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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Episode 39: Defense - part 1



Crunch, crunch, crunch--.


"Hmm ...? It don't have much nutrition."


The sound of the skull chewing hard and the tender flesh being torn apart echoed.

Isla uses her second arm to eat something that resembles a human. Like a sommelier who is tasting wine she shakes her neck and feels disappointed then throws away the corpse - the Flame Knight.


"There is a miscellaneous taste, and the taste is not cohesive ... Moreover, the stiff and strange small bones remain in my throat. It is not nice."


In the trees many threads as strong as steel hung.The monsters that had lost part of their bodies were hanged.At the end of the crooked tree was pierced with body parts and looked like a hundred tongues. Blood dripping on the cursed earth.


Not only that ... lots of mucus-covered eggs lay on the ground and branches. The eggs pulsed as if there is new life inside it.


Good people will say that this place is hell.

A madman will say that this place is heaven.


What is certain is the Brave Quests monsters that have been in this place has become insect foods.


"According to Takuto-sama they are strong enemies, therefore I was looking forward to it. It might sound rude to the king, but I was a little disappointed. Neither their response nor their texture was disappointing."


Haaa...... and let out a sigh of disappointment, Isla gently wiped the blood from her mouth with a graceful gesture and turned her huge body to another side.


All the stupid enemies had died, and all the unworthy ambitions had been destroyed in that place. A man who came to this place after that incident was the only survivor, he clicked his tongue in frustration.


"Are demons who have only dealt with humans weak at times like this? As food-- well, that's about 30 points."


A man stood before the insects eyes.

From his appearance he is a character from Brave Quests, but he seemed calm despite being in this hell.But clearly he is very irritated.


"They are your subordinates, right?"


The man is called the Inferno Demon Fremine.


"Ouou, Nice to meet youmonster.It seems that you didn’t like my subordinates—Kihihi."


The man scoffed and laughed.

He is very thin as if he is on the verge of starvation, and his body continued to give off burning flames.

The red eyes starring sharply at Isla.

The two of them fell into a strange silence. Gasa gasa .... only the sound of bugs hiding in the trees.




The reason for the silence is clear. They are assessing each other's abilities.


Fremine is the dense sign and pressure of the opponent. And from the scattered corpses...

Fremine could feel intense pressure from his opponent. From the scattered corpses and the bug child’s around the place he judged that Isla is a boss character.


……This encounter.

Without realizing it, the two of them had spent a long time looking at each other. They can estimate their opponent's abilities even if they don't see it directly. Both of them judged that their opponent could not be underestimated.


"State who you are."


Fremine brought out flames with her skill, she carefully asked.

His subordinates have been destroyed.

Most of his army has been entrusted under the control of fire knights and fire mages because of their capability.At the moment he and his followers are in a less favorable situation.

He was cautious because he thought there might be a surprise attack.

Isla, on the other hand, makes cheerful statements as if she is no need to play with such tricks.


"Mynoghra, the land ruled by the great king of ruin, Ira Takuto. I am one his heroes, My name is Isla, the Queen of All Bugs."


"One of the Shitennous, the inferno demon Fremine."


The two of them don't know each other.

And both of them come from different worlds unknown to each other.

Isla understands that the opponent is a visitor from another game world that is same with themselves.

Even Fremine has no information about this world yet, but he have a strange feeling and sure that he will never be compatible with his opponent.


“The Shitennou! Come to think of it, I've heard that name in Atou-san's report. As I recall—Ice Rock-san?


Oh, is he dead? Well, he's just a muscular idiot with no brain.


She avoid making a statement about the result of the collision in that sentence, but Fremine understands that his companion has been defeated by these unknown monsters and bites his teeth.

It's too quick and easy.

Fremine didn't expect his opponent to be so troublesome.

Although the Shitennous are equals in their positions, there is a clear ranking in their strength.

Ice Rock was the weakest of the Shitennous.

There will be a difference in ability compared to himself.

However, they are the Demon King Army.

They are evil existences known to the world and feared all living things.

They are true destroyers that only heroes could fight.

They were easily defeated.


(There should be a lot of them left ... I don't think they were all wipe out ....Shit, I can't confirm in this situation.)


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1 comment:

  1. Fremine brought out flames with <> skill, <> carefully asked.
    <> subordinates have been destroyed.

    I feel like Fremine getting gender reassignment within two sentences.

    Thank you for the translations.


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