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Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Episode 38: Lurking Things - part 2


"Wait, the advance team is back. It seems something happened."


"Damn, we just reached the good part... well. Did you get any information? What kind of existence is the enemy? Previous Info said that there is a city, but did you discover it? "


The branches sway, revealing the familiar body of the orc warrior that was sent as an advance team.

From his movement there is no sense of crisis. Although he is able to talk, but he is a monster with low intelligence. The Flame Mage sighed, suddenly his eyes widened at the sight that came into view.


"Hey, you! What happened!?"


 He yelled out in surprise.

 It was indeed an orc warrior that appeared in front of him.

 His athletic ability is low, but he able to communicate.

He had sent them out to scout because they had some fighting skills.

The appearance of the returning monster was strange, at a glance he know something is wrong.


"Ode? What?"


No one ever imagine such voice came out from an orc, a wrinkled voice that seems to have been squeezed out by force from his throat.

The orc warrior is a subhuman monster with a large adult male body and a face that looks like a combination between a human and a pig.


But now on his face, where his eyes were, there is a large lump of flesh with red, green, and yellow color. The lump throbbed as if there is a caterpillar inside.

 He has not been injured by any attack.

 There is also no sign that he is suffering from an unknown disease.

 It is obvious that he were parasitized by something.

 When the two demons noticed this fact, they hurriedly took out their weapons and increased their guard.


"Where? Ode, eyes, look enai ..."


"Don't get any closer! Everybody standby!"


The Flame Knight shouts,

The monsters around him get confused and start making noise.


They didn’t follow the command, because they are monsters with low intelligence.

Flame Mage try to support by repeating the instructions but it just adds the confusion.

After all the two demons are combat personnel.

They didn't have enough experience to make a calm decision and control the turmoil of the troops.


As a result, they were too cautious and kept theirs eyes on him. Allowing the parasitized orc warrior to approach nearby monsters.


"Ode, Ode, Ode, Odededede"


"Guu!? Guaaa !!"


"What the!!"


There was a popping and a tearing sound, a giant ant-like bug with big jaw popped out of the protrusion, it jump on nearby monster and bites off his entire neck.


When the monster death gold was scattered on the spot, making a nice metallic sound.

 The two demon tribe members finally came to their senses when hear the gold coins familiar sound and see the light shining through the trees. In a hurry they shout loudly.


"Enemy attack! We're under attack! Get ready!


The same bugs are pouring down from the sky.

The remnants of the advance team are coming from the depths of the forest.

The flaming knight cuts through the bugs that are about to pounce on them. He shouted in frustration as he watched the lower level demons get chewed to death.


"Damn! The place is bad! We didn't burn the forest and now its backfire!"


No matter how much they screamed, it was very difficult to cover the difference in battle strength.

The monsters they brought are not weak.

In fact the fighting ability of each a single unit is quiet strong.


But the location and timing were bad, it is the worst situation.

The troops are confused because poor visibility in the battle ground.

The miasma reduced some monsters abilities.

In addition, the opponent size is small and difficult to grasp.

The flames that they good at are also prohibited by his own master.


All situations worked against them.


"What are we going to do? The situation is bad. At this rate it will get even worse."


"Pull back. We can't handle it. Report to the boss."


"Let's use the monsters as a foothold. They're going to keep popping up infinitely anyway. However, maybe boss will scold us."


"It can't be helped. I don't want to die in a place like this. "


Are they resemble their lord?

The two made a calm and ruthless judgment in an instant. They immediately instructed the demons to act as their shield, and pull back while tearing through the incoming bugs.

The Daijukai road is a bad, but if you specialize in escape, you can move with a reasonable speed.

Even though an unknown threat is approaching, as long as the demons serve as their shield they should be able to escape without any problems.

In addition, they are the elite of the demon king's army.

They has a power that is incomparable to other hundreds soldiers.

In fact, they remember having exchanged blades with the hero several times.

No matter what the enemy is, it won't be too late.

The two had such pride.

Because of that kind of grace, they couldn't notice the real threat.


"—-Araara, what does this mean?"


Suddenly there was a sound echoing in the Daijukai.

A voice reminiscent of a feminine lady.


"Who are you!?"


A contact from an intelligent enemy for the first time here.

Above all, the creepy pressure rang the two demons alarm bell to the max.


"You are the glorious Demon King's army, right? The darkness existence that against light and threatens the world peace."


"I'm asking who you are!?"


The Flame Mage unintentionally cast the fire magic without aiming.

Although it was a complete violation of the order, at this point he can't hold himself.

Fortunately, the trees did not burn because of the miasma and humidity emitted by the Daijukai,

But the two demons no longer had the time to worry about such things.


"You shouldn't do that. With that kind of state."


The sound is getting closer and get louder.

Obviously something is approaching.

The demons have a restriction that once they encounter an enemy, they can never escape.

In addition, they do not know where the opponent is coming from.

The dense cursed trees had unwittingly distorted their sense of direction.


"It must be more dark, beautiful, cruel, and absolute ..."


And finally the encounter time comes.

…… A huge bug comes down between the trees.

It stood between the two with a rumbling sound that made them tremble. It’s creepier than any monster they've ever seen,

It was a horror from another dimension.


A huge insect's physique and overhanging breasts.

Rainbow-colored wings and sharp sickle-like arms.

“Gichigichi” a grating warning sound and a voice that flowed into their ears like a diva's masterpiece.

All of this becomes an immense pressure and fear that appears in front of their eyes.


Isla, the Queen of All Bugs.


When they realized, the demons under Fremine had invaded deep into the Queen's territory.


= Eterpedia ============


[Flame Knight or Flame Mage]

HP: 350

MP: 100

Attack: 25

Defense: 20

Magic: 13

Speed: 18


Fremine is a squid demon.


Using a few weapons and magic to attack the hero!


= Message =============

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