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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Episode 39: Defense - part 2


The invasion of the city of Dragon Town includes the summoned monsters.Many demons under Ice Rock also participated.

The number is overwhelmingly larger than the number of soldier that Fremine mobilize behind the Demon King back.

Although to Shitennou they were only fragile monsters, they were a miracle for the humans who fought them all this time.

Their number should be more than enough to bring down a city.

The Demon King Army and the Shitennou who lead them has been defeated easily.... Even a wise man like Fremine need more time to admit Isla's words as facts.


(Well,No matter how far they go, small fry are only small fry.)


But even in a crisis situation where his allies had been wiped out, Fremine still have the confidence. With his ability he could survive this situation.

......After all for the Demon King Army of Brave Quests, those demons is nothing more than chess pawns.

They are not accustomed to military action. It's not because they are incompetent that they move carelessly.

After all, no matter how big the horde he lead, he can easily overturn the situation with his own power.

The best example is the hero and the demon king.

War is the ultimate battle to settle dispute between individual.

Military action is only the second element in their world.

Like an end game or eating contest.


Therefore Fremine remained in this place.

Because he thought that if he defeated the enemy in front of him, he could easily overturn the results of the previous battle.

In fact, in the Brave Quests Demon King Army, where the summoning cost of monsters is equal to zero, that idea was never wrong.


"Well, he is the weakest Shitennou after all. Compared to this me, the level is about two times different..... If you think his level is same with me, you will regret it. Kihihi."


"Oh, you seems very confident.... Do you think I am not?"


"At least, killing you and drag your boss in the back from his throne to the ground is not just a threat. What his name again? ――Is it Takuto-sama? Hahaha!"


It was a cheap provocation.

However, even if it is just a provocation, it's a forbidden words for Mynoghra subordinates.

Especially for Mynoghra hero.


“Ara ...... against our great Lord - you barked a lot. You trash.”


She gritted her fangs in irritation, and a formless pressure raised up.

There's an unimaginable outpouring of anger from her usual ladylike nature, at the same time a number of child bugs inspired by the Queen's wrath rushed toward Fremine.

His thin body is buried by the flock of bugs.

In an instant a black object in the shape of a person with a rough and creepy sound is formed.




 Isla remained silent in that situation.

 Suddenly, an explosion occurred and intense flames erupted from its center.


The one that appears is Fremine.

The flames on his body grow bigger and burning the bugs that flooded him.

Fremine giggle while watching the bugs screaming and burned into ashes.


"Welcome.I don't hate the rough lords either. However, I deal with women. So I hope you will lead me gently."


Queen Isla also giggle ridicules his opponent.

The fight between monsters with absolute power was about to begin.





"Your majesty... what are you thinking?"


"Is there anything I can help you with?"


"No ... it's just a small thing."


Mynoghra City. Takuto is sitting on a chair in the town square which filled with trees.

The two girls looked at his face and interrupted his thoughts.

Their names are Mearia and Cearia.

They are the elf sisters who take care of Takuto exclusively.

Originally, non-combatants citizen gathered in one place and evacuated due to an emergency situation, but the two who were ordered to be Takuto's maids refused to follow the instructions and stay with Takuto.

They say that they will fulfill their duties as the maidservant.

Since everyone was busy giving instructions to civilians, no one had time to convince them to evacuate. Finally they were allowed to stay because there were soldiers guarding them.


"SLG character is overwhelmingly superior to RPG characters. Especially the Eternal Nations, based on the setting they have outstanding strength, so if it is game compliant, the difference in strength is reasonable..."


As they looked at each other's faces, Takuto looked up at the sky and roared.

The twin girls tilted their heads curiously while watching Takuto behavior.




The difference in strength is over whelming...

In the world setting of Eternal Nations, nations moves huge weapons that can pierce the sky, have troops of 10,000 units, and can caused a natural disaster,

The scale is different in the world setting of Brave Quests, which is adventure-based and can only use individual magic.


Takuto was on the highest level of caution because the opponent came from an RPG. But after the battle curtain opened, seems that they can handle it without any problems.

From the fighting ability of Ice Rock, he had estimated the ability of the Demon King and the other Shitennou.


With the current Mynoghra, it is possible to defeat them as long they move carefully.

The only problem that needs to be considered is how the barbarians can appear suddenly in one place. If he thought of it as a typical RPG monster summon, then the countermeasures had already been planned.


However, the unease feeling cannot be wiped out.

Something like a small bone stuck inside the throat

A feeling similar to fear ring a warning bell in the depths of his heart.

He check again the status of all operations and examine all the information’s.

Atou and Elder Mortar have already defeated the enemy corps, currently they are wiping up the enemy.

Gia Defense Corps is stationed in the city of Mynoghra, escort the citizen's and responding to invading enemy units.

Isla and his subordinate bug units are dealing with the Mynoghra invasion unit. Even if he reanalyze the current situation, the possibility of losing to the Shitennou is equal to zero.

He don't think he'll make a silly mistake.

But no matter how many time he think about it, he can't find the cause of his anxiety.


“Or is it a bug warning? Is there something that's bothering you two?”


He was trapped by an indescribable feeling. Then he try to ask the two girls who are on his side.

Cearia and Mearia. The two maidservant look at each other at those words then shook their head at the same time.


= Eterpedia ============




-Recovers the unit's HP by 10% each time the unit destroy an enemy.



Parasitic egg


-Every time the unit attack enemy a life unit, there is a low probability that the enemy unit will be affected by "Parasitic" skill.


Enemy units affected this skill become inoperable, and after a certain period of time they will produce child bugs and disappear.


* Skills exclusively for "Queen of All Bugs, Isla"



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