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Thursday, April 21, 2022

Infinite Gacha: Ch 2 - Ep22 Decision to deploy the White Knights




The Elf Queen's palace conference room.

A meeting is suddenly held because important information about the Mysterious Tower had been received.


"A Red Dragon is living inside the Mysterious Giant Tower!"


Leaf VII, who is sitting at the throne, raised her voice when she heard the report.

The conference room began to get noisy, as she did.


The Prime Minister on the left of Queen Leaf VII looks serious, but he can't hide the joy in his heart. Hardy, the white knight commander on the right, closes his eyes and remains silent.

The other bureaucrats and knight commanders listen to the report about the dragon in the giant tower and discuss it with those sitting next to them.


When the noise calms down, the Prime Minister speaks up.


"I never expect a dragon living in the giant tower...... The distance between the capital city and the mysterious giant tower is quite far. However, if the dragon flies, that distance is just a blink of an eye! We do not know when it will fly to the roads leading to the south or to our capital city and burn everything to the ground!"


"You are right......"




Queen Leaf VII looks bitter while Hardy is still silent with his eyes closed.

On the other hand, the Prime Minister made a serious face and said, "Our beloved country is in danger".

However, he can't hide his joy at the chance to get back at Hardy, who is a thorn in his eyes.


In fact, as the Prime Minister pointed out, the distance between the Giant Tower and the Elf Queen Nation's capital is quite far away. But for a dragon, it's a different story.

The distance between the Giant Tower and the Elf Queen Nation's capital is very short with the dragon's wing.


It's like discovering a bomb next to your house that you don't know when it will explode.

If they don't take action as soon as possible, it could be fatal.


In other words, to ensure that they can take over the forest filled with high-level monsters and kill the dragon that lives in the Giant Tower, they must deploy the most powerful force in the Elf Queen Nation (the White Knights).


"...... Prime Minister-dono, how accurate is that information?"


The White Knights' Commander, the Silent Hardy, who had been silent for a while, asked.

The Prime Minister flips through the reports and answers.


"There are two reports. The first one was submitted by human adventurers through the adventurer's guild in the capital. They're the Black Clowns, a rising party that has been active in the Dwarves' dungeons. They had been credited with discovering that the adventurers' killer is an elf who had betrayed a particular Knights' order. For humans who are reporting to the adventurer's guild, they are quite capable."


The prime minister deliberately didn't mention the name of the knight order because he wants to provoke Leaf VII and Hardy.

Leaf VII hid her troubled expression with her fan, and Hardy's expression remains the same.

The prime minister continued to speak in a good mood.


"The other report was submitted a few days later by the White Knight's Vice Commander's fiancé, Sasha-dono. She was worried about her country and hired some elf adventurers at her own expense to investigate. Michael-dono, you have a wonderful fiancée. She risked herself for the sake of her country. She even spent her own money to investigate the Mysterious Giant Tower and brought back information about the dragon! She is an outstanding elf woman among the elves!"


Michael and the Prime Minister are working together behind the scenes.

Michael wants to overthrow Hardy and become the Commander. On the other hand, the Prime Minister wants to destroy the matriarchy system and change the social system to favor men.

Their intentions are currently aligned, so they are working together.

Despite the national crisis of the discovery of a dragon in the nearby area, political drama at the palace is still in play today. All sides are repeatedly pushing each other.


Of course, Leaf VII and Hardy are aware that they are working together behind the scenes. However, Leaf VII and Hardy can't accuse them openly and have no choice but to keep quiet.

Hardy listens to the Prime Minister's talk about the vice commander and carefully examines the information.


"Human adventurers and elf adventurers...... if two different races are submitting similar information, then the reports must be accurate, right.....?"


If there's only one report, they could have concluded that the information is uncertain, and they should gather more information.

However, they received similar reports from two different parties. A dragon is certainly living in the Mysterious Giant Tower.


In addition, there is detailed information about the "giant four-legged monsters with a snake tail" that lives inside the Mysterious Giant Tower together with the dragon. The reports also including their characteristics, size, level estimation, and their area of movement. Sasha also mentioned that their level is definitely higher than 500, maybe even higher than 1000


The adventurers who gathered the information mentioned in their reports, "since there are at least two kinds of high-level monsters living in the area, maybe the Mysterious Giant Tower is a high-level dungeon that emerged on the surface".


Additionally, there is also a map and information on the kinds of monsters driven out from the forest, their level estimation, characteristics, range, and dangerous places where they gather.


At the last meeting, Hardy spoke sarcastically against the Prime Minister.

He couldn't argue and his pride was hurt, so he could only grit his teeth back then. But this time is different.

The Prime Minister could not hide his joy at the opportunity to get back at Hardy in front of the public. He smirks and asks Hardy who is sitting in front of him.


"With all this information, Commander-dono should be able to take down our enemies with his famous sword. You're not going to say no, are you?"




Hardy can't say that they still don't have enough information at this point.

Leaf VII's face looks troubled as she hides it with her fan, and Hardy's face becomes unusually annoyed as he speaks.


"There is nothing to be afraid of ....... The Red Dragon will be defeated by my White Knights. That's for sure......!"


In this way, it was decided that the strongest force in the Elf Queen Nation (the White Knights) would attack the mysterious giant tower.



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