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Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Infinite Gacha: Ch 2 - Ep21 Sasha, scouting the area.




"That woman really pisses me off. Just because she's a bit nice-looking, she gets carried away. That human brat, I thought he looks like Raito, but he's so disgusting. I wish all humans die......"


Sasha enters the forest while muttering and complaining.


She uses her level 500 scouting skills honed during her time at the Races Union to move smoothly through the forest.

The two male elf adventurers are following her at a slight distance.


Sasha used this forest as her base of operations when she was still a novice adventurer after being kicked out of her home.

It had been a long time since she set foot in this forest, but the area around the forest's edge is safe. Her skill and level have improved considerably since then, so she continues to go deeper into the forest.




She stops and makes a hand signal to the elf adventurers.

"Stay where you are and don't move."


Sasha's eyes caught sight of a monster rubbing its body against a tree.

It is a giant four-legged monster, about 10 meters tall, and it has a snake tail that is bigger than Sasha's waist.

The snake continued to move, its bright red tongue tittering in and out.

Sasha does not know that this monster is "Snake Hellhound" - level 1000.


Just looking at it from a distance makes her shiver.


(What, what the hell is that? ! That monster looks like something that came out of a fairy tale!! As I recall, there was a story about a giant 4 legged monster with a snake tail that would appear when approaching the giant tower, but is that the monster?)


She holds her breath, hides her presence and observing the "Snake Hellhound".


(The monsters in the deep forest are around level 150-200, but how high is that monster's level? It's definitely not level 100 or 200! Do I really have to go through a forest full of these kinds of monsters to get to the Giant Tower? What kind of punishment is this? ! Did I committed a sin that deserves this kind of punishment?)


Her stomach began to ache from the stress of being in a situation where she can die instantly if discovered.

After a while, the "Snake Hellhound" began to walk into the deeper forest.


"...... Phew!"     


When she noticed that, she let out the breath that she had been holding.

The blonde-haired and silver-haired elf male adventurers also held their breaths as they understood from Sasha's nervousness that there is a monster ahead.




On the contrary, a glimmer of hope appeared.


(It's a ridiculously high-level monster, but it doesn't seem to be able to detect us at all. And those rub marks on the tree trunk. It looks like a territory mark. Thanks to that, it's easier to see if it's nearby or not. I think we should be able to avoid that monster and approach the giant tower......)




(Worst case scenario, even if we run into each other, I don't need to worry about decoy......)


She stares coldly at the elf adventurers who anxiously call out to her.

She likes their faces, but she wouldn't trade them for her life or her future happiness.


"...... I'm sorry, it's okay, let's move on."


The monster Snake Hellhound is scary, but Sasha is confident that they can approach the Giant Tower without any problems with her skill. She decides to continue their exploration for her own future and happiness.


But actually, the Snake Hellhound is aware of Sasha's existence. Sasha and her men are currently being watched by Aoyuki's stealth monster.

The Snake Hellhound pretended to not notice her and rubbed its body against the tree trunk to show off its territory. All its action was under Aoyuki's instruction.


She is just stressing Sasha out. She wants Sasha to be on the edge of breaking down but not giving up on her exploration.

It is because Sasha is a woman who tried to harm her master, to whom she has given everything, her soul, body, and even every drop of her blood.

Without realizing that, Sasha leads the way again as the scout.



 --A few days later.


"...... That's the Giant Tower's entrance."


In a radius of 50 meters around the giant tower, the trees had been cut down. The ground had been cleared, leaving a massive empty space in this forest.


About 15m from the edge of the forest, Sasha's observing the tower from behind the trees. She looks exhausted. Many stains, mud, twigs and dry leaves stick to her body.


Her two bodyguards are now hiding further behind as they are already near the "Giant Tower".

After observing, she would return and regroup with them.


It takes a lot of time, mind and her gastric fluids just to get this far.


The high-level monster that roams the forest.

The snake hellhound occasionally crossed right in front of them without any sign. Sasha almost screamed and hurriedly held her mouth in panic when it soundlessly crossed just a meter away from her.


It's just a bad luck, she thought someone accidentally crossed the monster's territory and damaged that monster's territory mark. Actually, Aoyuki already knew that Sasha is there and purposely prank her.


Sasha didn't know that she was being forced to struggle and desperately moving towards the giant tower.

Thanks to their efforts, they finally reached a location where they can see the giant tower's entrance. They drew a map of a safe route that cuts through the monster snake hellhound's territory, as well as a list of the monsters in the forest and the dangerous areas where the monsters gather.


After several hours of observing the entrance, she finally sees a movement.


(...... as I thought, that monster is living in the giant tower)


Several Snake Hellhounds come out of the Giant Tower's entrance. They started walking towards the forest.

An even more shocking scene comes into Sasha's eyes.


(No way! Dra, dragon! Why is a dragon coming out of that giant tower?)


A dragon emerges from the giant tower's entrance, its red scales reflecting the sunlight.

The dragon spreads its wings and extends its neck and hands.

Its height must be more than 15 meters.

It's so tall that it can be seen from a distance.


The dragon stretches its body, open its mouth wide and yawns.

Its teeth are lined up like blades that could bite through anything.

The dragon folded its wings again and went back inside the giant tower.


Sasha broke out in cold sweat because of the dragon's presence.


(The four-legged monsters are already bad, but a dragon living in that giant tower? Doesn't it fight with the four-legged monsters? Could it be that the giant tower is a dungeon and the monsters inside don't fight with each other?)


The monsters inside the dungeon usually do not fight unnecessarily and they live without eating food.

According to one theory, They don't need food because they have magic power, and they receive the will of the dungeon and don't fight with other monsters.


( With that dragon's wing, it is just a short flight from here to the capital. If that dragon flies to the city and rampaging, who knows how much damage it could cause......)


Just thinking about it gives her a headache.


(How could a human being like Raito live in such a monsters' nest? Or is it just a trap for me?)


She thought for a moment that it might be a trap set by a woman who is jealous of her engagement to Vice Commander Michael, but she quickly denied it.

It was only after the message paper was handed to her that the Giant Tower appeared.

The bait and the trap events are reversed.

It is impossible to predict the appearance of the giant tower and leave the message paper.


(Anyway, I can't just walk away when a high-level dragon is living near the capital. I have to go back and report it right away.)


If possible, she wants to check the inside of the giant tower, but Sasha knows that it will be very difficult.

For now, the first priority is to bring back information about the dragon living in the giant tower as soon as possible.

She doesn't know when the dragon will fly and attack the capital.

Sasha quietly moves away, hiding in the shadows and covering her voice with the wind sound.


In the end, she does not even notice that there is a monster watching her movements closely.



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