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Wednesday, April 6, 2022

DeokuTeima ~ C31


Chapter 31: Bulletin board 4



This is a thread to talk about the new elements that have been added since the official service.


Don't talk about unconfirmed information as if it were true.

Make the source of information as clear as possible.

Let's communicate with each other in good manners.





116: Sakkyun.

So, what is the story about the mysterious spring in the forest of feathers at the eastern plain's edge?

I used to go to that forest during the beta test, but I don't remember seeing any springs there.


117: White

Looks like it's true.

But I haven't heard anything about any events or anything like that...


118: Sukegawa

There is a rumor that you can catch rare fish, so a guy with fishing skills was fishing all day long.

The results were disastrous, though.

The fish are no different from the ones you can catch in the lake in the beginning town. In fact, he caught a lot of small fish.

If that's the case, it's better to go to the town of the beginning.


119: Sakkyun

I believe that there's must be an event or something else....... Maybe we must wait for someone to pull the event trigger.


120: Cerulean

I haven't even made it through the eastern plains yet. Anyway, solo is just too terrifying.


121: White

Things are getting worse and worse.


122: Sakkyun

Being a solo production player in the Eastern Plains...

You are right about it being terrifying.

I think you need at least base level 7. Plus, you need to be fully prepared.


123: Cerulean

Had to log in a day late because of real-life issues, and that hurt!

My race level is still 5. I can make my own potions, but the equipment is very expensive. Although I am a producer, I am just a pharmacist!

I'm already wondering if I should recreate my character to get a new title.


124: White

By the way, there's a new section on the illustrated encyclopedia page that wasn't there in the beta test.

It's called "Others" on the plants and fish pages.

But it's not being filled up at all.

What's that about? If you're a pharmacist, the ingredients page would be filled up, right?


125: Cerulean.

No, it's not filled up. Only medicinal herbs and poisonous plants.


126: White

I knew it!


127: Sakkyun

Maybe we have to leave it to the inspection team?

It's a long way off, even if you're trying to get 100% of the illustrated book.


128: Soldart

Hey, did you see the picture posted on the Sharp ear cats' info board?


129: White


I think it's a good idea to invite other solo producers to form an extra party...

So, what's the picture? Isn't that information about the No-kill title?


130: Soldart.

In some kind of temple, a very beautiful spirit in a sexy costume is descending.

I wonder where that place is?


131: Sakkyun.

Super pretty lady? I'll take a look.


132: White.

Spirit? I'll be back in a minute.


133: Sukegawa!

Sexy costume? I'll take a look.


134: Soldart

They all reacted to different parts WWW.


135: Cerulean

I saw it.

It was a very nice picture, wasn't it?

But I don't know where the location is.

I think it's probably the altar of the spirits that was announced the other day.


136: Soldart

Me too. I'd love to meet the Spirit, but I have no idea how to get there.

The Early Bird Cat Bulletin Board only says it's under investigation.

Maybe the beta testers know something about it...


137: Sukegawa.

I know.


138: Sakkyun

Me too. I'm still playing, but this is the altar in the town of beginnings, right?


139: White.

What? Is this the town of beginnings? Then let's go there right now!


140: Sukegawa

It is impossible. During the beta, the game was set to be open only on the first Thursday of April. And not everyone was allowed to enter, only the randomly selected players.

A skill called "Spirit Invitation" somehow got added on that day, and only those who have it could enter the altar from the Adventurer's Guild basement.

By the way, I've never been in there either.

It seems like many people have been looking for it since the last announcement, but no one has found it yet.


141: Sakkyun

I went in when I was in beta. When you make an offering to the spirits there, they give you a blessing in exchange.

Sometimes the Spirit gives you items, sometimes the Spirit gives you a skill.

In my case, I received an item called "The Great Tree's Drop," which restores 300 points of HP and MP, heals all abnormal conditions, and 100% fullness.

I want to get it in this official version too!


142: Cerulean

So you're saying those pictures are from the beta test?


143: White.

No, I don't think so.

I mean, the date on it is January 5th.

Maybe the person who found it gave it to Early Bird Cat.


144: Soldart

Seriously. Do you mean someone somehow found a way to get to that underground altar?


145: Sukegawa

I think so.


146: White

As the Spirit fans, I really want to go there!

But I don't know how to get there.


147: Cerulean

If you can access it from the Adventurer's Guild basement, then there must be some event at the Adventurer's Guild, right?


148: Sakkyun

Or maybe you can get in from somewhere in the Great Water Guardian Tree?

After all, it's such a giant tree. I wouldn't be surprised if there's a secret tunnel somewhere in the roots.


149: White

Thanks. I'll go to the Great Tree for now.


150: Cerulean.

Me too! I want Spirit-sama's blessing!

But what should I offer her?


151: Sakkyun

By the way, I made an offering of a long sword made from water ore.




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