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Monday, April 25, 2022

ItsuJita ~C53

 Chapter 53: The unusual Shirou.

On this day, this night, this is the only time I am different from the "usual me".


--What is the difference?


If you ask anyone who knows me what's different about me, they will probably answer like this:


"Shirou looked different that day. Especially his outfit was different."


That's right. I was assigned to serve alcohol at the adventurer's guild.

The first step to drinking alcohol is to create an atmosphere.


So I put on a white shirt with sleeves, black pants, and a black vest.

On my feet, I wear leather shoes and a butterfly tie on my neck. Also, I didn't forget to brush my hair back with hair gel.


Everyone who sees me now will think, "Oh, it's the bartender".


All a bartender needs is liquor and a bar counter.

That's why I am standing at the bar counter that was hurriedly set up in the Adventurer's Guild bar.

Well, it's just a simple counter made from wooden boards and a wooden box.


"Shirou Onii-chan, you look very cool today."


"Thank you, Aina-chan. It looks good on you."


"Ehehe, I'm very happy.


"Good for you, Aina."




"It looks good on you too, Stella-san. It gives off an aura like you're a professional."


"Fufu, really? Thank you very much."


Aina and Stella will help me, so I have them wear white shirts and black aprons.

They both look like café waitresses.

Only this time, Shirou Store became Shirou Bar.


".................. Shirou, everything's ready."


The two of them are not the only ones who are helping me.


"All the liquor in the buckets is cold."


"Oh, thank you very much."


"Yeah, yeah. You should be grateful to us nya."


Kiki is chuckling, and behind her are many buckets filled with water and beer bottles.

These buckets are used as a substitute for a cooler box, and ice cubes created by Nesca's magic are floating inside the buckets.

I'm sure they're all perfectly chilled by now.


The reward for helping me is a bottle of any kind of alcohol.

Kiki asked for a bottle of fruit wine, and Nesca wants a bottle of choco liquor.

Stella asked for a bottle of red wine. While Aina... After much hesitation, she said, "Eto...... hmm...... grape juice!".


"Well, now that we're all ready....."


BAR Shirou was built in the corner of the bar.

You can see the bar behind the counter.


"Is it ready? Can't we drink now?"


"Look at all those liquors. There are so many bottles, and they all have different contents."


"Hey, hey. Look, it's not in a barrel. It's in a glass bottle. How, how, how much does one bottle cost?"


"I wonder if I have enough money......"


"I've never seen those letters before. Where does this come from?"


"It could be from any other continent across the sea."


"To be able to drink liquors from across the sea. We are so lucky."


There are many adventurers in the room.

Many of them are standing, maybe because there are not enough chairs.

Maybe, all of the adventurers who belong to the Silver Moon Apostles are here... right?


"............" (all)


The adventurers' eyes are focused on me - or perhaps on the liquors that I've prepared.

It's like, aren't they so serious that they are emitting killing intents? It's really overwhelming.

This atmosphere made me a little scared.




Aina holds my hand.

Her other hand is holding Stella's hand.

Now that we're ready, it's time to start.

I clear my throat.


"Ee... Then,.."




"From now on..."




"I would like to serve you all~..."




"With liquors from my homeland!"





They roared out loud.

The adventurers kicked down their chairs and stood up.

They all raised their fists in the air and shouted for joy.

Man, how badly do they want to drink?


"But first, there are some precautions. Will you please listen carefully?"


The adventurers respond to my words by saying, "Yes".


"First of all, I will only serve one drink per person. If you want a second drink, you have to pay for it each time. By the way, the cheapest drink costs five copper coins. The most expensive drink will cost you 10 copper coins."


I'll break it down here.

The 5 copper coins drink is 500 Japanese yen.

It's like a one-coin drink in a bar or a live music club.


By the way, the ale I drank at this bar before cost 3 copper coins, so it's a bit more expensive.

Now, how will the adventurers respond?


"5 coppers."


"I don't care how much it costs, as long as it's better than this ale."


"On the other hand, even the most expensive drinks are only 10 coppers, right? That's a lot more reasonable than in the central area."


"Leader ......, how much can we spend on drinks today?"


"...... If we miss this chance, we may never be able to drink foreign liquor again...... I'll allow you to spend up to 5 silver coins."




"Sister, do you know they have a drink made from foreign fruits?"


"Very interesting. I will try that."


"...... Delicious liquor, drinks."


"Hmm. Liquor is the blood of the Dwarves. The stronger it is, the more we drink!"


Good, good.

Looks like the prices are fine.

Rather, it seems to be cheap for the adventurers.


"Well then, I will now serve you liquor from my hometown! So first, line up in a ro--whoops!"


Before I could finish, all the adventurers swarmed around me at once.



Author's message:

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.................. "Congratulations on your book!"

Thank you very much for your warm messages. (' ω )


I wrote about the details in my activity report (' ω )


If you are interested, please come and take a peek.  (' ω ) ノシ



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  1. I just want to say, that the link on NovelUpdates for this chapter is wrong, it links to https://www.lupus-sensei.com/2022/04/its-c53.html
    While this is actually: https://www.lupus-sensei.com/2022/04/its-c5.html
    So you end up on a "missing" page.

  2. Is this still translated to chapter 59?


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