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Thursday, April 14, 2022

DeokuTeima ~ C32


Chapter 32: Sakura



Today, 9 days have passed in the game.


While in real life, it's only the 3rd day at noon.


Thanks to Orto, my farm is doing well. My strategy of making and selling medicines to earn money and experience is on track, and I've expanded my farm even more. Ah, we've also added 1 more log, and we're ready to mass-produce red tengu mushrooms.


Yesterday alone, I completed several supply missions. My Beast Master and Farming Guild ranks had risen to 4. Though my Adventurer's Guild rank is only raised to 2.


Our equipment is also perfect. Our current status is as follows.


Name: Yuto                      Race: Halfling          Basic Lv6

Occupation: Tamer          Occupation Lv6

HP: 27/27              MP: 35/35

Strength: 2            Constitution: 3          Agility: 6 

Dexterity: 8            Wisdom: 8                 Spirit: 6

Skills: Gathering: Lv8, Enlist: Lv7, Servant Magic: Lv8, Mixing: Lv15, Wand: Lv1, Taming: Lv1, Runaway Foot: Lv1, Farming: Lv9, Cooking: Lv12, Alchemy: Lv15, Plant Knowledge: Lv8, Mercy

Equipment: Cedar staff, azurite robe, hard leather shoes, Beastmaster's bracelet, and bronze necklace

Possesions: 7 portable foods, a simple Mixing set, a simple cooking set, a simple Alchemy set, a tree branch

Honey dumpling 6 × 4, purified water × 50, attracting scent, wound medicine 5 × 7, wound medicine powder × 3, wound medicine liquid × 5, Altar key, fire crystal, water crystal, earth crystal, Wind crystal,

Low-grade potion 6 × 3, Instant death medicine 6 × 3, salad 5 × 5

Money: 8560 G

Bonus points: 4

Title: The Silver White Pioneer, The No-Kill, The Great Tree Spirit's Divine Protection

Guild: Adventurer's Guild (2), Beast master's Guild (2), Farming Guild (4)

Servant Monster (1/4): Gnome.

Egg x 1


Name: Orto

Race: Gnome       Basic Lv8

Contractor: Yuto.

HP: 30/30              MP: 36/36 

Strength 8             Constitution 6           Agility 5 

Agility 11               Wisdom 13                Spirit 9

Skills: Cultivating, seed breeding, Luck, Heavy Swing, Earth Magic, Farming, Mining, Night Vision, Growth Boost Ex

Equipment: earth spirit hoe, earth spirit muffler, earth spirit clothing.


I have completely turned into a production-type player.


But I'm really fired up today. After all, I'm going to seriously proceed to adventuring today. For that reason, I've stocked up my instant death potion, lower level potions and increased my wound potion production.


I'm also going to spend some bonus points to learn some skills. For now, I want magic skills. I also need scouting skill.


I'll start by taming the weaker monsters. I need to be able to fight properly. With that in mind, I walked to the southern section of the city where my farm is located, but.......




What is that?


I can't help but rub my eyes even though I am inside the game.


A big tree grew on my farm. That's my farm, right?


I recognize one of the trees. It's a green peach tree that's been growing steadily until today. It's already about five meters tall, and flowers started to appear yesterday. I was expecting to be able to harvest some fruit today.


But what is the other one? No, I know it's the place where the Water Guardian tree seed was buried. But until yesterday, it was only about 1 meter high, okay? Today, it's grown to about 3 meters. Isn't the growth speed too abnormal?


"Let's just take a look!"


I rushed into the farm.


"Orto--- eh? Who?"






Someone is standing next to Orto. It is a girl with long cherry-red hair. She is a mysterious, beautiful girl wearing clothes made of woven leaves and branches. I guessed her age to be around 13 or 14 years old. She looks like Orto's older sister...


Is she an NPC? There's a restriction that other players can't enter private property such as farms without permission. But if it's a certain NPC, it's possible.


"But your marker is blue.


Blue markers are players or monsters and spirits that are under contract with a player. Red markers are enemies, yellow markers are normal NPCs, and white markers are for events. Green is for collectible items.






While I am puzzled, the girl kneels down in front of me. She kneels down on one knee, puts one hand on her chest and respectfully bows her head.






"'O, Orto, please explain."




It's been a long time since I saw that gesture. What's happening? What's he doing with his hands? Is he drawing a square in front of his face? And he acts like pushing something with his finger.


"Ah! Is that status manipulation?"




Correct. I opened the status window as Orto told me to. Then I noticed.


"The number of monsters I've tamed has increased. Eeto, Sakura?"




It seems that this girl is Sakura. Like Orto, she can't speak. She smiles happily at me when I call her name.


But why? I have no idea. I never even tried to tame her before. Is it possible for someone to tame a monster automatically? No, the fact is right in front of me. There must be......



Sakura is pulling my robe's hem and is trying to show something to me.


"What is it? Come here?"




She nods. Seems I'm right. Sakura led me to the front of the Water Guardian tree. It's not a sapling anymore. It completely became a tree.


And then, when I touch the tree - Sakura's figure disappears.




While I am surprised, Sakura's face suddenly comes out of the Water Guardian tree. Whoa! A girl's head is growing out of a tree. Horror!




Yep, but I get it. Sakura must be some kind of manifestation of this Water Guardian Tree. And if she has a name, then she's a unique individual.


Could it be that she's extremely rare?


Name: Sakura

Race: Tree Spirit              Basic Lv10

Contractor: Yuto

HP: 36/36              MP: 38/38 

Strength 10           Constitution 12         Agility 7 

Agility 5                 Wisdom 10                Spirit 14

Skills: Cultivating, Tree Magic, Photosynthesis, Gathering, Regeneration, Endurance, Whip Art, Water Resistance, Enchanting, Woodcraft, Forest Protection

Equipment: Whip of Tree Spirit, Robe of Tree Spirit


It's well balanced and has interesting skills. She can even work the farm. Besides, her status makes her a good vanguard. As a man, I'm not sure how I feel about having a little girl as my bodyguard, but this is the type of defensive monster I wanted.


I can win with this!


I have decided. I wondered if I should take a weapon skill other than the staff, but I'll go with magic skill.


"So, what should I do now? There's Orto for earth magic. Well, he can't attack, but maybe it's better if our magic attribute doesn't overlap with each other?"




"Hmm. I think I'll use water. It also can be used for farming."



When I say that, Orto and Sakura nod their heads in agreement.


"Do you both agree?




" ---"


"Okay. Then pay 8 points to acquire water magic. Also, let's spend 4 points to get presence detection. The most terrifying thing is to be caught by surprise."


Everything's ready! After harvesting and mixing, I think I'll head out of town for the first time in 8 days. I got an unexpected new battle power, after all!


As for the harvest, I have 4 new green peaches. I think I'll keep them and mix the others like usual.


But first, let's check our battle power. I have a new skill and Sakura's battle power. Then, I'm not sure if it's okay to bring Orto out for battle.


Actually, this is quite a problem. Even though he's a farming monster, his level will probably rise very slowly if all he does is work on the farm. If possible, I want him to get some battle experience. However, it would be meaningless if Orto died too soon.


Will he be a scarecrow in the back, or can he act as a wall or decoy? I need to find out.


"Okay, before the battle, let's go to the guild to deliver the products first!"







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