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Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Infinite Gacha: Ch 1 - Ep29The next revenge



Currently I'm temporarily returned to my office in Naraku.

I had informed Miya and Elly that I would return to hear the information they had obtained from Kaito.

The instruction I gave them was to obtain the information by any means necessary. That is why they are already waiting in my office.


They greet me when they see me.


"Thank you for making time in your busy day to talk with us. It is an honor to spend time with you, my Lord. I have no regrets for my maid's way."


"I've been looking forward to meeting you too, God Raito! So much that I want to celebrate this special day!"


They were so excited because they hadn't seen me for a few days.

While smiling, I take off my mask, put it on my desk, and sit on my chair.


"Ahahaha, I'm glad to see you two after a while too. So how are things going with Kaito?"


"Of course, everything is fine! I have used my forbidden magic to examine every part of his brain, even his forgotten memories!"


"We also confirmed the truth with magic and interrogation to see if there are any differences with Elly's extracted information. This is the report."


Elly proudly puffs out her breasts and brag about her magic skill.

While Mei carefully prepares the report. She arranges them on my desk with her beautiful fingertips.

I was planning to ask them about the interrogation's progress. Still, they have extracted all the information in such a short time.


I thank them both and pick up the report.

The contents were written neatly and easy to understand.


As I read the document, my eyebrows furrowed.


"...... Is this true?"


"Yes. This report was compiled after using Elly's forbidden magic and truth confirmation magic."


"My forbidden magic isn't as good as Infinite Gacha card, God Raito's greatest blessing. But I am sure that this report is accurate."


Mei and Elly are in charge of Naraku's internal affairs and tactical operations. If they are sure of this, then this report must be correct.



"Sub-master are descendants of the Master. They have a strong body, high magical power, and can easily level up. These are as expected."


The whole world is searching for the Master.

And his descendant (the Sub-master) won’t be an ordinary person.

That is why Kaito believes he can't be stuck at level 1,500. He keeps boasting that he will become a hero, leaving his country and killing people.


"But the next one, is the reason why nations are wary of the Master. If left alone, the world would be destroyed...... That doesn't make any sense. I can understand if a country would be destroyed, but to say that the whole world would be destroyed is a little..."


I don't doubt Mei and Elly, but it's hard to believe this story.


We guess that because the Master is so powerful, all nations are looking for him to increase their military forces. But I didn’t expect to hear the world’s end if the Master is left alone.

I can understand if the Master wants to overthrow the government and create his own kingdom, but does he need to wipe out all races?

Perhaps they are simply exaggerating?


I can't help but wonder about it.


No matter how strong the Master is, he is still only one person. Is it possible for one person to destroy the world? Is it possible for one person to wipe out all living things? 

That may be possible if there are many people with level 9999 like us, but...

Conquering the world is still possible, but is it possible to destroy it?


A second son from a poor farmer family like me can't come up with an answer, so I talk to them.


"Mei, Elly, what do you think about this information?"


"When Elly used the forbidden technique to read his memory, even Kaito had forgotten about it. It was a statement spoken by the leader of the White Knights, the Highest Knight Order in the Elf Queen Nation. At this point, we don't have enough information to make a judgment."


"It is frustrating to admit, but I agree with Mei-san that we don't have enough information. I have tried to reexamine Kaito's memories, but I couldn't find any other useful information."


If Elly couldn't find anything after repeatedly reading his memories with her forbidden magic, further investigation would be fruitless.


I put the report on the desk and leaned back against my chair.


"...... Where's Kaito now?"


Elly snaps her fingers, and a view of the cell appears in the air.


"As you can see, he's in the basement cell."


Kaito is lying on the cold floor.

He is still alive.

He is also conscious.

But his eyes are blank because he has been tortured by the forbidden magic and healed repeatedly. His mouth is muttering something.


I look at him and nod my head, then I give an order to Elly and Mei.


"We have got the information we need, and we couldn't get anything more from him. Then - I have to stick to my words. He must pay for his crime of attacking Erio and Miya and killing many humans, including Gimra and Wardy. Take Kaito's life right now."


"Understood. In the name of my maid of way."




He is a very annoying person, but we got some very useful information from Kaito.

He has suffered enough and I don't need him anymore.


Elly snaps her fingers, and the view disappears.

Thus Kaito's life is ended.


"...... Now, there's a lot of other information we got. I'll have to check them too."


Not only about the Master, but we also got other pieces of information from Kaito. There are pieces of information regarding the Elf Queen Nation.

When I am about to look through the report, Elly steps forward. She smiles like an older sister who spoils her little brother.


"God Raito, speaking of other information... I have good news."


"Good news? Tell me about it."


"Yes! The preparation for the revenge plan against Sasha the elf has been completed!"


"!? Elly, are you serious?"


"Yes! God Raito just needs to say the word, and we can start immediately!"


She laughs wickedly.


"Sasha's fiancée is the vice-commander of the White Knights. The knights are a group of Sub-masters who have the Master's blood flowing in their veins. To make up for the lack of information, we will capture and get information from them as part of our revenge plan."


"Aah! As expected of Elly! That's a good idea. Then I want you to execute the plan immediately."


"Certainly, God Raito."


My mood had been a bit down a while ago, but when I hear that I can take revenge on Sasha the elf, it instantly cheers me up.

When I give Elly the command with high excitement, she picks up one side of her skirt and bows gracefully.

She seems calm at first glance, but her whole body is actually trembling with joy after receiving my command.

It is as if she has received blessings from the God she worshipped.


I chuckle a little at her attitude and then laugh out loud wholeheartedly.


"After Garou, I can take revenge on my second target. Sasha... Aah, I wonder what kind of desperate expression she will show as she kneels down and begs for her life. I'm really looking forward to seeing that."


I imagine about the future.


With this, Kaito's case is over. Now I am ready to move on to the next stage of my revenge.



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