needs to have Cultivating skills to grow the Water Guardian tree.


To be frank, it's much better and faster for a player (other than me) to explore the forest to find a tree spirit.


So to sum it up, it is thanks to Orto that I could get Sakura as my Servant monster.


They'll find out about Sakura if I bring her along. If that's the case, I think it's better to disclose the information quickly than to keep it secret and risk being blamed behind my back.


I decided to sell the information to Alyssa. After deducting the information price, I earned 1500 G.


Now that I've done my business, I'm going to go buy some equipment for Rick. Unlike Orto and the others, he doesn't have any initial equipment. Besides, I've decided to play as the rear guard. I also want to buy a staff, which I've been postponing for a while.



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  1. Very cool chapter, keep up the good work

  2. The author is wrong about it being difficult for players to get another spirit tree. That's because the game allows players to start over. So, let's say that I want a spirit tree but I am too high level to waste my time resetting so that I can cultivate, farm, and visit the Water Guardian Tree altar. I can ask a new player to do it for me and and over the fruit. In return, I will bankroll and power level back up when they re-reset their character to get rid of the cult/farm/etc skills and non-ideal point distribution. Another method is to make a deal with my sister/brother/friend to enter the game and get the fruit for me. After that, they quit the game as they have no interest in playing, but if they do continue, I would help them. Of course I'd help them even without the fruit.

    But it's clear that the author wants to protect the uniqueness of the Main Character by pontificating that it is difficult to get another plantable fruit. But it actually isn't once you know the method. What the author needs to say, but has not, is that a plantable fruit is ONLY awarded to the very first person to visit the altar in the game. That would make the MC into the special snowflake with an intelligent fighting cherry-flavored tree spirit.


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