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Sunday, April 24, 2022

Infinite Gacha: Ch 2 - Ep23 Strategy meeting



After finishing the meeting in the Elf Queen's palace, the White Knights immediately gather for a strategy meeting.

The strategy meeting is in their dormitory meeting room, so they can gather immediately.

The table is a round table, so there is no upper or lower seat, and each person sits on their favorite seat.


There are five members in total.

Commander, Hardy.

Vice Commander, Michael.

Sharpshooter, Sharp Hat.

Rangers, Nia, Kia.


That's all.


After confirming that everyone is in their seats, Hardy begins to speak.


"As we all know, a mysterious giant tower has appeared in the forest near the capital. Investigations conducted by adventurers have revealed that a red dragon is living there. Therefore, the White Knights have been ordered to defeat that dragon."


"Wait, Commander! Is the Red Dragon really there? The adventurers are the ones who investigated it, right? Can we trust their report?"


"The information is reliable. One of the reports is from the humans' party, and the other is from the vice commander's fiancée."


Hardy answers Sharp Hat's question calmly.

His question drew the attention of the other three to the Vice Commander, Michael.

Michael remains calm. He smiles and says


"Sasha-dono is too good for me, but she is my fiancée."


He replied casually, like he always does.


( Nia, what do you think? )


( Kia, this means that the vice commander is doing a lot of things behind the scenes. The adults are scary.)


The twins, the Nia-Kia brothers talked to each other with their eyes only.

The Sharp Hat also didn't say a word, but he frowns. It's as if his face says, "Please don't bring the political fight here".


Hardy doesn't care about the atmosphere change. He only tells them what he needs to say.


The Red Dragon is a target with an estimated Level 1000-2000.

The other monsters to watch out for are the giant four-legged monster with a snake tail, and their level is estimated at around 1000.


Their subordinate members will remain in the capital as a backup force because they'll only become a burden to the Sub-master.

He also gave some other detailed explanations.

Finally, Hardy speaks with a slightly displeased tone.


" ...... With the Prime Minister's encouragement, it was decided to bring the Vice Commander's fiancée, Sasha-dono as our scout and guide."


"Commander....., please wait a minute. Does that mean he doesn't trust the White Knights' scout."


Sharp Hat, who is the White Knights' scout raised his eyebrows.

He usually speaks and acts in a friendly and easygoing manner, but he gets irritated when someone doubts his expertise.

Before Hardy could respond to him, Vice Commander Michael raises his hand and attracts everyone's attention.


"Sharp Hat, no one is doubting your ability as a scout. This is a proposal from my fiancée, Sasha-dono. She is the one who once reached the Giant Tower and brought back the information. She knows the route to get through the monster's territory and reach the Giant Tower safely."


Michael looks around and continues.


"Moreover, her level is 500. At least, she can protect herself. She asked the Prime Minister through the Count's family to let her help us reach the Giant Tower to save our energy..... I want you to understand that no one is doubting your capability."


Of course, Michael, the Prime Minister, the Count family, and Sasha have their own agendas.

Hardy has already accepted the Prime Minister's request, so Sharp Hat's complaint won't change anything.

The only option for the Sharp Hat is to back down, but he thinks he should at least speak out his dissatisfaction.


"If it's an order from the top, I'll back down. But are you sure you're okay with leaving our subordinate members and taking someone with a lower level than them? She said she can protect herself, but if she ends up become a burden, then our members in the field will be in trouble."


"Don't worry. In the worst-case scenario, as her fiancé, I'll protect her. Or perhaps Sharp Hats prefer the other party? Do you prefer the untrustworthy human adventurers to act as our scout?"


Sharp Hat frowns at Michael's words.

Even though they have their own agendas, but Elf adventurers are still more trustworthy than human adventurers.


"That's not gonna happen. Right, Nia?"


"That's right, Kia. I'd rather not act as the scout than follow a human adventurer."


The Nia Kia brothers, the youngest among them, shouted in disgust.

In the end, it was decided to accept Sasha as their scout.

Sharp Hat looks displeased, but he accepts that decision.


"...... I understand about the scout. I also understand that we have to kill the red dragon, but do we have to face the giant four-legged beast with a snake tail?"


"The possibility is not zero. Just in case, we are going to prepare a diversion strategy."


Hardy doesn't care about the worsening atmosphere and answers Sharp Hat's question straightforwardly.


According to the report from Sasha and the human adventurers, there are 5 or 6 giant four-legged monsters with a snake tail.

We're going to gather the adventurers in a place where the monsters are seen frequently and create a commotion.

This plan will be led by the human adventurers who have reached the Mysterious Giant Tower.

While they're drawing the attention of the giant four-legged monsters with a snake tail, the White Knights will enter the giant tower and kill the red dragon.


"Typical diversion and surprise attack."


"Typical is what makes it so effective. And--"


Hardy suddenly takes a pause and draws everyone's attention to him.

It's just not like him to take a pause, and everyone tilts their heads and looks at him.

Hardy grins like an evil man and speaks...


"It is a good idea to let the human adventurers take the dangerous role of diversion. No matter how many humans are killed, we can always pick the fresh one from the farm!"


For a moment, the place falls silent.

Even Michael's eyes widened behind his glasses.

Sharp Hat is the first to burst out laughing.


"Commander. No matter how many humans are killed, we can always pick the fresh one from the farm! They're not a weed! Hahahahahahaha!"


"Nia, the Commander's joke is subtle!"


"Kia, I think Nia is not bad!"


"I think it's a pretty funny joke, too."


If the atmosphere remained bad, the mission would be disturbed.

Therefore, to change the atmosphere, Hardy unusually said a joke.

Although they may have been disturbed by the political affairs of the court, it is still an important mission for them.

As the Commander, he must make sure the mission is successful.

His joke's content was full of contempt, which is typical of the elite elves.......


Hardy returns to his usual blunt expression as if he is sulking and continues to talk.


"Enough with fooling around. Let's discuss the strategy in detail."


And so the White Knights' meeting continued, and they began to discuss the strategy to defeat the Giant Red Dragon.




--They have no idea what awaits them.


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