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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Infinite Gacha: Ch 2 - Ep29 Battle on the 2nd floor - part 1


"I didn't notice that transfer trap. How is that possible? What the hell is going on? When we get back home, Commander will scold me. Seriously, this is bad..."


Sharp Hat found himself stranded in an unknown place after being trapped in a transfer trap.

Compared to the 1st floor of the Giant Tower, the pillars are slimmer and more scattered.

It is obvious at a glance that this is not the 1st floor.


From the material of the room, he can guess that this is still inside the Giant Tower.


"If it's not on the 1st floor, then it's must be somewhere on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th floor. How about that area?"


Sharp Hat looks at one of the pillars in confusion and asks himself.

Although he usually acts in a flirtatious manner, his level is around 2000. He is a member of the strongest knight order in the Elf Queen Nation and the 3rd strongest person in this nation.

He was teleported to a strange place by an unexpected transfer trap. He complains but doesn't panic. He is always on his guard and immediately checks his surroundings to see if there are any enemies.

And there is a shadow that catches his attention.


If that shadow is his team member, it will immediately call out to him.

From the size of the shadow, he concludes that it is not a dragon but a person.

Any person other than them inside the Giant Tower is probably a humanoid monster or somebody with bad intentions.

Sharp Hat is wondering what kind of attack or magic would be coming, but he is ready to respond to any attack.




The person who has been observing Sharp Hat from behind a pillar appears.

Sharp Hat, who is on alert, his eyes widens and mouth opens when he sees the person appear.


She is a short woman with a childish look.

Her hair is cut short and she wears a cloak, jacket, corset, boots, tights and a short skirt.

Her eyes are violet, her lips are rose-colored, and her teeth, which sometimes peek out, are shiny like pearls.

In her hand, she holds a long, spear-like weapon.


She looks like a beautiful human girl (?). No elf woman can match her beauty.


Sharp Hat unconsciously let out a voice.


"So, so beautiful...."


At this moment, he forgets about his surroundings and looks at the beautiful girl (?)---- he admires Suzu.

When Sharp Hat regains his mind, he clears his throat, fixes his messy hair, and cleans dust on his clothes.

While putting on his best smile, he speaks to her.


"Beautiful young lady, could you please tell me your name and the reason why you are in this 'giant tower'? 

If you're lost and can't get out, this Sharp Hat would be happy to escort you out."




"Young Lady?"


Suzu took a half step back with a disgusted expression on her face when Sharp Hat put on his best ikemen smile.

He is shocked that Suzu looks so disgusted with him.

He has won a hundred battles with this smile against any oppressed human women in the Elf Queen Nation.

Even Sosha, who he had already disposed of, couldn't resist this smile. Her cheeks flushed red and enchanted.

The long object in Suzu's hand starts to clatter.


"Sorry, Mr. Bad guy. My partner is a silent person."


"...... Intelligent Weapon?"


Sharp Hat is not really surprised when the object in her hand starts talking.

In rare cases, there are magic items and weapons found in ruins or treasure boxes that can speak. These items are called "Intelligent Items", while weapons and armor are called "Intelligent Weapons".

It's a rare thing, but it's not that surprising.


"My partner's name is Suzu, and I'm Rock. Our encounter will be short, so you don't need to remember our names."


"...... What does that mean?"


Sharp Hat refocuses his mind as the words and atmosphere are clearly disturbing.

The "intelligent weapon" Rock explains some information on behalf of his partner, Suzu.


"The Dragon is just a bait to lure the White Knights. By now, your separated comrades are being used as a measuring stick to measure our ability. If you want to save them, you have to defeat us."


After listening to the explanation, Sharp Hat sighs with an expression as if he has just been cheated.


"So you're saying that all of this is your scheme? ....... They are pulling each other's legs in the palace, which is why we're trapped like this..... It really sucks....."


After shrugging his shoulders, Sharp Hat switches his mind and makes an appeal.


"I understand why we're going to fight... But I'm really falling in love with Suzu-chan! Why don't we put aside fighting for a moment and exchange love with me?"




Suzu shivers and steps back at Sharp Hat's confession. She feels very uncomfortable.

The man himself didn't make the confession as a joke or a game.

If she agreed, he would seriously accept Suzu as a temporary lover to replace Sosha, who he had disposed of.

Though she would have to spill some of the information she possessed.


But of course, Suzu had no intention of doing that at all.

She whispers to Rock, the weapon in her hand.


"My partner said that she doesn't like you at all. That's physiologically impossible."


"If that's the case, I'll do my best to make you like me! So please tell me your preference, Suzu-chan!"


Even though Sharp Hat was clearly told that it is ''physiologically impossible,'' he still overacts and appeals to Suzu.

On the other hand, Suzu steps back further and tells Rock about her preference.


At that moment, Suzu's cheeks turn bright red like a maiden in love.


"My partner prefers...... black hair, a cute and cool face, and a gentle and dignified gentleman... This! No matter how I think it, that's Raito-sama, isn't it? Even for you, that's impos---- OOUCH! Sto, stop it, Partner!  I look tough, but I am quite fragile. Stop smashing my gun barrel!"



Suzu immediately denies her love interest, and with tears in her eyes, she begins to smash Rock against the pillar.

Rock makes a lot of noise, but it is not so fragile as to be damaged by this amount of force.

It looks like a musket gun, but it is an intelligent weapon. It is only natural that it was not made from the same material as the Earth-made "musket gun".


Sharp Hat shrugs his shoulders in front of Suzu, who tearfully smashes Rock against the pillar.


"I would be very grateful if you accept my confession and surrender to me, but...... can't be helped. Then I'll forcefully make you mine!"


A moment later, he raises his right arm.

At the same time, an invisible arrow shoots out from Sharp Hat's arm.

He had been preparing to shoot while flirting with Suzu, disguised in his overacting movements.

It is Sharp Hat's favorite secret treasure-grade weapon that shoots invisible arrows.


The arrow is powerful enough to blow the head off an adult human with a single shot.


Suzu shot it down without even looking at him.

Instead of replying, she points her weapon at him and - fire!

With a gunfire sound, a bullet created by magic power flies towards Sharp Hat.




He didn't run away but shot at it head-on with a reloaded invisible arrow.


The gunner and archer began their fight by shooting at each other.



This novel translation has reached chapter 5 episode 11.

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