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Wednesday, April 6, 2022

KoushaRyouri ~C19


Chapter 19:





Mildy-san squeezed out her voice. The other Richil's and Garner's also gulped.


Each of them takes a stance and stares at the Bandits Leader in front of them.


Even though their opponent is using a magic sword, but Fletty calmly gives instructions to his subordinates.


"You guys stay back. I'll fight him alone."


"Huh? What are you talking about? The last time we fought, you were helpless. Are you looking down on me?"


As if to remind him of the bitter memory of his defeat, the Bandits Leader raised his Red Magic Sword.


The flames rage again.


The heat is so intense it feels like a dragon's breath.


Even so, Fletty doesn't blink his eyes or move his sword.


"I'm a knight. If you fight me alone, I fight you alone--that's all."


"That's what I call looking down on me!!"


The flames curling from the magic sword grew even larger and reached the ceiling.


The ceiling was already charred black and covered with soot.


It is as if the Bandits Leader's anger has added more fuel to the fire.


Even in the face of such flames of anger, Fletty is not intimidated.


He looks straight into the eyes of the Bandits Leader and does not break his stance.




Finally, the Bandits Leader loses his patience.


"Okay. First, I'm going to burn you to ashes."


Without a signal, the battle began.


The Bandits Leader was the one who started the fight first. He jumps forward and closes the distance between him and Fletty.


He swings his magic sword down with the flame.


Fletty sees through the sword line, carefully repels it, and jumps into his bosom at once.


He easily pushed back the Bandits Leader.




The Bandits Leader is confused.


He began to be overwhelmed by Fletty's sword skill.


It is a natural result. The bandit's swords are just his own style of swordsmanship. It's no different than swinging a sword around wildly without any theory.


On the other hand, Fletty's swordsmanship is a skillful swordsman.


He knows where to strike his opponent and how to anticipate his opponent's next move.


His unwavering stance is clear proof of his years of training.


There are two types of swordsmanship: those who have given up working hard and those who have continued to work hard.


It is obvious who will win the fight.


"Son of a bitch! Did you take it easy on me back then?"


"You say strange things... Me back then, me now, I'm the same Fletty Heimuld!"


Fletty's sword flashes.


The Bandits Leader steps back.


He steps back awkwardly as if he is a frog standing and dancing on two legs.


The Bandits Leader's eyes widened, and he was amazed by his strength.


In front of the Bandits Leader, Fletty is imposing his stance.


"If there's a difference, it's on your side, bandit. This time, I will take back my Lord Letivia's family treasure."


He speaks proudly.


But the sword isn't the only thing that makes the Bandits Leader's attack terrifying.


The Bandits Leader twists his waist and swings his magic sword.


The flames surge towards Fletty likes a tsunami.


"Hyahaaaaaaaa!! Turn to charcoal, you idiot!!!!"


The Bandits Leader raises his middle finger, confident in his victory.


The flames spread, covering his entire field of vision.


Fletty has nowhere to run.


Fletty takes a quick breath and adjusts his breathing to the incoming flames.


The next moment, he runs toward the flames while holding his sword diagonally behind his back.




"Commander Fletty!"




Mildy's and the others' screams echoed.


But that doesn't stop Fletty's steps. Finally, he jumps into the flames.


Fletty's body disappeared into the flames.


"Ahyahyahyahyahyahya! You're an idiot for jumping in on your own---- huh?"


The Bandits Leader had been sticking out his tongue and making fun of Fletty, but now his expression stiffened.


The team members who had been watching the scene were also surprised.


Soon after, the sound of iron boots echoed.


That's right, Fletty emerges from the magic sword's flames.


"What, what the heeeell?!"


The Bandits Leader hurriedly put up his magic sword and tried to charge it with magic power again.


However, he was 1 or 2 steps too late.


The sword in Fletty-san's hand flashed.


He swung it down at once from above his head.




The Bandits Leader dropped his magic sword in his hand. There was no scream at the end. He just collapsed on the cold floor.


"He did it..."


Mildy's voice echoed through the quiet and gloomy hideout.


"Yaaay! Commander!"


"Commander Fletty!"




They called out to their Commander and surrounded Fletty.


Fletty wiped the blood from his beloved sword and sheathed it as if he was grateful.


"Commander, are you injured?"


Richil examined Fletty's body. Some of his equipment is charred, but his body is fine.


If there is any abnormality, it's that he doesn't have a single burn on him.


Richil looked surprised with her mouth open.


"I can't believe you jumped into the fire. I was really surprised."


When Mildy speaks to him, Fletty looks at his hand.


"I also don't understand it. But ----"


"But? What's happened?"


"It was a strange sensation. In front of that fire, I felt no fear whatsoever."


"That's probably because you were so focused, right?"


Garner pointed out, but Fletty shook his head.


"There was a sense of duty and mission. Maybe that helped me maximize my concentration, but I simply didn't think the fire was hot. In fact, I didn't even feel hot when the flames engulfed me."


Mildy and the others widened their mouths at Fletty's words.


They all looked at each other, but no one could give a reasonable explanation.


They would never expect that the food I cooked for them made them resistant against fire.


Even so, I was surprised when Fletty jumped into the flames.


"You've defeated the fire. Doesn't that mean that the Commander has become one level stronger?"


Garner is quite chatty today.


"Is that so?... I don't feel any stronger."


"That? That's must be the reason, Commander Fletty. I'm sure it's because of the victory Angel is on our side."


When Mildy said this, Richil, Garner, and Fletty nodded widely.


The four of them turned around at the same time.


I step back for a moment.


I am standing in front of their eyes, wearing Jewel Chameleon leather.


"Thank you, Luciel-kun."


Fletty whispered his thanks to me.


All four of them bowed their heads.


While receiving their kind words and gestures, my face unconsciously smiles.


(No, I am the one who should say thank you....)


I muttered silently and bowed my head.



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