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Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Infinite Gacha: Ch 2 - Ep24 Each one prepares to attack


"Sasha-dono, it was decided that you will  go with us."


"! Is that true! I'm happy!"


After the meeting, Michael leaves the dormitory and meets Sasha in a private room at a high-class restaurant in the capital.

The restaurant's food is delicious, but one of its main selling points is the secrecy of their private rooms.


As they sit facing each other, they enjoy their meal and chat.

Sasha made a powerful gut pose inside her mind.


(Now I can get inside the giant tower where Raito is! This time I must kill him with my own hands!)


"The Prime Minister is also supporting us gladly. As proof, he lent me his fantasy-class armor that has been handed down in his family for generations. The Count family also did the same thing, right?"


"Ye, yes! My foster father will lend me a fantasy-class weapon that has been handed down in the Count's family for generations. He told me to use it to protect myself and Michael-sama."


"That's very reassuring."


Of course, the Prime Minister and the Count family are not lending their fantasy-class armor and weapon out of goodwill.

Naturally, it is for the benefit of both families.


Even though Sasha's report was submitted a bit late compared to the human adventurers, she was the second to report back with important information about the mysterious giant tower.

This is a big plus.

In addition, Sasha and Michael's influence will undoubtedly increase if they play an active role in solving the national crisis.


The Prime Minister's faction wants to destroy the matriarchal system and change it to a male-dominated social system. If the two of them get famous, the Prime Minister's faction can promote their future daughter to be the next queen.

If everything goes well, she will become the next queen, and they can destroy the matriarchal system.


This is why the Prime Minister and the Count family lend out their treasured fantasy-class armors and weapons.

The two families are very enthusiastic about this operation.


For Sasha, all she wants to do is kill Raito to ensure a happy future for herself.


Michael also wants to win against the Silent Hardy, who is a thorn in his eyes, so that he can gain more power.

Therefore, all 4 parties have their own agendas that overlap with each other.


(The White Knights, fantasy-class armor and weapon lent by the Prime Minister and the Count's family. By deploying a force that can take down a nation, nothing can go wrong… but I should always prepare insurance.)


Michael is a cautious man who always prepares for the worst. He unconsciously pats his pocket.

He may not be from the main royal family, but he certainly has royal blood in his veins. There is no way that he doesn't have a family treasure passed down from generation to generation like the Prime Minister or the Count's family.


He unconsciously patted that family treasure, his insurance plan.

Sasha tilts her head at his unusual gesture.

Before she could ask, Michael smiles and takes the wine glass.


"Sasha-dono, how about a toast for our bright future?"


"Sounds good. Then let's......."


He skillfully changes the topic and tricks Sasha into taking the wine glass.

Their glass is filled with blood-red wine.


They clinked their wine glasses like happy couples.


"To our bright future..."




The glass clinks with a clear and nice sound.

The two of them listen to that sound and sip their wine, dreaming of their bright rose-colored future.






"The adventurer's guild has sent me a request in the name of the Elf Queen Nation's."


In the throne room on the 4th floor of the Giant Tower.

As I sit on the throne, I speak in front of my strongest force members.


"The Elf Queen Nation has made a strategy that exactly resembles Elly's prediction. They're going to use the rising human party that brought the information about the Giant Tower, that is us. They want the Black Clowns to act as a diversion, while the White Knights are going to launch a surprise attack on the Giant Tower."


"It's nice when my predictions come true, but it's boring when they're too predictable. I had prepared another plan in case they use another strategy, but it turned out to be too predictable."


Elly is standing in front of me and smiles coldly.

I also smile coldly and continue to speak in front of my current strongest force.


"The stage for revenge against Sasha is finally ready....... I wonder how she'll look on this stage."


I imagine how she will look and smiles wider.

With that smile on my face, I continued to speak to everyone in turn.


"Elly, please take charge of the entire operation and make sure they can't escape once they are inside the tower."


Elly replies and smiles.


"I swear I won't disappoint you, God Raito."


"Aoyuki, I need you to move the monsters accordingly so that only Sasha and the White Knights can get in. Gold and Nemumu will act as the diversions, so I need you to act as adventurers to raise our reputation and popularity. My body double will be on your team that day, so be careful."


Aoyuki replies while glancing behind his hoodie.


"As you wish, my Lord."


"Nazuna. Nazuna's opponent is the White Knights Commander. It seems that he's the strongest elf in the Elf Queen Nation. Nazuna is the strongest in Naraku, so maybe he is just a small fry for you. Anyway, you can use him as a gauge to measure how strong you are on the surface world."


"Okay! I'll do my best for my Lord!"


Nazuna replied cheerfully.


"Suzu's opponent is the best long-range archer among the elves. It's a good chance to test your skill and ability against an opponent who is also a long-range fighter. You can also use it as a milestone to measure your ability. I heard that he is a typical elf who likes to abuses humans. He makes me sick. We need to extract information from him so we won't kill him but crush him to your heart's content."




"I'll do my best to fulfill Raito-sama's wish."


"Ice heat and Mera's opponents are the twin elves. These two also seem to have a hobby of torturing and killing humans. It's so disgusting - now let them experience the same thing, break their hearts and then crush them. Can you two do that?"


"Ice Heat will certainly live up to my Lord's expectations."


"Kekekekeke! I'm good at this. You can count on me, my Lord."


I finished giving orders to everyone.

Finally, I speak about my prey.


"I'll deal with Sasha and the vice commander. Don't touch them, okay?"


I nodded happily and smiled when I heard the responses from each of them.

"Now, let the fun and exciting revenge drama begin......!"


As I laugh happily, Elly and the others make a happy and lovely expression.


We're ready to welcome Sasha and her men.



  1. Let the elves subjugation begin. Thanks for the treat.

  2. Muitooo obrigado isso precisa virar anime pelo amor de Zeus

  3. i just subbed to you on patron were can i find the rest of the chapter i got the 8$ sub


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