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Wednesday, April 6, 2022



Lupus sensei YouTube channel event: 50 free translated episodes.


I'm hosting an event to present the Lupus-sensei YouTube channel and gain additional support for this website.

You may read 50 new translated episodes by subscribing, viewing videos, and sharing Lupus sensei youtube videos.

The goals are as follows:
1. Gather 1000 subscribers
2. To accumulate 4000 public watch hours.
If both goals are met, I will release 50 episodes of the translated novel.

This event will take place until July 31, 2022.
The result will be announced on Aug 1, 2022.
The new translated episodes will be posted on www.lupus-sensei.com.

The more you watch and share Lupus Sensei videos, the more likely 50 translated episodes will be released on this website.


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 Chapter 52: Shopping for liquor.


The next day, I took the train to the west exit of Shinjuku.

Why I came to Shinjuku?

The answer is because I am searching for liquor to be served to the adventurers.


A big electronics store at the west exit of Shinjuku Station.

On the second floor of that store, there is an entire floor dedicated for selling liquors.


"I've heard rumors, but ...... this is amazing."


Unlike the liquor sections of most liquor stores and supermarkets, the product selection here is really impressive.

The selection is so impressive that even the amateur eye can understand it.

It's not an exaggeration to say that you can buy alcohol from all over the world in this store.


"It's like a theme park for liquors."


Not only beer, but also nihonshu, chuhai and shochu.

They also have liquors, whiskey, and brandy.

There is a walk-in wine cellar in one corner of the floor, and the wines are stored and sold under controlled temperature.


I was curious, so I asked the store staff, and they told me that there are 7,000 kinds of liquor sold on this floor alone.


"There's even a snack corner and a bar counter for tasting....... If I accidentally start drinking, I won't leave this bar until it closes."


The bartender guy smiles at me from behind the counter.

I suppressed my thirst with a steel will and heading to the sales floor while holding a basket in one hand.


"I'll start with the beer...... Oh, let's get the bottled beer just to be safe. If I buy the canned beer, it might become a problem.

Then, maybe I should buy various beers from different countries. And I must not forget the local beer."


I put the bottled beers into my basket one by one.

It's like grown-up shopping.


"Let's prepare some whiskey too. And don't forget the sweet liquors for the ladies. I also like sweet cocktails...... Oh no. The basket is already heavy. My arms are telling me they've reached their limit.


I put liquors in the basket until full and pay for them.

Then I go to a quiet place while carrying the bag full of liquors and use my space storage skill.


"Phew... I was about to lose my arm."


I shake my arms to relax my muscles.

Yesterday, there were 50 or 60 adventurers in the bar.


"One basket is definitely not enough."


Drinking too much alcohol is bad for health. But if you drink moderately, it is effective in relieving stress.

Ninorich is located in the middle of nowhere, so very few things can be called entertainment. To be frank, there are no entertainment options.

At present, the only entertainment available is liquor.


If the adventurers who are risking their lives to earn money can have fun, even if it's just for a moment. One or both of my arms...... It doesn't matter if they suffer muscle pain tomorrow!


"No choice. I'm doing this to relieve the adventurers' stress, and mostly for the money. I'll do my best."


And so I continued shopping until my arms exceeded their limits.


"I choose my favorite Japanese sake."


"Thank you very much."


"I should buy some chocolate liquor for Nesca. I'll also get some fruit liquor and juice for Kiki.


"Thank you very much!"


"Finally, wine. Stella-san reacted to the word wine, didn't she? Then red, white, rosé, orange, I'll buy them all!


"Thank you very much!"


"Phew! If I prepare Kahlua, then I can sell milk along with it, right? Am I a genius for figuring this out?"


"Thank you very much!!!"


"Next, some strong booze for the dwarves. Maybe I should buy spiritus with 96 percent concentrate. Kukkukku. I can imagine the dwarves getting drunk."


"Thank you very much!!!!"


I bought more than 600 bottles today.

The total purchase price was 1.7 million yen.



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